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The Grim Gala | Pathfinder: Knights of Everflame | Season 2, Episode 3

(upbeat orchestral music) (slow orchestral music) – Welcome to the third
episode of the second season of “Knights of Everflame.” I’m Jason Bulmahn, your host
and GM for this adventure. Is everybody ready to play?
– Yeah. – Oh, yes.
– Mm-hmm. – All right, well, when we last left our intrepid band of adventurers, they were hot on the
trail of Lucky Longfinger, the rogue that betrayed them so long ago, and may, in fact, be
involved with the death of Ikyulys’s father. Exploring the city of Tamaryn,
you picked up his trail from a local Thieves Guild,
but when you bust up the place, you found out that he was not there. In fact, there was no sign of him. But there were crates of art being shipped to the Thistle Brush Gallery
in the capital of Molthune, a city called Kanarate. And there, they were being sent and held for a Lucent Longfinger art dealer. Down at the docks, in the Gar’s Last Meal, you met Heliana Ironeye,
captain of the Sunken Sea Cat, a barge that travels
around Lake Encarthan. Although she couldn’t take you all the way to the city of Kanarate,
she did agree to ferry you as far as Corholm, a port
city on the edge of Molthune. You boarded the boat, and
began the slow journey south, along the shores of the lake. The barge was due to
arrive late that evening, but it got held up by a bunch of netting that the boat seemed to get snared in. As the crew went to investigate, a nightmarish lobster
creature climbed onboard, and nearly dragged both Omelette and Ikyulys down
(group laughs) into the depths.
(quiet overlapping chattering) Both of you were paralyzed,
things looked very grim, but fortunately, some well-placed arrows and a scorching, searing light managed to finish the creature
off before it could drag your heroes down to the depths. From there, you made your way to Corholm. Captain Heliana was very gracious
that you helped take care of the lobster creature on her boat, and as thanks, she arranged
a caravan to take you from Corholm all the way
to the capital of Kanarate. It was during this
journey that you noticed that Tariel began to
grow increasingly nervous about your impending destination. In fact, you learned that
Tariel was from Kanarate, and when you arrived, she was referenced as Lady Windhaven, and is
apparently of noble birth. This caused quite a few discussions in and amongst the group,
and you were allowed into the trades folk
abode, the Tradesmen Abode in Kanarate, but you could go no further. And unfortunately, the
Thistle Brush Gallery was in the more affluent part of the city, but that is a part of the city where common visitors are not allowed to go without permission and leave. Well, fortunately you have
a Kanarate noble with you, and although she attempted
to just write a letter to her parents to get permission, that was not going to be
enough for her father, and she had to visit her family home. There, meeting with her father, Imrid, who is clearly very disappointed in her for her choices in life, and was insistent,
apparently, that she marry. And when she refused to do so, that is when Tariel was
shipped off to Lastwall to serve in the army. Returning home, her father assumed that she had returned home to fulfill her familial obligation. That apparently is not the case, (laughs) and instead, she went out into the garden to speak with her mother, who
was far more understanding of her daughter’s plight, and
wrote a letter right away, giving permission for
Tariel and the other knights to gain access to the rest of the town. Gathering together, you made your way into the more affluent parts of Kanarate. There, you got to spend the
night in the Platinum Whisper, a truly luxurious inn,
where you were all pampered and treated like nobles,
and the next morning, you made your way to the
Thistle Brush Gallery to learn the location, or
hope to learn the location of one Lucent Longfinger. Arriving with your crate of art in tow that you found in Tamaryn, you
ventured into the art gallery and traded with Cylor Pratt, the elfin owner of the establishment. He made it clear that he had no idea where Lucent Longfinger
was, but he did refer to him as the most esteemed art critic in all of Avastan, and that he was about to put on quite the show. Called “The Lastwall
Collection,” it is a show specifically to showcase art
from the end of Lastwall, from artists who may have died before they could even
complete their work. This sort of ghoulish display
was obviously an affront to many of you, and rightfully so, but he seemed quite thrilled
that Kanarate would be able to offer up such a unique, one of a kind, once in a lifetime show and auction. However, despite you
asking, you are unable to acquire tickets, Cylor
says it’s been sold out for weeks, there’s no tickets to be had. No amount of money could
get you into this show. You went outside before you
honestly started punching him ’cause I could see that in
at least one or two of you. You went outside to
avoid starting some sort of altercation with him,
and there you were met by an aged noblewoman who came out of the gallery after you. She was there the entire
time you were talking, and she came out, this
aged woman beckoned you into her carriage, asked Mr. Dempley to take you on a tour around the Petals, and inside, she said she had tickets, tickets that would get
you into this gallery, tickets that she had acquired, but she couldn’t bring herself to go, and she said she would give them to you. She then explained that it was her son who died in Lastwall, and
that one of his last works was to be featured in that gallery, and that she would give you the tickets if you promised to get that piece back. And that is I believe where
we ended the adventure, so I believe we’ll pick it up right there. You are still in Lady Woodland’s carriage as it tours around the
Promenade of Petals, the fancy boulevard
filled with high-end shops that sell all sorts of fancy items, include many shops that sell magic items. And you’re just kind of making your tour of this district, and the
lady has just told you that she is more than happy
to give you the tickets if you can procure her son’s painting. – Do you know– – Is it okay if we ask your son’s name? It is very possible that he
at least signed his work, so we’ll know which piece is his, unless you already know which one it is. – Well, I had not spoken
with him in years, but he was a relatively
renowned artist in Vidgil. His name was Welthrop.
– Welthrop. – Welthrop.
– Welthrop Woodland. – Lady Woodland, would
you be able to drop us off at our hotel, because we
happen to have a crate of paintings, and your son’s
might be in there already. – Well, that would be amazingly fortunate, and she kind of suddenly looks at you with a bit of–
– Well, we would– – You have a crate of these paintings? – We were tracking Lucent,
and they were for Lucent, so. – We commandeered them. – Yeah, that’s how we came here. – The entire thing is
deeply ghoulish, and I wish to have nothing to do with it.
– We agree. – If it wasn’t for the fact
that my son lost his life in Vidgil, I wouldn’t have
bought the tickets at all. – You deserve to have the very last thing that your son worked
on, so does every family and every piece of art that we have. None of that belongs in some
ghoulish gallery at all, it belongs with the families
of the people who did that. – Yes, they have seem to have
taken advantage of the fact that it, legally, since
Lastwall doesn’t exist anymore, it doesn’t exactly have laws
that anyone needs to follow. It’s perfectly ghoulish, but– – There is the law of common decency? – I think you will find that enough ghouls can override that. Anyway, I don’t wish to tarry, you said we could swing by your– – The Platinum– – The inn where you were staying. The Platinum Whisper?
(overlapping chattering) That’s a fair estate, and she begins to, she’s like, she leans forward and kind of raps at a little
tiny door with her cane, and she says, “Mr. Dempley,
would you mind swinging us “by the Platinum Whisper?” And he says, “Right away, mistress,” and– – Thank you, Dempley. – And the carriage turns and begins making its
way through Kanarate. – In the event that this
piece of art is not one that we currently possess,
what is our play here? The moment that Lucky sees us, he’s going to know we are there for him. – Is it a masquerade? We could wear masks, if–
– She, Ms. Woodland says, no, I don’t
believe it’s a masquerade or anything of that nature–
– Formal party? – Quite, and she kind
of looks at all of you. You will, of course, need finer clothing if you’re going to attend this gala. – Well, what’s wrong with my dress? It is the nicest one I had. – She says, and she kind
of smiles very politely, and she’s just like,
“Yes, I quite understand, “but a gala requires new, “you must wear the most recent fashions, “of course, otherwise
what will people think?” – We have to–
– Exactly. – To be one of everybody else. – We have to blend in.
– The latest fashions? – And it’s– – Now, as I said, I only have two tickets, but everyone who attends is allowed to bring a servant of some sort, and you could also probably bring a valet. So you’re free to probably
get all of you in, and that would allow some
of you to perhaps not dress in fancy ballgowns, if you don’t want. But it is up to you. – Well, I feel as though you are a builder of this society, and so it
is a very obvious choice for you to be one of the esteemed guests. We are a lot more likely to
be able to blend in than you, everyone recognizes you. – I happen to be born
and raised in Taldore, I’m very well aware of
this class of people. – She looks at you, nods. – I also have the ability
to change appearances. – Well, this is true, but
it only lasts for an hour, and who knows how long this will take? – That might be all we need. – I’d like to stay as little as possible. – Woodland says, and of
course I’ll be willing to bankroll any coin you would spend on the auction itself, I
just want the piece back. – Would you be willing
to pay for our costumes? – She shrugs, yes, yes,
if that will guarantee that my son’s painting will be returned, then no price is too much. – Perhaps we should go shopping. – It sounds like a good idea to me, but maybe we should determine who is going to play what role here. – Well, I imagine arty nobles. – Yeah, I feel like that
is the wisest choice. – Shall you play my wife? – Oh, I can’t be your
wife, they know who I am. – That’s true.
– But you could be– – That would cause quite the scandal, especially considering your situation. – Yes, and everyone
knows that situation now, don’t they?
– Will he be there? – Then you definitely should do it. (group laughs) Take all the attention
away, cause a scandal. – Get back at your father than to be like, actually, I found my own
husband on the way out– – Move that ring just right over there. (group laughs) – It could work.
– It could work. – Oh, this I like. – And it could draw some attention. – Which would get eyes
off of certain people who are good at sneaking about. – Do we want to have attention on you? – There will be attention
on her, regardless. – Well, of course, but– – I haven’t been here in months. – If we’re attempting to sneak
into this affair, not let– – We don’t have to sneak, we have tickets. – What if he knows, he would probably run. – Well, if Lucent sees me, it doesn’t, I mean, I feel like it would make sense that I would be there, especially
after Lastwall has fallen. – Last time I saw him,
I was wearing a mask. (overlapping chattering) – But he won’t be able to
recognize Ikyulys either. – If Lucky knew who you were, he never gave any indication of it when you were traveling
with him up to Everstand or anything like that, so you’re not honestly
sure how plugged in he is to the Kanarate noble scene. It’s clear he only spends a small portion of his time here when he’s
not off being an ore merchant or a head of a Thieves Guild, or, yeah. – I could also wear a very
fine set of glasses, maybe? – Or a veil.
– Oh, a veil. – A new bride.
