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“The Godfather, Part II” Headboard | Owner Interview | New York City

INTERVIEWER: Rob thanks for coming to ANTIQUES
ROADSHOW in New York City. When we see furniture on ROADSHOW typically
it’s all condition, condition, condition but I can see this headboard has seen a little
wear. Tell me about your piece here. GUEST: I was in Los Angeles in the 1980s and
Francis Coppola’s studio went bankrupt and they had an auction. And my boss at the time asked me to bid on
some video equipment and I didn’t get that but I saw, you know, this tag which just says
breakaway headboard and I knew most of Coppola’s movies and I was hoping it was from The Godfather
but I wasn’t sure. And I was the only person who bid on it and
I paid $25 for it. INTERVIEWER: How did you have this displayed
at your home, I assume it was there? GUEST: It’s at my home, it’s displayed in
my wife’s art room. I have two of them actually because when they
shot the scene they did it once this way and then once this way. And so there were bullets going this way and
that way so there’s two of them and the other one is in much worse shape then this. INTERVIEWER: Are you an Al Pacino fan as well? GUEST: Yeah I am. I had dinner with Al Pacino once so yeah,
it was kind of exciting and I expected him to be Michael Corleone but really he’s just
an actor. I don’t know if you knew that or not. INTERVIEWER: What did you learn about the
piece? GUEST: What did I? INTERVIEWER: What did you learn, yeah. GUEST: Oh well I learned that it’s worth more
than $25, which was nice and that I learned that, I didn’t realize that Godfather II had
twice as many Academy Awards as Godfather I. And I didn’t realize that what you told me
at the time, people didn’t have collectibles like this and film studios just threw this
stuff away and that I was really lucky to get it. And I’m gonna give it to my son, he could
inherit this horrible piece of furniture.

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