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Talcott Mountain Science Center Paintball Robot

hi my name is brian for the past year i’ve been working
at Talcott Mountain Science Center with two mentors john pellino and mark meredith on a paintball robot now we based this robot off an old electric wheelchair and we have a custom made metal frame and mounted a paintball gun on top now let’s take a closer look alright now for a closer look at the paintball robot let’s start from top to bottom here we have a tippmann ninety
eight custom platinum series paintball gun i chose this paintball gun for it’s durability and for the easiest way to mount it as you can see we have the paintball gun mounted in two
ways, first we have it mounted by hinge in the back is mounted on the two bolts where the ASA
would normally be mounted in the front we took off the front grip and we mounted a custom slide i will explain that later we have a standard two hundred round hopper
and if flatline barrel attached to this tippmann the flatline barrel provides accuracy and distance for this robot it also provides a good mounting point for the barrel camera we have a wireless barrel camera that that is integrated into the wiring system so it takes power off of the main power supply we have a bungee cord on the front to reduce recoil so the front grip does not hop off of its post alright, now let’s talk about electronics in this top half the the how this gun fires is it has an e-grip the e-grip is is modified now as you can see there’s no trigger here we took the trigger off and we modified the e-grip
there’s actually no board inside this this uh… grip as in circuit board there’s just a solenoid uh… we fired we fired this via the solenoid and by just discharging power and into the solenoid now let’s take a look at the bottom of the underside of the robot alright, as you can see there’s huge mess of wires here first let’s start on the left here we have a crystal this is a radio control unit now we have the microcontroller this is what all the programs go into its VEX microcontroller
you may have heard this before they’re used in many competitions next we have the customized um… e-grip board, this is what fires the solenoid inside the paintball gun grip next we have a voltage regulator board this voltage regulator board takes the twenty-four
volts that is um… outputted via the two lawnmower batteries in the base of the wheelchair and converts it down to nine volts which many of these um… electronics need to function alright, behind all these we have
three speed controllers, one, two, three two of these are twenty four volts one of them is twelve volts the two twenty four volts power the two main drive wheels the twelve volt one powers the drill motor now the drill motor, right there is follows a flexible shaft which the powers a screw shaft that screw shaft powers the front grip , when the screw goes up and downÉit raises the front grip up and down it’s very precise and very accurate now this box here is the circuit breaker circuit breaker set at fifty amps so that it will trip if any surges are to come through there is a there is three u-bolts here to hold a twenty ounce Co2 tank via a remote line that goes from the standard ASA on the paintball gun to the twenty ounce Co2 tank now let’s go down the platform follow the wires you have two lawnmower batteries, one, two they’re wired in series for twenty four volts
also one of them is tapped off for twelve volts for the drill motor, the drill is a twelve volt drill um… then then we have two twenty four volt electric wheelchair motors
everything underneath here is stock except for right here and up, this plate here you can see where my plate or my tube that goes to my plate meets the original fitting for the electric wheelchair this whole upper part its all customized, its quarter-inch thick steel
plate welded to a steel tube
alright this is the paintball robot now let’s go outside and take a look at some live firing alright, so we’re here at Talcott Mountain Science Center, now i am going to show you a live firing test of the paintball robot in this video, i will show you how it goes up and down, spin around, and firing alright so lets get started, it can move around all different ways and fire, now we’re gonna cock the gun first
i keep it uncocked for safety reasons alright now lets fire away now we can have it go up and down and down, now lets move it around alright thats all we got and thats the paintball robot

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