(overlapping chattering) This is a whole story I’m
getting excited about. – Maybe you can set a new fashion trend. – Yeah, I will start, some veil. – A black veil, be in
mourning for this gruesome. – Oh, yes. – All right, so what I
want to do is get a sense of what role everyone’s going to play, and kind of what costume you want to get. So Lady Woodland is willing
to take you all shopping. She’s not going to go totally overboard and buy everyone gold
and diamonds and stuff, but she will get you appropriate costumes or outfits and some jewelry to go with it. You can’t go there looking like you don’t have some
jewelry on you. (laughs) – Of course. – I mean, what kind of art gala is this? So she’s willing to take you all shopping, and some of this can be borrowed
from her own collection, especially some jewelry,
because she has plenty. But she’s more than happy to
buy you all noble outfits. But to do that, I need a sense of what each one of you is doing. Now, I get the sense
that Ikyulys and Tariel, the two of you are going to be going as– – A couple.
– The nobles. Now, this does mean you will
be leaving the armor behind, I would assume, unless you’re
going as a military nobleman. – I would think military nobleman. – Okay.
– Sounds perfect. – They can polish and dress up your armor, but that’s going to take all day. Now, the gala is not for two nights, so you have a little bit
of time, but not a ton. – As long as I can wear an ascot. – Absolutely, yeah, no, absolutely. When you say that you
want to wear your armor, she’s like, “Well, that
is of course possible, “but understand that your
weapon will be peace bonded “while you are at such a formal event. “As long as it is part
of your military station, “that can be accomplished. “We may have to do some
subterfuge, though, “because you’re obviously not part “of the Molthune military.”
– That’s very true. – But we may be able to,
you say you are Talden? – Yes. – Well, perhaps we can
get some Talden insignia to put on your armor.
– That would be fantastic. – It will be expensive. – I think that my purpose
would be best served as acting as some kind of valet. – Yeah, what is that? – What is that? – She was, you would be kind of a, someone who attends to the
needs of your noblemen. – How is that different than a servant? – Well, it is a little bit more– – A different level. – Yeah, I’m not as
powerful as somebody’s man or woman servant or person servant because you would be by
their side at all times, I’m just called upon when needed. – Oh. – Why would a person need two attendants? – There’s some people
who need a whole lick of, a lot more than that. – Now, Lady Woodland says
you might also be able to have one of you pose as a guard. – You would make a good bodyguard. – Who would be brought in, but once again, your weapon will be
peace bonded and secured. And at that, Lady Woodland
turns to you, and she says, “So, what role do you
think you might take?” – I don’t know. – I think you would make a good lady. – Yeah, you could be my lady in waiting. – Sure. – Well, then, that is
certainly something we can do. We’ll get you a fine dress, and– – Oh, can it be silver? – Yes, I believe so, we can certainly find
something a little bit, and she looks at you, brighter. – Sure. – What does a bodyguard wear? – Well, you would be allowed
to wear your leathers, but we would want to
put them underneath kind of a looser fitting doublet and tunic, that way they’re not obvious. You would be allowed to
carry a weapon with you, but it would need to be peace bonded. And I believe for these sorts of events, you would need to be wearing an arm band that signifies that you
are a personal guard, in which case we would probably want to get the sigil of your house. – I can send my mother a message and ask her for such things. – Excellent, well, we shall set about getting you all prepared. As valet, we can get you
a nicely tailored suit or whatever you like. – Sounds good, if I could
have a fancy doublet, maybe with the insignia
of your house on it, it would be kind of nice, or something. I don’t care, I am very easy to please. – I actually have one ask. – Yes? – Could I get some kind
of a cape or something, because I want to have
my sword right here, so that I can grab it if I need it. – She’s like, “We may be
able to hide it in a dress, “but it will be very difficult to get out, “and once you remove
it, you will not be able “to put it back in.”
– That’s fine. – And she kind of looks at other weapons at the party, and she
looks at you and says, “I do not believe we’ll
be able to hide the bow, “but–”
– I have a dagger. – Perhaps if we unstring it. It may do as a staff. – Oh, I have a staff. – Yes, I know, but we might
be able to bring the bow in if we treat it unstrung,
it will be mostly straight. That may be a way, or we could have it be with one of the others, perhaps the guard, that way you could still
have it if you need it. – I’ll carry anything you need. – She looks at all of you and says, “I surely hope it doesn’t
come to any sort of violence.” – We are hoping it won’t, but we have a– – But it sounds like you have– – We must be prepared for everything. – A problem to solve, and
I don’t know your troubles, and to be honest, I
don’t need to know them, I just want the painting back. – Of course. – One question for you, I
have this very special ring, would I be able to carry that? – Of course, yeah, trinkets
and jewelry will be fine, there is no problem with that. It is mostly just weapons
and armor that is a bit of a problem.
– Okay. – All right. – It can double as my wedding ring. – Oh. – I don’t think we’re married quite yet. – Oh, okay. – I don’t want to cause
that much of a ruckus. (background noise drowns out speaker) – Yeah. – You’ll just decide.
– So. – That’s what they call it, right? – Arm candy?
– Arm candy. – That’s fair. So.
– Delicious. – The next day kind of
passes by in a bit of a blur. You are constantly being taken to fittings and Woodland invites you
all to stay at her estate, which has pampered lawns, and she has topiary carved lion rampants in front of the place. And she invites you to stay at her estate so that she can properly
have you all costumed and ready for this event. She also spends a bit of time showing all of you how to properly eat
and drink at this event, so you don’t give yourselves up– – It’s too slow.
– Yeah, no, it is– – There are lots of different utensils. – So many forks and knives. – And at this point in time–
– I never use any. – This is where we would have the montage of all of you spilling wine
and just grabbing a chicken leg and eating it,
(overlapping chattering) and her just being like–
– Use your utensils. – Yeah, (laughs) and all
of you getting in outfits and then flexing and popping all– (laughing drowns out speaker) She’s just like, “Hmm,” so–
(group laughs) – Fashion montage.
– Yeah, there’s a whole, there’s a whole two day
montage of the group of you being properly
outfitted and trained to attend an art gala. You and Lady Woodland
mostly are the instructors, Tariel and Lady Woodland. The rest of you need some instruction. You’re mostly there–
– I’m halfway. – You’re rusty, yeah,
it’s been a long time. – It’s been a long time. (laughs) – There’s a lot of, Ikyulys,
you should know better. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – In that time, is it possible for us to determine what we are going to do with this crate of art? Lucent will be very suspicious
if it doesn’t show up where it’s meant to be,
and we want to save– – Well, I thought we need to have her look at the paintings and see if–
– Well, yes. – One of them was her sons, just– – So she, yeah, you obviously
bring the paintings by. You go by and pick those up
and bring them to her estate. Unfortunately, no deal,
the piece is not in there. There are other important pieces in there, but none of them are her sons. – If we are going to trap Lucent, we need to make sure he is not suspicious. So his package should arrive
as planned, and then we– – Yes, we should definitely drop that off. – Yeah, get it back. – But then we have more
pieces we have to steal. – I have an idea, we use
fake pieces as his shipment. Use those, take the other pieces out, and leave them with Lady– – But who has the time to produce– – Do we have time to create–
– Or anyone would– – You made a beautiful
portrait of Holgast. – Oh, that’s true. – That was one. – Yeah, you certainly do, but
to replicate six paintings and several sculptures, and have them actually look
like the subject matter, ’cause it’s not like you
can just go to a gallery and buy any painting, it won’t be of the right subject matter,
so it won’t fool anyone. I mean, “Oh, those people in
Vidgil sure did paint a lot “of bowls of fruit”
ain’t gonna cut it, so– – We could replicate, we
got an image right there. – This is where we bring
in our lovely guard from the gate and all of her people to help us, because she
likely does not know that these works of art are stolen. – No, we didn’t tell her.
– Do they care? – I think she does.
– I don’t know. – I might go, that was– – You could go talk to Degrel if you want. Yeah, you had mentioned
that you were going to chat with Degrel.
– Yeah. – So yeah, I’ll just to cut to the chase, reproducing the paintings
would take way too long. If you had a week or
two, maybe you could pull that off, but in a day, not really, a day and a half, because
it’s not like you can show up with them being still wet, right, and be like, “Hey, here’s this
painting, don’t touch it.” (group laughs) “Yeah, I know it still smells like oil.” So you’re gonna have to
find a different solution, and you go and talk to Degrel. And so you make your way back to the gate, to the tradesfolk or tradesmen abode, and Degrel is there,
kind of doing her duty, being like, “Nope, I told
you, you need a pass. “The answer isn’t different
today than it was yesterday.” And the poor merchant makes his way back. He’s like, “But I have
important business.” “Ah, yes, get a pass, or send a messenger, “maybe they’ll come to you.” “But they’re not paying
attention,” anyway. So you make your way up to the gate guard, and Degrel sees you and
says, “Ah, Lady Windhaven.” – Captain?
– Good to see you. – Good to see you too, I have some matters to discuss with you. – Very well, she kind
of looks at the line, and it’s 10 people deep, and
she’s like, they can wait. And she,
(group laughs) it’s suddenly a lot like the DMV, and– (group laughs) And she goes on break, and
says, “Right this way,” and brings you into the watch office, where she snaps to one of the
privates to bring out tea. And she’s like, “Well, what
can I help you with today?” – So remember the fellow
Lucent that I told you about? – Yes, we’ve had people investigate that. I don’t believe we have
any leads as of yet. – Well, we went, so we found a crate of paintings that were
supposed to be shipped to him. – I see. – And it appears a lot of
the paintings were looted from Vidgil and Castle Everstand,
and stolen from Lastwall. – Does this have to do with
that upcoming art show? – I believe it does, and also, on the first, you might want to investigate the sales at the painted, or the Thistle Brush. – The Thistle Brush Gallery,
she looks at you and says, “Well, this is,” (sighs) she says, “so you’re sure they’re from Lastwall?” – I am almost positive, Vidgil,
Lastwall, Castle Everstand. – She looks kind of frustrated
with that, and she’s like, “That unfortunately puts
us in a bit of a bind. “When places fall into ruin,
when they are destroyed, “when ships sink, when
places are long forgotten, “there are many who
wander this world looking “for treasure and riches
in such forgotten places. “Unfortunately, there is no guide “for when a place becomes somewhere “that you can explore
and take things from. “The laws here are
unfortunately incredibly vague. “If this were within Molthune, “there would be many
laws that we could apply, “but since this is from another place, “I don’t know that there’s anything “that our laws speak to this of, “other than it being salvage.” – What about the things that were created by people who
still have living family? – She shrugs and says, “I don’t believe the laws really
speak to that necessarily. “I don’t disagree with you
that it is certainly ghoulish, “but how long does a ring
need to sit in a dungeon “before it becomes
valuable to an explorer?” – Hopefully longer than six months. – One would think, but
there is no such guideline, not within the laws and the jurisdictions that I can follow, I’m afraid. Now, if it was proven that
it was taken from someone, and that person was posting a complaint, then I think there would
be something I could do. But unless that person is still alive and here to register it, I’m not sure that there’s anything I can do directly, other than frown and be
unhappy that this is occurring. – All right, well, I just
wanted to let you know, and also, again, on the first of, the upcoming first, Cylor is, that’s when he buys things. So maybe just keep an eye on that. – Yes, many of them, many of the galleries will purchase things from explorers and adventurers. We have many shops in this town that deal in long-forgotten trinkets and things from ruins and dungeons. It is a rare enough occurrence that those who live that
lifestyle come to Kanarate, but when they do, there are shops that purchase the things from them. So that is not a huge surprise, but it bears noting that this gallery, in particular, seems more than willing to treat with unsavory customers. – As we can all tell
from the upcoming show. – “Yes, quite,” and she looks frustrated with the whole thing, you can tell that she wishes she could
give you a better answer. She’s just like, “The
law does not allow me “to arrest people who took things “from a place that’s in
ruins, unfortunately, “and the timeframe for that
is not really determined. “Once it’s in ruin, it’s in ruin, “and that’s the way it is.” – I understand, I wish there
was something more we could do, as well, but I just
wanted to let you know. – Well, I appreciate you
bringing this concern to me, I shall alert
the other watch captains that this is the source of these pieces, that they may have, in
fact, been purloined, there may be an illegal,
illicit operation going on here, and if they get any word of it, I shall investigate it
fully within the bounds of Kanarate law. – And how far does Kanarate law extend? – “Well, the laws of Molthune
extend to our borders “and into the waters
beyond,” and she says, “and technically,
throughout all of Nirmathos, “but they don’t recognize them.” – Because I know that Lucent did some questionable ore business in one of the towns
that we passed through, so I don’t know if that law extends, those crimes extend out here. – It may perhaps, is this in Molthune? – It was in Crowstump. – Ah, up in the Nirmathos
border with the Gravelands. That bears investigating,
but I highly doubt that the authorities in
Crowstump would participate in our investigation. (laughs) They don’t recognize
our authority, you see. Maybe if we could bring
the rebels to heel, this would be a simpler problem. – Well– – Meanwhile, everyone else is somewhere, suddenly turning red, like. – My ears are burning.
(group laughs) – Well, I wish there was
more that we could do. – Well, as do I.
– Thank you. – All right, so the rest
of you are in the middle of learning how to eat cucumber sandwiches with the crust cut off, and how not to make a mess while doing so. – It’s got crumbs, I don’t understand. – What, you just take– – You can’t not make a
mess with a sandwich. – It’s a hand sandwich, you have to eat it with your hands.
– Why is this wrong? – You haven’t cut it. – But it’s a sandwich,
it’s so small already. – It’s just– – You’re doing well, look at the pinky. You look right fancy. – Lady Woodland is just sitting
at the head of the table, with her hand in her hands, going– – I haven’t even bothered
trying to take a bite, what is the point, it
is all for decoration. – Do you just do–
– Really. – Do you have the pinkies
out for everything? Is that etiquette?
– I don’t think so– – Why are you taking
away valuable fingers? – Yeah, I need that to
grasp my sandwiches. – Can you imagine if I held
an ax with my pinky up? – Terrible. – It would be very fancy, though. – So at that, Tariel returns, and the sandwich lessons continue. – Gotta go. – There’s at least two more hours of that, and then it’s time to get dressed and get ready for the night’s gala. The night is tonight, you have arrived. – What did the captain say? – Basically that there are
no specific laws against the looting of Castle
Everstand and Vidgil, and– – So they cannot help us?
– No. – It’s so far away, I didn’t
think they would, but– – Did you mention the families? – Yes. – Nothing?
– Nothing. – The problem is if they
were to become a fight, we would get in just as
much trouble as Lucent. – Oh, we would get in
more trouble than Lucent. – We have made a promise not
to cause any trouble here, but we cannot do anything about this. – Well, maybe we aren’t
meant to do anything about these artifacts,
except for the painting for Lady Woodland.
– No, I don’t accept that. – I don’t accept it, either. – She has authorized you, by the way, to spend up to 5,000 gold pieces to secure the painting.
– Yes. – What if we write to everyone? Tried to find the families?
(slow piano music) If we can’t do it, if we
can’t steal them for them, maybe they can, they have the right to come claim their property. – Maybe we can write a recording of what happened, of what
artists, paintings go to what family, just so
that that family knows– – Yeah, and who made the painting. – Create a list of artists, and– – I can do that right
now, everybody has a mark on the painting, I can make a list of who the paintings have been
done by, except for the ones that aren’t finished, they’re not signed. – What about the ones
already in the gallery? – They’re not signed. – Tariel, you know that
any gala like this, any art gala like this is going to include a parchment when you arrive that describes every
piece, its starting price, and its artist.
– Oh. – So we’ll have most of the information, once we enter the– – That’s how these things work. – Yeah. – Then that’s our goal, keep track. Keep the history, keep the memory. – All right, so. With that, you all get
dressed in your finery. (quiet overlapping chattering) Lys, do you give your bow
and arrows to Omelette? – Yes.
– All right. So at least they’re onsite. Most of you can wear your armor,
they have decked you up in, they have cleaned up your
armor as best they can. They had an armor smith
come in this morning and bang out all of the
dents and nicks in it, polish it to mirror brightness. She has managed to acquire
from an antique store a number of Talden medals that
she has affixed to it, to claim that you are a Talden lieutenant who is here visiting the town. What story you make of that is up to you. And for, that’s what they’ve got for you. For Omelette, they have
gotten you kind of the livery of a guard.
– Sure, my letters. – Actually, no.
– No? – You’re wearing the
sigil of Tariel’s house because you are her guard.
– Oh! – Yeah.
– Okay – Yeah, your mother delivered
a sigil this morning, with a note that says, “Try not “to besmirch the family name
too much, I believe in you,” and that was it.
(group laughs) – A lot of pressure hanging on my arm. – How do you think I feel? I have to come back here at some point. – You don’t know to.
– Right. – I don’t have to. – I know my father would be proud. – Lys, you have been
given a loose-fitted suit that fits over your
armor, you are allowed, of course, to bring your
walking stick with you. – You would not deny an
old man his walking stick. – Yeah, yeah.
(group laughs) And it is exquisitely carved, so, I mean, it looks like a fancy thing, anyway. So you’re able to bring that along without too much trouble, Tariel, you are, of course, in a resplendent gown that has been well fitted to
you in the Windhaven colors. – My mother was kind enough
to send some of my jewelry. – Yeah, yeah.
– It’s beautiful. – Wow.
– You look like a princess. – Radiant.
– Pull down my veil. – It’s a fashion statement and I love it. – Thank you. – You look amazing, too. – And Linneus, you’ve
been given a silver gown with kind of darker accents,
it’s still a little you. The Lady made sure that
the gown still kind of reflected you, but it is, you have kind of a lot of ruff and frill around the edge that kind of twirls about a lot, and there’s plenty of spaces
for you to hide beetles. – Perfect, they’re coming with me. Oh, I should have gotten
them all top hats. (group laughs) – Unfortunately, it’s too
late to glue little, tiny– – Like a beetle collar.
– Yeah. (laughs) – Little jewels.
(group laughs) – Alas, we will miss out
on the formal beetles. – Bedazzling your beetles. – I’m gonna pull Elton
out and just put him here and say, “Stay there,” and he’s just going to act as a beautiful broach.
(group laughs) – That is such a lovely broach. Oh, it bit me, all right.
(group laughs) – You angered him. – You are all loaded up
in Woodland’s carriage, and she wishes you all the best of luck. – I have not been this
dressed up since Spring Fling. – Spring Fling? – It is a party that they
throw at my home every spring to honor the coming of the seasons. – Sounds fun.
– Of the new season. It is, I don’t remember most of them. – Oh, oh, is that a good– – Lots of drinking.
– Oh. (group laughs) – That’s fair, the elves do
like to break out the wine. – They do, don’t they?
– You know, I always kind of thought expensive
clothes would be heavier. They’re quite thin and breezy. – This is so light, I feel
like I’m wearing a cloud. – No, this is, just sort
of feeling with the bottom of the hem, just, this is the first piece of clothing I have ever
owned that didn’t belong to someone else first.
– It’s very becoming on you. – Really?
– Yes. – I’ve never worn this
sort of hemline before. (overlapping chattering) It’s like a shirt dress.
(group laughs) – It brings out the red
in your hair even more. – It brings out the
muscles in your thighs. – What a compliment.
(group laughs) – So you are all loaded
into this carriage, and you’re having this conversation as the carriage makes its way up the hill, towards the nicest district
in all of Kanarate. And you make your way through the gates into what is, amongst the
already nobles’ district, this is the nobles of nobles district. This is a very expensive, very posh place. Every single building is
a mansion in its own yard, with walls and topiary and rose gardens, and despite the season,
everything here is gorgeous and well maintained. There’s a fountain that you circle around and make your way up
to one of these estates that is lit by two kind of cauldrons with blue flame rising up out of them, and between them is this banner, hanging from the front of the estate that says, “The Lastwall Collection.” And at the bottom of it is
what looks like an outline of a keep on the top of a hill, but it’s been totally destroyed. – I hate it.
– Gaudy. – That’s really jarring
to look at, isn’t it? – I’m gonna rip that sign down. – Maybe we can choke Lucent with it. – Oh, yes.
(overlapping chattering) – Let’s wait till the end of the evening to do that.
– Yes. – So the carriage pulls up
to that front of the estate, and kind of cobbles to a halt, and someone comes and opens of the door, and they put a staircase in front of it, so that you can walk right out– – Yep, I’m first down.
– Onto a velvet carpet that leads up to the
front doors of the estate. – Oh. – I am first down, and
I help to assist my lady and my lord out of the carriage. – All right.
– Fancy. – Who goes next?
– I don’t know. – I think probably you,
you’re the one waiting. – Okay, does that mean I go next, ’cause you’re waiting–
– I don’t know. I don’t know.
(overlapping chattering) – There’s someone outside, being like. – I’m coming, I’m coming. – All right, so you all march out, and lining the carpet on the way up to the front doors are
just servants, right? They’re there with their,
the towels over their arms, and they all nod as
you make your way past, and up at the very front,
right in front of the doors, is an immaculately dressed dwarven butler, whose long pleated beard
is bound in platinum bands, and looks like it’s been
manicured and shaped to look like, like a dagger blade. And as you make your
way up, he has a very, very, he’s gone totally gray, gray beard, gray hair, pulled back
tight into a ponytail, in this just crisp suit. The only thing that you can see on him, he has his clan dagger,
which has this pale, whitish-silver stone at his side. And as you approach, he
kind of nods, and he says, “I’m Mr. Palestone.”
– Palestone– – “I’m Mr. Palestone.” – Do I know their families?
– Fancy. – No.
– Okay. – Hello, Mr. Palestone. – I would like to welcome both of you to “The Lastwall Collection.” Might I have the honor of your
names and tickets, please? – I’ll pull out the tickets. – Thank you, and he
looks at them to ensure that they are legitimate. – We are here courtesy of Lady Woodland. – Ah, he looks at the tickets. Ah, I see that, yes,
very good, and you are? – Lady Tariel Windhaven. – Ah, Ms. Windhaven.
– And this is– – I had heard that you had
returned to town, welcome. – Thank you, and this is
my guest, Ikyulys of– – Lord Vedanta of Taldore. – Lord Vendanta?
– Yes. – Of Taldore, you say?
– Yes. – Ah, he says, it’s been long since we have had a Talden noble here, welcome. – It’s nice to be here. – I would like to welcome you both to “The Lastwall Collection.” All of the pieces you see are, of course, available for sale. It is a silent auction, you
may simply register your bid in the book at the front of each piece. You will be assigned this,
and he hands you a stylus that has, there’s no
ink in it or anything, it’s just a pen, but at the end of it, there is a fob that has a number, and your number is 14. And he says, “With this, you
will be able to silent auction “on any of the pieces you see here. “I invite you to take in
all that Lastwall has left “to give to the world, please enjoy.” And he kind of smiles and–
– We shall try. – Turns around and opens the door into a brief hall that leads
past a few antechambers where people drop off cloaks and stuff. And beyond that, you are
looking into a gigantic ballroom and there are many, many nobles in there you can see already. The entire thing is lit with
kind of red and purple flames in sconces along the
walls, and even from here, you can see dozens of paintings and sculptures arrayed around the room. And you see the nobles
wandering from piece to piece, looking at them, judging them, talking, enjoying fine glasses of wine, and enjoying the end of Lastwall. – I cannot believe we are here. – So the two of you are able to go in, and the rest of you are able to follow up. Palestone kind of turns to
the rest of you and says, “Very good, and you are
the servant and retinue “of the lady and lord?”
– Yes. – Guard, indeed. – Guard, very good, and you are? – Guard. – Your name? – That is her name. – Oh, Stonebreaker. – Stonebreaker, very good,
he kind of looks at you with not a sneer, but he
just kind of looks at you, as if he’s thinking, and then
realizes he’s never heard of that noble dwarven name
before and just ignores you. He turns to you, and you are? – Linneus.
– Linneus. And Linneus, you are? – Her lady in waiting. – You’re her lady in waiting,
very well, get on, then. – Oh, yes. – He kind of, tot tot. – Okay, okay, bye. – And you are? – I am Shorbucle, the valet. – Oh, very good, you will find that the kitchens are on the second floor. The lavatory is also up there, as well, should the lady and lord
need any assistance. You will be able to fetch
them whatever drinks and foods they like, just
make sure you hand this. And he hands you are badge
that shows you are a valet and server for the event. If you are required to taste, you may, of course, do so, although I assure you that everything here is
above board, of course. But ladies and lords,
you know how they are, and he kind of looks at you congenially, as if trading with a fellow servant. And he’s like, “Very well, welcome.” And he kind of lets the
three of you in, (laughs) without much aplomb. – That was weird. – Yeah, grand entrance.
– Yeah, yeah. (laughs) – As you make your way in,
there is a servant there who stops you as you approach
and kind of holds his hands, and he’s just looking at
the two of you, and he says, “Am I making an announcement?” – Oh, yes, or, eh. Maybe– – We’ll discuss that–
– Yes, I think yes. – So you’re at the door, basically, what he’s asking is whether
or not he’s going to turn and announce to the room
that you have arrived. – Oh.
– I think we should. – Oh, okay.
(overlapping chattering) – And it is– – Put my arm through your arm. – And he looks at you, Lady Windhaven and? He recognizes you, and
he says, “And you are?” – Lord Vedanta of Taldore. – Lord Vedanta of Taldore, and
he turns around and he says, “May I present to the associated guests, “Lady Windhaven and Lord
Vedanta of Taldore?” And at that, many of the nobles turn, and some of them look
genuinely kind of surprised when they turn and they
don’t see your mother. They turn, and they’re like, hmm, and then they see you,
and they’re like, hmm, and all of a sudden, they look surprised. And there’s polite, (claps) the
kind of real polite clapping that never actually
even rises above the din of the room that much, you
can’t really hear it, it’s just. And then, two seconds later, it’s back to business as usual,
and everyone goes back to their talking, and
you can hear the clinking of glasses, and the low
murmur of people talking in a gallery.
(overlapping chattering) – Your Ladyship, might I
get you some food or wine? And I sort of flash the badge. – Oh, look at you. – (mumbles), nice. – It turned out to be a good
idea that I was the valet. – Wine, wine and cheese.
– Yeah. – Do you want–
– Almond cheese. – Do you want to taste? – Sure, but what I would really like to do is get a nice little layout of the– – Oh, yes, well, then, in that case, I need something from the kitchen, and maybe a tissue or
something from the lavatory. And I believe, something very specific from one of the store rooms. – Maybe I’ll get a little lost. – Yeah.
– Sounds good. – Yeah. – I haven’t been here in a while, and you are a very new valet. – Yeah. – You are a very
inexperienced valet, please, go make a mess. (laughs)
(group laughs) – Well, then–
– Go explore. – I guess I shall be off, then. At your service, and then off I go. – All right, so Lys,
you’re gonna go upstairs to the kitchen first, is that the plan? – I’ll head back that way,
I’ll hopefully make it through the kitchen. – All right, so you begin
heading up that way. I want to give you guys
a sense of the layout of this place. You’re in the middle of an art gala, so what you’ve got is the main floor here, where there are pieces,
there are paintings on all the walls, there are sculptures. Each one of them is emblematic of, well, to be honest, Lastwall,
or what is left of it. And you can see the nobles
walking around laughing and looking at them and
being, having a grand time. And I’m wagering most
of you are trying not to murder them. So off to the right, you have a staircase that goes up to what the butler described as the kitchen, and that just goes up to the right, and there’s a set of doors up there. And that’s all that it goes up to, it kind of goes up to a balcony that leads into the kitchen. Off to the left, you have a staircase that goes up to the room for ladies and the room for men, the
restrooms and the kind of places where you can go get away from it all and refresh yourselves, and
be by yourself for a bit. And then in the back, there’s a set of double doors that you
don’t know where those lead, that no one seems to be
going in and out of them, there’s just a pair of
guards in front of them. And above that is a balcony
that you can’t access from down here, it’s from
somewhere deeper in the house. So really, it looks like
this room itself is the gala, and moving throughout
it are waitered staff, who have goblets of wine and
food and snacks and such. So you can kind of see
all of that going on. So Lys, you are going off
to the right to go upstairs, to go into the kitchens, what
are the rest of you doing? – If I don’t get out of here, if we don’t find Lucky
soon, I might freak out. – Well, let’s just do a
sweep around the room. We’ll find the painting
that we’re looking for, put in our initial bid,
and then hope for the best. – All right.
(slow jazzy music) Okay, so the two of you are doing a sweep around the room. What about Omelette, what about Linneus? What are the two of you doing? – I want to do an eyeball
scan of what other guards seem to be doing, and if they
aren’t sort of roaming and are sticking by their patrons, then that is what I’m doing. And if they’re roaming free, and free to sort of move about the
space of their own will, I want to go find that list, and immediately start–
– Ah. So I should actually
note, when you came in, there were two lecterns
with piles of them on it, so that you could easily just grab one. – Oh.
– Yeah. – Then I definitely do that at some point. – All right.
– Or did when we came in. – Yeah, you could have easily grabbed one when you came in and held onto it. But you look around and you notice that the guards tend to stay in orbit of the people they’re guarding. They’re not right up on
them, that would be uncouth, but they are always kind of nearby and keeping an eye out,
and they kind of meander around the audience, but
they’re very unobtrusive, like they avoid getting in anyone’s way. They’re not there to look at the art. You can see them, they’re
just kind of walking up to things and kind of
keeping an eye on the people and the people they’re
obviously there to protect. – Okay, then I guess I’m floating and doing the thing I am not good at, which is staying out of people’s way. (group laughs) – Yeah, we’ll get to
that in a moment, yeah. – Luckily, I probably look
like a very fierce guard, ’cause this is probably the most unhappy, frowny face, not pretend frowny face, genuine frowny face, just
scowling at all of the attendants. I believe you’re all criminals. – And what is Linneus up to? – Very awkwardly, as is her character, walking through the crowd
and looking at faces, and sort of gauging just
humans in this area. (group laughs) Looking at all of them.
– Sure, yeah. So.
(slow jazzy music) All right, I’m gonna go around the table and describe what each
one of you encounters. We’ll start with our pair of nobles, and the two of you are
wandering around the crowd. And in the dead middle of the kind of crowd, as you make your way into
this group of people, there are nobles, and
there’s lots of them, and you recognize a few of them, but none of them are close
friends or anything like that. But in the middle, as
you get kind of closer to the middle, you hear kind of a loud, booming, like. (imitates laughing) Yeah, no, I can’t believe that
we didn’t engage more fully in that fight, we sent
a lot of soldiers there, but it just wasn’t enough. But fortunately, some
of the best came back. And as you draw closer,
you’ve never met him before, Windhaven, but you recognize
the General Lord Leo Carcinus. He is an incredibly
powerful man in Molthune. – What was his last name again? – Leo Carcinus.
(slow orchestral music) He is actually the ruler of Corholm, the city that you passed through briefly, but he is apparently here in Molthune, or in Kanarate, right, at the moment. And he is kind of holding
court in the center of the chamber, talking to folk about their most recent military conquest. And he’s like, “But this man right here, “this man ranged up to Nirmathos. “He smashed through their
fortress and their barricades “and sent those little
skirmishers running. “This man right here,”
and he slaps his hand on the back of Virdock
Hetton, your fiance. (background noise drowns out speaker) – Oh, I knew it, (laughs) I knew it. – Good thing you got the veil. – I’m gonna pull the veil
farther down over my face. – And you can tell that
Virdock is scanning the crowd, because you were announced
when you walked in the room. – Sorry. – We made a mistake,
we made a big mistake. – What is it? – That’s the man my
father wants me to marry. – Who? – The one that just got
smacked on the back. – So you look at him, and this– – The mountain of a man. – And this guy is a slab of human meat. He is gigantic, he is broad shouldered, he has a chiseled chin, he’s got one of those stylish scars,
one of the one’s that’s, it somehow makes him more attractive. – Right through the eyebrow–
– Yeah. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. And tussled brown hair, and
he’s just got a big smile, and he’s like, “We sure did
send those skirmishers running.” – Oh, no. – That’s (mumbles), I mean,
he’s a pretty handsome man, I will say.
(group laughs) – He is as boring as a stack of rocks. – And all of a sudden, you can see him, at this point in time,
he’s describing something about the (mumbles),
you’re far enough away that you can’t hear him, but he’s, it looks like he’s describing
a military formation, and he’s like. (imitates grumbling) And the general’s like, “Hmm, yeah.” And the crowd is just kind of
rapt in attention around them. – I have an idea. – I’m scared, what is it? – Why don’t we, he knows you’re here. – Why don’t we leave?
– No, no, no. – Hide, oh, okay, well, what’s your idea? – Perhaps he might be able to lead us to what we’re looking for. We’d be–
– The painting? – Lucky.
(slow jazzy music) – Oh, I don’t know if he knows anything, he doesn’t know anything about art. (Jason laughs) Have you seen him? – Do you really think Lucky
knows anything about art? – He’s currently–
– Lucky knows enough– – In the background, he’s currently showing how
he was stabbing people, and like. (laughs) But still somehow looking handsome, as his hair tussles back and forth. – He will do anything for you, I bet. (slow jazzy music) (Jason laughs) I know it’s a lot to ask, I
would not ask if we didn’t. – I guess I still just don’t
understand why he might know. – Okay. – Just, I mean, he’s just come back from a battle, obviously. – Hmm, well–
(slow jazzy music) – So while the two of
you are discussing that, Omelette, you’re kind
of wandering in orbit. You’re not privy to their
conversation, necessarily, because you’re kind of right– – No, but I’m watching the thing, and I’m like, you’re
holding a sword wrong. (group laughs) – That’s not–
– Yeah, he does, he does literally have one of
those turn sideways, like– – That’s not how you hold a rapier. – And– – Ignore that conversation. – Yeah, and can you give
me an acrobatics check? – I super can.
– This is to kind of tell me how well you’re
navigating the crowd. – 30.
(slow jazzy music) – Like a dancer, you’re kind
of gliding between nobles as they are kind of
moving about, and you just manage to avoid being run over by this woman, who’s in an
incredibly ostentatious gown. It is red, like the color
of the flag of Molthune, it is bedecked with
rubies, and she is talking to some fop who’s next
to her, and she’s like, “Now, I told you, we are going to bid “on at least four of these, “and I don’t care how much it costs.” And she’s got a big goblet of wine that she drains a good
half of, and he’s like, “Yes, dear, of course,” and
she nearly runs you right over. And she pretends like
you’re not even there. – Then I’m not.
(group laughs) She’s going to fall, whoops. – Yeah, you kind of step out of the way, and as you do so, you’re right next to one of the other guards, who’s
kind of orbiting around, and kind of–
– Is it that one’s guard? – No, no–
– Not a lady in red? – He’s with someone else, and he doesn’t, his sigil is like a stag. And he looks to you, and he’s like, “Watch out for that
one, Lady Tarana’s sure “to get deep in her cups tonight.” – Why are they always like this? – He kind of shrugs, well,
they’re not all drunk yet, so, I mean, it’s going well so far. – I’ve only been here like 20 minutes. – He goes, “Listen,
you’re obviously new here. “I haven’t seen you around,” and he– – No, no, I’m a new hire. – He leans in, he’s
like, “Whatever you do, “don’t hit them in the face,
if it ends up coming to that. “Sometimes they get
rowdy, but don’t hit them “in the face, it’ll go
badly for you if you”– – So anything but the face is fair game? – Well, I mean, don’t hurt them. He kind of looks at you–
– I’ve gotta ask a question. – He’s looking at the ax and he’s like, “Well, no, I mean, if you
have to punch them, don’t”– – No, no, no, but the wobbly ones. You ever just try to trip them? (group laughs) I’ve gotta ask, the urge is really strong. It took every ounce of my being to, honestly, I just sort of thought
she was gonna take me down with her if I didn’t, oh. – He kind of shrugs, he’s like, “Yeah, “they’ve been known to fall
later on in the night.” – Give a wink. – He kind of gives you
a wink and moves on. – It’s been a pleasure
conversating with you. – Nods–
– A word I learned. – He nods and heads off with his noble, who is no one you recognize–
– Right, oh, yeah, bye. – Swirling around, Linneus, you’re making your
way through the crowd of folks, and just kind of casting about. And you see a halfling. And at first, you’re like, huh, but it ends up being someone else. She has vibrantly dyed streaks of purple and silver in her hair,
and she’s wandering around from the various pieces, and
she’s got these spectacles on, and she’s in this, for all the gowns and whatnot, she’s in this
kind of outlandish half suit, half gown, half whatever
she feels like wearing. And it’s made of, I wouldn’t
say they’re mismatched, but it’s clearly all very
nicely tailored together, but they are different pieces of fabric in different colors that
are all pulled together. And she’s just kind of
walking around from pieces, rubbing her hands
together, and she’ll look at a piece and stare at it for a bit, and then she’ll move her hands a bit and open up a book, and this illusion of the building will appear,
and she’ll kind of take it and pull apart the pieces. And she’s holding out
pieces of of architecture, and she’s just kind of moving them around, and then setting them down in her book, and as she closes it, it
fades into an ink drawing. And she’s just like, meh, and you spot her as she’s going around doing this. – Hello. – And she’s moved onto this other piece, which is this sculpture
of a castle, and she’s in the process of pulling
out some of the buttressing and looking at it, and she’s
like, “Yes, can I help you?” – I just wanted to say,
I love your outfit, it’s very cool, what are you doing? – Oh, I’m just studying the architecture. We won’t see its like again, of course, so I have to learn as much
about it as I can right now. – Ooh, what is this, castle? – Oh, this, I think this is,
and she kind of looks around, Everstand, that’s what this is. And she’s pulling apart
some of the buttressing and looking at it, and she’s just like, “Yes, we won’t see its like again. “So I have to learn all
that I can about it now, “it’s my trade,” and she kind
of looks over her shoulder. She’s like, “yes.” – It’s fascinating, what,
how are you able to do this? – How am I able to do what? – To pull the image out of the painting. – Well, (imitates stammering) and she turns and has a
slightly irritated look on her face, and she’s just
like, “Well, listen, I am “Zoria Spurneff, and I am an architect, “and this is what I do,
so I pull forth illusions “so that I might study them later.” – That’s amazing, can you
pull the whole building with just what’s in the image? – Well, it depends how
much time I want to spend, to be honest, I’m usually,
I don’t care about doors or, oh, look, a window,
unless it’s truly unique or interesting, you see, so instead, I’m interested in capturing
the essence of the piece, so that I might recreate
it for my clients. – Oh, oh, you have a class? – No, no, no, my clients, my– – Oh, clients. – Those who wish, buildings have unique and spectacular grandeur. – For living in? – Of course, why would you
want to live in a boring space? – Why would you want to
live in Castle Everstand? – Well, no one would, I
can’t imagine why they would. Look at it, it’s dreadful, it’s brutal, it’s functional, yes, but
I could grab pieces of it, you see, the buttressing is so solid, it is so magnificent that
I could take it and use it to hold aloft a tower or spire
that was not even connected to it, it’s looking as if it
were a solid, reinforced piece, but the tower above could float. Yes, yes.
– Yes, I see. – You see, the dichotomy
in the brutal heaviness, but then the light lift of the tower. It is that difference, it is that split. And she looks at you very fiercely, that split between the
heaviness and the light, between the shadow and
the sun, those interplays. Those are what fascinate me.
(slow orchestral music) And she turns back to her work. – Okay.
(slow orchestral music) Thank you for your time. – She goes, “Uh-huh,”
and immediately goes back to pulling out pieces,
give me a perception check. – Okay.
(slow orchestral music) 27. – As you turn away from her and move away, your eye scans through the crowd, and just in one of those moments where people are moving back and forth, and you end up with the
vision through a crowd, on the other side of the room, you see a very pale-looking nobleman, who is staring right at you. And you just, for a moment, you lock eyes, but it’s just a half second
before you kind of turn, because people are going all
over the place in this place. – Can I go over to where I saw him? – You can, yeah, yeah, you
can make your way over there. – To there? – You go over there, and
you kind of cast about, and you didn’t even really
get a good impression of what he looked like. He was just kind of a
pale-looking nobleman. He had kind of tussled
gray and silver hair. He was wearing kind of a
blue and purple doublet, with a kind of lacy
frill around the collar and the sleeves, and he had
a glass of wine in his hand. But that’s as much detail
as you can pick out of him. But you go over there, and you don’t, you’re kind of looking around, and you don’t see anybody
who matches that description. – This is weird. – Lys, you arrive up in the kitchen, and it is a hustle and bustle. It is a mix up here of
halflings and humans, preparing all the food and
getting all the trays ready. And as you come in,
you nearly get run over by a human who’s walking out with a tray, and he’s like, “Oh, sorry, sorry,” and he just kind of makes his way past. And as you make your way in, you notice there is a short
line and kind of waiting area for other valets who are up
there getting food and stuff, that way they’re kind of out of the way, and they can make their
way up to a counter where they can put in
requests and get things. – Beyond this particular area, do I see, what else can
I see in this corridor? – Well, so you’re not in a corridor, you’re actually in, well,
there was a brief corridor, but in there, there
wasn’t much of anything. There was a door that
was locked or closed, and you don’t know where that went. But after this corridor,
you’re in the kitchen. So you’re in a functioning
kitchen in a manor house, so there are a row of
hearths along one wall, where things are being baked or cooked. There are tables throughout,
there are herbs hanging from the ceiling, there’s
a larder off to one side. There’s just, and there’s
a lot of folks back here, cooking up meals or preparing
more trays of sandwiches. Off to one side, there’s someone coming up from the cellar with
another crate of wine, and all of the wine is being prepared in goblets for everyone to have. So that’s what you see. – Okay, there is, you
said there was a line for the–
– Yeah, yeah. – That they’re standing in?
– Yeah. – I think I’m going to go join that line. – All right. – Very quickly, who is standing– – There’s only two other people in line. One of them is just another halfling, such as yourself, who
is just standing there, waiting kind of impatiently. And then at the head of the
line, there is a young man, perhaps 20, who has kind of cut cheeks,
and sharp cheekbones and a hawkish nose, and
he’s wearing a red doublet and red trousers, and he’s like, “Lady Tarana needs more wine, please, “if I don’t get it to her quickly, “she’s going to be irate.” And someone is assembling glasses of wine, he’s like, “Give me the
whole bottle.” (laughs) And the whole bottle is put on the tray, and he’s like, “All right, and if I could, “please, I will take two of the sandwiches “with the, yes, no, not with the cucumber, “and please, with extra pepper.” And they’re just being prepared and he’s being precocious,
and the other halfling in front kind of turns and looks at you and is like. (imitates sighing) – It’s quite the to do, is it not? – Oh, yeah, it’s the third
one this week, I’m so tired. – This is your third party this week? – Well, you know nobles. – Well, my nobles are a
little bit more inside people, they don’t like to go to so many parties. – Lucky you. – I don’t know if lucky
is the word I would use for anything that has to do with me, but. It is so interesting to me,
this particular art gathering, what do you make of it?
– He shrugs. I don’t even know, what’s it about? I haven’t paid attention, sorry, I’ve been running up back
and forth here, fetching. – Apparently they are selling– – More sandwiches. – Selling pieces that have
been absconded from Lastwall. – He’s like, “Nobles, can
you believe how much money “they spend on this stuff?” – It is almost obscene. – Yes, the amount of gold
they could spend here in one night could feed me and
my family for an entire year. – Probably more than that for mine. – He kind of shrugs, and at that, the human up at the front
finally has everything on his tray that he needs,
he picks it up and is like, “All right, now, I’m going to
be back in just half an hour, “and I’ll need another bottle of wine.” And he (laughs) makes his way downstairs. At that, the halfling in
front of you makes his way up to the front, places a very simple order that’s filled in kind of just a moment, and he gets the tray and looks to you, and he says, “Well, good luck.” And–
– Thank you. – Makes his way downstairs. – Very interesting. – You get to the front, and there’s, one of the cooks is like, “All
right, what can I get you?” – A platter of your best charcuterie and two glasses of wine,
and perhaps directions to the lavatory, my lady
is in need of some tissue. – Oh, you’ll find those other side. – While you are preparing that, I will run to the lavatory,
then, and grab those. Do you, by any chance, happen to know where I can, I have a couple of pieces that my lady and my lord
have brought with them that they would like to be
stored in a specific place. We had the conversation
downstairs, and they seemed to imply that there might
be someplace up here that is better suited
for that kind of storage. – It occurs to me we did
kind of skip past that. What did you do with those pieces? Did you just bring them along, or did you have them delivered? – We had them– – I think we had them delivered. – You had them delivered?
– Yeah. – Okay.
– We had them delivered here, but we are not entirely sure where they would have ended up. We want to make sure that
they have been properly– – If you had them delivered here, that probably happened earlier today, and you saw them on the
walls, they were put up. They were added to the collection. Yeah, we just kind of
skipped right past that. (group laughs) So yeah, he explains that, did
you say you had more pieces, or was that–
– Yes. We had a couple of extra that we wanted, that are particularly
special that we wanted to make sure had the
right kind of handling– – The cook says, “You would want to speak “with the head butler, he would
be able to know what to do.” And the cook looks kind of confused, he’s like, “I don’t know
what to do with them.” – That is okay, I was only asking you because they only let
me go so many places. – He’s like, “Yeah.” (laughs) All right, so you head back out to go over to the other side, and when you get out to the top, you look down over the crowd. – What do I see, I have
very keen eyes, I would like to ascertain who exactly
has arrived at this party. – You see a tall, imposing
man dressed all in white. He has gloves on his
hands, and is refusing to touch anything here because
that would violate the oaths of his faith. And on his arm is a woman
you haven’t seen in years. (slow acoustic guitar music) – I am going to very slowly back away from the banister and
run into the lavatory. – Fine, so to get to
that, there is a balcony that runs along the back of the room, so you can kind of go
from the kitchens over to the restrooms and hide in there, without going down onto the floor. – Yeah, I’m going to do that. And I am going to shut myself into a stall or whatever, however that is set up, and I am going to have
an entire panic attack, right there in the bathroom.
– All right. Back down on the floor, the two of you are holding
a little bit further away from General Lord Leo Carcinus
and Captain Virdock Hetton, as they are holding court, as it were, in the middle of this gallery. As of yet, none of you
have found the piece you’re actually looking for. – I’m gonna keep looking for that piece and avoid eye contact at all costs. – Okay, (laughs) so you’re just dodging. You’re like, nope.
– Oh, yeah, no, no, no. – You’re noping right out of this. – Oh, I’m noping the heck out of there. – Okay.
(slow jazzy music) – Would it be on the pamphlet? – You look down the list,
and yeah, it’s on there. It says, it’s listed as
a watercolor still life, by a Welthrop, let me check
the name, Welthrop Woodland. Final piece, it says. The expecting starting
price is only 100 gold. – Oh. – If we find it, we can auction for it. – Yeah, well, the starting
price is only 100 gold, how much do we want to put down? – The starting price. – All right, have there
been any other bids on that piece? – The two of you have not
actually found the painting yet, so if you want, you can
take a look around for it. Can I get both of you to
give me a perception check, please?
– Yes. – 25.
– 25. – Yay.
– Hey, all right. – While you’re,
(overlapping chattering) you’re both kind of wandering about, and you look about the place, and you nearly run into
this very loud noblewoman, who is currently berating her valet for taking so long on the wine, who is dressed all in red. You actually know who
she is, it’s hard not to know Lady Tarana, she is an incredibly annoying, very entitled, very loud,
very ostentatious woman. And she is strolling around
here like she owns the place, and when she sees you, she kind of stops and
looks at you for a moment, then she goes, “Tariel, well, I never.” And she comes up to you
immediately and is just like, and clasps your hand, and gets all up in your personal space, and is just like, “Now, where have you been? “I heard that you went
up north, is that true? “Did your father really send you away?” – Oh, yes, he sent me to Lastwall. – Oh, and she looks around,
and she reaches back and she’s doing one of these, and the valet produces the goblet of wine, then she’s like, aha. (laughs) And she’s like, “Now, you
will have to tell me all “about it,” and she basically steals you. She locks arms with you and starts walking around the place with you. – I’m gonna look at Ikyulys,
and I’m just gonna motion to go look for the
painting, like just turn around really quickly, go, go. – And she’s just like, “Now,
you will have to tell me all “about that ghastly experience, now, “are any of these pieces yours?” And she’s just totally oblivious, and, “Now, of course, you didn’t perish, “so I would assume none of them are yours, “but did you know any of the artists?” – Oh, no, not personally. – Oh, oh, well, oh, that’s too bad, I would have loved an anecdote, I would have bought that piece right away. And as she walks up to one, she’s like, “Oh, I like that one.” And she writes down a four digit number, and is just like,
(laughs) “oh, yes, maybe.” She adds a zero, “All right, now.” (group laughs) – Every time, ’cause I assume
we’re just walking in circles? – Yeah, yeah, which– – If I spot the water color,
I’m going to distract her. – Yeah.
– With– – So you’re walking in circles kind of, she’s kind of taking you
on a meandering path, but it doesn’t take
long for you to realize that you’re currently
on a collusion course with the General Lord and your fiance. Over here, Ikyulys.
(Jeremy laughs) – Ik bear.
– Well. – This is fine.
– The worst party I have ever been to.
– This is all fine. (laughs) Ikyulys, you wander about,
and you find the painting. – Fantastic. – You find the painting,
it’s located on one of the side walls, it is
a fine watercolor, I mean, it is–
– Wait a minute, this is it. – Yeah, you find it, it’s
a watercolor of a field of flowering, little, almost like poppies, and it’s very bright and colorful. And then far off in the distance, there’s this black spire tower that, you’ve seen it in a
few pieces here, this tower. This is the first one you’ve seen where the bright colored
flowers and whatnot are in such stark contrast to
this black spiked tower that just stands alone on the horizon. And give me a, give me a society check. – 14. – You’re not quite sure what this is supposed to represent. – That reminds me, though– – But there is a title. – Missing something at the table, GM. – Oh, well, you know
what, since I have been so forgetful here, I will
hand out your hero points now. And you know what, we’re gonna go ahead and give everyone an extra one. (group cheers)
(overlapping chattering) Primarily because I forgot.
– Oh, no. – Oh, golly.
– And second, for all of the drama I’ve
put you in, all right, so. (overlapping chattering) – Soap opera, straight up.
– It really is. – Where’s my evil twin?
– I know. – With the goatee. – He’s coming back from the dead. – As another twin. – So you look down at
the title and it says, “Gallo Spire Over Flowers.” – Interesting.
(slow jazzy music) – You look down, and it’s not the most
masterful piece here, but it is very striking, and
the bid started out at 100, but it’s currently at 750. – Well, we don’t have much of a choice. I put a bid down for 800.
– Okay. All right, you put down your
number, and it’s at 800. – 14?
– All right. Omelette, you notice
that your nobles split and went in different directions. – Yeah, once I got told
that you’re allowed to be less polite when
everyone’s a little more drunk, I have broken off from the pack. And you seem to be entertained, and you went off to find a specific painting, so I have just started to take in the rest of the gallery, and looking
at all the paintings, trying to commit them to memory, trying to hold onto every piece, every stroke of the brush,
every image they represent, every sculpture, every
person that made them. And the words that Palestone, are just circling in my brain, just, the last, the last thing they have to offer. This is the last thing that
Castle Everstand has to offer, and it’s just fueling in my brain. – As you make your way around and you look at all the pieces, you come upon one, some of
these aren’t modern pieces, some are historical
paintings of historic things. And you come upon one painting
in particular that’s very impressionistic, and its title is, “The Final Battle.” And it looks like a battle scene, and there’s all these warriors. And you can’t really make out a lot about them individually, except for the fact that
they look like soldiers and warriors, and they’re all surrounding and charging in at this
towering black figure that has this horrific horned helm on, and it’s all gaunt and tall. And out from its hands are
these green arcs of electricity that are striking warriors and soldiers. And it’s kind of arched up
in the middle of the piece, and all these soldiers
are charging around it. And it’s literally a wall
of these shining soldiers, charging in, and the thing
that really catches your eye is that it’s clear, they’re
very impressionistic, right? They’re not, it’s not
like detailed painting, but from their height and from the fact that it’s clear that
some of them have beards, they are clearly human soldiers. But there’s a lot of dwarven
soldiers there, as well. And your eye just gets
caught on them charging at this towering menace,
this defining moment in Lastwall, you don’t
even need to make a check. You know what this
painting is representing, it’s representing the final battle that imprisoned the Whispering
Tyrant 1,000 years ago. There’s something about
it that now feels so lost. They’re just, he’s free now. – That thought creeps into my head, and defiantly, I just sort
of whisper to myself, no, that is what we’ll always have
to offer, strength and hope. I instinctually just
look down at the book, how much is being bid on it? – It’s currently at 450. – It’s not enough.
(slow flute music) I very briefly think, we’ve
got a parting (mumbles), and then, no, no. I don’t need it. It’s here. It’s here.
(slow flute music) Right. I know you’re somewhere there. You did good. And so will we, and excuse
myself from the painting. I go to find my lady. – Linneus, you’re
wandering around the party, having left Zoria, and
you just spent a deal of time kind of casting about,
trying to find this nobleman, who you locked eyes with. And you haven’t found really
kind of any sign of him. – Going to ask around and see if anyone near
me has maybe seen him. – All right, so you kind of ask about, and the noblemen, the noble
folk that you speak to, the noblewomen and the
noblemen, they all kind of, they just kind of look
at you, like, “What?” And it’s not that they tell you “No, “I haven’t seen anyone like
that,” they just seem perplexed that someone is wandering
around the party, asking if they’ve seen someone. And they don’t seem to have any answer, nobody identifies him, and in fact, the people who were right
around that area are like, “Who?”
(slow jazzy music) – Weird, I don’t like that,
I’d like to go find one of my friends.
– Okay. You begin to kind of cast about, and are looking for
your other compatriots. And you see Tariel in the arm of this very brightly dressed woman, who is tossing back her wine, and you notice she just
spilled some on the guy next to him, and she’s like,
“Oh, sorry, sorry.” And she just kind of continues on, and she’s holding Tariel’s
hand, and is just like, “So, as I was saying,” and
she asked you for the story of Lastwall, but hasn’t
really let you get a word in edgewise. (laughs) She’s like, “Now, you will
have to tell me all about it. “Was it truly ghastly, “did you have to camp outside?” (laughs) – Yes, I slept on the ground. – Oh, (laughs) whoa, whoa. (background noise drowns out speaker) And she looks at her
wineglass, it’s empty, and she’s like, (snaps) and– – Do I see that she’s on a
collusion course with her– – Yes, she’s currently being
dragged straight towards, and as a matter of fact,
even as they get closer, she’s like, “Oh, it’s Leo
Carcinus, oh, my good man. “Oh, you do know the
General Lord, of course.” – Oh, of course I do.
– I’m gonna get in there. – Okay, you come up. – My lady, I do apologize
for interrupting. There is a matter I need
to speak to you about, it’s very urgent.
– Oh, dear, oh, dear. – Might I see you–
– If you don’t mind. – And Tarana is like, “Uh.” And she kind of just drops
your hand, “very well. “Well, if it’s important,”
and she kind of looks at you with a scolding– – I will find you and I will tell you all of my Lastwall stories. – “Well, very well,” and
she kind of gets her goblet of wine, and then just, on a
heel, turns, “Leo Carcinus!” And she makes her way up to the General, and he’s like, “Ah, Lady Tarana.” – We’re going to the far side– – And as she’s walking away,
(overlapping chattering) you can hear Tarana say, “Captain Hetton, “you have no idea who I just ran into.” – Run, run, run, run, we’re moving to the far side of the room. – All right, so you are bolting
to the far side of the room. Lys, you are in the kind
of powder room upstairs. – And I kind of shake my hands out, flex my fingers a little bit, and– – You hear from outside,
in the powder room itself, you hear a voice. She’s humming to herself, it’s a little, a little lilting tune. You’ve heard it before, it
was quite some time ago, before everything happened in Druma. She always would sing to herself, especially when she thought she was alone. – I hear her just outside
of where I’m locked in? – Mm-hmm.
– Oh, no. (laughs) I crack the door open just a little bit to catch a quick peek. – As you did many times before. Stealing glances, that is. And you see Lady Marjorie. She’s at one of the
mirrors, powdering her nose. She’s wearing the gloves of someone who follows the Prophecies of Kalistrade. Just so that the rest of you
have a little bit of context, in Druma, that is a nation to the east, there is a philosophy there called the Prophecies of Kalistrade
that a lot of people follow. And it is all about bodily purity, and following very strict
tenants of diet and whatnot. But it also, the faith has a lot to do with money and wealth, and
that is part of it, and that being pure will lead you
to that level of prosperity. As a result, all of their
followers wear gloves, and they don’t allow others to touch them. So you see Lady Marjorie is there, powdering her nose and
making herself presentable before going back out to the party. – Lysonne thinks for a moment to themself that it is probably
not a good idea to risk contact with Marjorie again. But at the same time, it is better that she knows that I’m here now, so that she is not caught by
surprise if she sees me later on the floor. So I very slowly push the
door open the rest of the way. – It takes a moment, Marjorie
is focusing on herself and kind of leaning forward. And before she notices the
door open in the reflection, and she tilts her head
slightly to the side, spins around, and has just
a look of shock on her face. “How could this be?” – Apparently it is a small world. I did not mean to startle
you, I just came in here to catch my breath, and I, I am very sorry to disturb you, I will go. – She rushes over to you,
but she does not touch you. She stops a foot away, and
she looks down at you, and, “I’ve been grieving for you for so long. “I thought that your banishment
would have meant your death. “The fall, I was beside
myself with grief.” – You grieve for me,
you don’t even know me. – No, but Domstrom sent you away. I lost, for those who
were sent there who died, I feel it so greatly, and
to know that someone who, an innocent accident
led them to be exiled, I could not bear that. – It is no matter, I didn’t die, and I believe I found my purpose there, so it is, all in all,
it worked out just fine. To be perfectly honest,
I was very foolish, and I should have been more careful. I did not mean to cause you distress. – She looks at you. “I urged “my husband to be lenient on
you, such mistakes happen, “but he was demanding,
and such is the Prophecies “and what they require.” – I am sure that is the case, my lady. I do wish to apologize for dirtying you with my touch. – She says, “I am glad to see that you
did not perish in that place.” – One could say that I came
out of it on the other side of the, a little more clarity of thought. – I would hate to think that my faith led to another’s demise. I’m gladdened to know
that you are not dead, and she stands up. – I have a question, if you
would not mind my impertinence. – She says, “You may ask.” – Does he, has he ever made you happy? – She kind of looks down at her hands. “He does what the Prophecies demand.” – I will do my best to
stay out of his sight, but if I am seen by him, I will not cause you any trouble. – She says, “That would be best.” – My lady. – She turns and rushes from the room. – Lysonne sort of sits where she left, and kind of tries to gather themself, and once they’ve calmed down a little bit, they head back to the
kitchen to pick up the things that they ordered.
– All right. Back down in the gala. You’ve been here for about an hour now, dealing with the guests,
avoiding Lady Tarana. Tariel, can you give me a,
let’s call it a stealth check. – Okay. – As you attempt to actively
avoid Captain Hetton, who is now actively looking for you, and moving about the party. – Is that one?
– Remember– – No.
– You have hero points. Just saying.
(slow orchestral music) – I mean, it wasn’t a one. – Oh, that’s a statement of confidence. “Well, it wasn’t a one,
everybody.” (laughs) – That’s good.
(slow orchestral music) Oh, God, I feel like he’s
gonna find me anyway. – You do you, boo. You’ve got backup. – You’ve also got a veil. – I do.
– And a bodyguard. – We’ll just go with the 21 that I rolled. – So, you are kind of trying to play
this game of hide and seek. When he moves to one side,
you move to the other, and you’re keeping it
up for a good half hour. But eventually, you reach a
point where you turn around and he’s 15 feet away, and he’s like, “Lady Windhaven.” And he kind of comes up to you, and immediately slides down to one knee. “I thought I would never see you again.” – Oh.
(group laughs) – I’m so glad that you returned. Your father sent me a letter
the moment I returned. I was out on formation, you see. – Oh, yes, yes, he mentioned that. – Yes, well, I was out
ranging the Molthune border, putting those rebels in their place. – I’m sure you were. – With everyone I struck
down, I thought of you. – Thank you. How are you enjoying the gala? – He looks around, “I have seen many interesting paintings. “There was a red one
I particularly liked.” – Oh, really, would you
like to show it to me? – “Why, I would love to, my lady.” And he stands up and proffers you his arm. – I’m just gonna take the opposite hand and just set it on his arm
without actually linking. – He’s like, “Ah,” as he
begins walking around, he’s like, “Yes, I once
served at a castle like that.” And he’s just (laughs) kind of– – Yes, I do remember the
story that you told me. – “Yes, that was back in my early days, “when I was but a private,
before I earned my badge “of honor,” and he just
starts going on about battles, and he’s just– – All stories I have heard before. – A dozen times, yeah. – Just gonna look back at Linneus, and just roll my eyes
and look back at Virdock, and then smile at him. – So this scene draws
the eye of all of you. You can’t help but notice it happening in the middle because
there’s a lot of people who have turned and are like,
“Look at the lovebirds.” And (laughs)–
– Gross. – And this chiseled-jaw
soldier is bravely marching through the whole of the party, and he’s not unlike Ikyulys in build, but he has no style,
he’s just a slab of meat. He’s been poured into a dress uniform, and is just marching around
with, he has two badges for the number of times
he’s sacked Tamaryn, right? He’s just, he’s a soldier. And as he’s taking you around, and as all of you are kind of slowly, I’m assuming, drawing back together. Lys, you have procured wine– – I may have gotten an
extra, like a bottle, and downed some of it
myself, in the back, just. (group laughs) Yeah, yep. (coughs) And then rejoins the–
– Yeah, yeah. (group laughs) So Lysonne makes their way
back down to the party, smelling a bit of wine. – Glass for you, and a glass for you. – Ah, thank you, thank you, Lysonne. Do you want to walk with us? – It would be my pleasure,
I have charcuterie. Do you want some sausage? – He’s like, “Yes,” and reaches down and grabs one, just with
his bare hand, he’s– – This is my valet, Lysonne. – Oh, yes.
– This is Virdock. – He kind of nods at you
with the sausage. (laughs) – My lady, you care to introduce me? – Yes, Ikyulys, this is Virdock, Virdock, this is–
– Lord Vedanta of Taldore– – Lord Vedanta. – “Aha, Talden, eh,” and
he kind of claps shoulders. “So, how is it down in
the land of plenty?” – It’s quite nice. – Yes, yes, been out on
any formations lately? Wandering out, patrolling the palaces? – More than you know. – I’m sure. (laughs) – Well, perhaps we
should go somewhere else. I found the painting.
– Oh, yes. Oh, you found the painting?
– Yes, I did. – We have, we have our eye on
this wonderful watercolor– – We have our eye on it, yes. – He’s like, “Ah, your man
at arms has an eye for art?” – Yes, he does. He is a follower of Shelyn.
– Shelyn. – Oh, the arty one, right? He kind of throws this–
– Let’s go now. – Big, giant cheesy grin at you. He’s like, “Well, you’ll have to”– – She’s the goddess of art and beauty. – He’s like, “Yeah, no,
I’m sure, yeah.” (laughs) – And there is, of course,
nobody more beautiful at this party than our lady. – Lady Windhaven, that’s correct. – Thank you, thank you. – The moment you start talking art, he just kind of starts glazing over, and. (group laughs) – Yes, and it has a
wonderful juxtaposition between the dark of the spire, and the– – “Well, yeah, absolutely,
you know, I need “to go take a leak,” and he’s just like, “I’ll be right back.”
– Very nice to meet you. – He’s like, “Yeah, same.” (laughs) And he makes his way–
– Have fun with your sausage. – Upstairs, no, he’s eaten that already. – He’s terrible.
– Yeah. – That’s him.
– I know. – Okay, I’m glad that we did not interact with him earlier.
– Yes. – Yes, that would–
– Me too. – At this moment, the
doors on the balcony, if you recall, I said there
was a balcony off to the left, a balcony off to the right, and those kind of connect around the back. But up ahead, there’s
a pair of double doors, and above that pair of double doors, there’s a balcony, but there’s no way to get to that balcony, but
there is doors leading inside, so apparently it’s from a
different part of the room. But the doors there open up,
and out steps Cylor Pratt. And he holds up a goblet,
and he, (imitates tinging) to get everyone’s attention. And he says, “Assembled lords and ladies, “I want to welcome you all
to The Lastwall Collection.” And there’s a round of applause
as everyone, he says, “Now, “you may have been enjoying
these fine pieces here tonight, “but may I introduce you to their curator? “A man who all of you know
for his fine taste in art, “he has brought all these pieces to you “from Lastwall so that all
of you might enjoy them “and find a place for them in your estate. “It’s your last chance to
own many of these pieces, “but I’ll let him speak to that. “May I present to you Lucent Longfinger?” And he steps aside, and up walks Lucky. And he steps up to the
balcony and he goes, “Assembled friends, I’m so glad
that you could make it here “to my, the last show that
Lastwall has to offer. “These fine pieces were
brought here directly, “after the ruins, smuggled
out at great personal risk. “But they were brought
here today so that all “of you might enjoy
them in their splendor. “These are the finest pieces “that Lastwall will ever offer. “This is your last chance “to own a piece of Lastwall.” And he looks down at the assembled guests. “Now, I wish you all the best
of luck in your auctions. “I would like to note
that for those of you “with more discerning
tastes, with the right pass, “the private collection is now open.” And he steps back and he says,
“I’ll see you all inside.” And he walks in back, and
the door closes behind him. – Well, we have to go look at the private collection, don’t we? – How do I un peace bond my bastard sword? – So to be clear, the peace bond on your weapons is just a
silken cord that’s tied. You can untie it, but
it is a bit of a knot. It’s designed so that you
can’t just draw the weapon, but it’s not designed to be permanent, it’s not like magic or anything like that. It’s just, if you were
walking around without that on there, the guards will treat you as if you have hostile intent. You’ve been to enough of these functions that you know how that works. – Well, we just have to
figure out how we are going to get up there, do our
passes give us access? – Oh, I’m sure we could get back there. Can we keep an eye on the, can we go check on the painting really quick? – I was going to say, might as well make sure we
are still the highest bidder. – Are you allowed to bid more than once? – Oh, yeah.
– Oh, okay. Just checking, I don’t
know, I’ve never been to one of these. – Well, yes, you can keep bidding– – You’re doing a great job. – Until the person you’re
bidding against doesn’t want to bid anymore money.
– Oh. – To the highest bidder.
– Yeah. – Kind of like gambling. – Also, I just want to note
that ever since I’ve gotten onto the floor, I have been using, I’ve been using my
distracting shadows ability to kind of keep myself hidden behind– – Yeah, you’re literally
like hiding in the shadows of others, and just kind of being unseen, as much as possible.
– Yep. – At that announcement,
the guards up at the pair of double doors that are
beneath the balcony stand aside, and begin looking at the tickets that some people come up and offer. Not very many, only a handful
of folk go up to there and go through those doors into kind of, there’s some sort of corridor beyond, you don’t know what’s back there. But most of the guests stay out here. – Do we want to give it a whirl? First we check on our
piece, and then we see if you have the standing to get in? – Quickly check our piece, and then. – Do we know when this auction ends? – I imagine pretty soon. – The list of all the
paintings and stuff says that the auction ends at midnight. – As long as we can check and make sure we are still the highest
bidder before midnight. – I can stand by the painting
and look really aggressive so no one comes towards me. – Well, I don’t know if
we want to leave you, we may need everyone in there. – It’s about 11 o’clock
right now, by the way. – I think that as long as we, we might be better off, this is the thing. If we get our way, nobody’s going home with a painting tonight. – It’s true. – How do we stop the wall?
(overlapping chattering) – We have to stop Lucent. – That doesn’t– – That doesn’t invalidate
the auction, I imagine. – It doesn’t, but if he
admits that he is a thief and a liar– – And they don’t seem to care here. – We’ll see. – Yeah, there’s no laws against
what he’s doing right now, I mean, looting a fallen– – You’ve made your way
back up to the piece, and you have been outbid,
you bid, what, 800? – Mm-hmm.
– It’s now up to 950. – Lady Woodland said that
she would pay up to 5,000. – Yes.
– 1,250. – 1,250, that’s a big jump. – We don’t want to get outbid. It doesn’t matter ’cause
we’re not paying anything for any of these. We’re taking them all.
– That’s true. – It’s a good statement,
but it’s not too aggressive to elicit sort of a competitive
nature on the books. – True.
– Look at you, Omelette. – I got a couple of sisters who gamble, that I can do.
(group laughs) We gotta watch the last
hour, that’s when you swoop and you start pulling
out your best tricks. And cheating cards, always
look up the sleeves. – Yeah, as midnight approaches, we can, I guess–
– Take them down. – Guard it, and take them down, and then– – Well, how about this, we
do what we did last time with a messenger, you can leave Omelette and I out here with the painting, make sure it doesn’t get outbid, and you three can go inside. – Yeah, and I’ll send a message if needed. – Yeah. – I need face to face with Lucky. – I think we all do, but I believe you and I have the most, the biggest
score to settle with him. – Save a piece for me.
– So. The two of you would
know this automatically, that if both of you go with
wherever the tickets are, it’s gonna be really
hard for your servants to follow you without
coming with you, so– – Oh, we’ve gotta go as one piece. – Well, if you leave people outside, odds are, you’re not, without tickets and without being nobles,
you’re not gonna be able to go– – Sort of imagining we
wouldn’t even be able to bring all of us in. – Why don’t we just go for broke, bid the whole thing in one go? – Somebody might still outbid us. – Yeah, we still have to wait. – Okay. – ‘Cause someone could come at 11:59, and write 5,001 gold–
– How about I keep track? And at the last moment, I’ll just ran out. – I think it just might have to be Ikyulys and me going into the back. – Well, you also still have an hour, so you could always go on
the floor and come back. (overlapping chattering) – Get us in, and I can leave at any time. – Yes, that’s smart. – Not gonna say no,
leave the private area. They’re gonna be like,
“Sure, please get out, “you’re making it crowded.” – All right, so you,
(quiet overlapping chattering) you place that bid, and then
you approach the back doors, or the private doors. There are a pair of kind of guards there, and they’re like, “Excuse
me, can we help you?” – Oh, yes, and I’ll produce our tickets. – And they kind of look
at them and look at you, and they’re like, “I’m
afraid these are not tickets “for the special auction.” – Are you sure? – He’s like, “I think
so,” and he checks a list, and he’s like–
– Do you know who we are? – Where is my valet, where is my valet? – I am here.
– I’m so sorry. Can you, I cannot believe that
you got me the wrong tickets. Can you believe this?
– Lysonne. – What am I going to do, Lysonne? – How dare you. – I gave you very explicit instructions. – I am very sorry. – I cannot believe–
– You might have– – I’m so upset, do you know who I am? – I might have left them
with your betrothed. – Can you give me a deception check? – Yes. – And can you give me an intimidate check? (group laughs) – We have hero points. – You have hero points.
– Can I, I mean, it’s not a huge difference–
– There we go. – But in order for me to use
performance as my deception– – You have to break out the violin. – I have to break out the violin? Okay, just wanted to make sure. – Yeah, it’s a little tricky
to use that for, yeah. – Okay, well, 28.
– 28. – 26. – He’s like, “Listen, listen,
please, please, please. “I’m terribly sorry, there seems “to be some sort of mix up here.” He just kind of is looking
at the both of you, and he’s like, “you know what
you’re getting into, right?” – Of course we do.
– Of course we do. – He’s like, “All right, well,” he opens up the doors, and he’s like, “enjoy.” – Oh god.
– Thank you. – Don’t look behind you. – Thank you, sir. – All right, so the group of you goes into see the private collection. – What is it? – You make your way
down a dark passageway. It is lined with velvet drapery and lit by tiny tapered candles, so it’s this kind of
dark, shadowy corridor. And up at the very end,
there’s just a velvet curtain, blocking your sight, and
you’re just in this corridor. – I’m going to stick
very close to Omelette because she has my weapons. – Okay.
– Yep. – I have now started using your
bow as a walking stick next to you.
– Oh, that sounds like– – So you can grab it, short notice. – I’m gonna ask Linneus if she can help me untie my peace bond. – I want to loosen it a little bit so it looks like it’s still tied, but it’s not as tight, just in case. – Sure.
– Okay. – Should I peek?
– Yes. – Why don’t we just go on in, since we’ve come this far. – It’s what we must do. – All right.
– God, what’s in there? – You make your way down to
the end other passageway. You loosen the peace
bond, but it’s still on. The same, I’m assuming,
goes with Omelette’s ax, ’cause that’s peace bonded as well. – Yeah. – And all of the weapons on me. – You make your way down to
the end of the passageway, and there, there is just
this dark velvet curtain. – Don’t be dead. – And you push it aside, and
there, in a small chamber, is one single piece of art. And it stands in a cage,
and it moves forward, going. (imitates growling) And you see, standing in
the middle of this cage, is a Lastwall soldier, who has been turned into a zombie, and is being sold off and auctioned as art. And it just stands there,
just its eyes gone, fallen from its head, maggots
rolling down its cheek, as it just stumbles forward, occasionally reaching a
rotting hand out of the cage, as one of the noblemen
stands nearby, looking at it, sipping from his wine,
looking down at the book. And he reaches forward to put down a bid. – Linneus, can you light
that on fire, that book? – I can, but it’ll be obvious. How about we write down the– – To be clear, there are
two guards in this room, as well, so let me describe
the rest of the room here. You have one nobleman who’s currently, who’s just some Kanarate
nobleman you don’t recognize, who’s sitting there, drinking
his wine, signing the book. You’ve got a zombie
Lastwall soldier in a cage. You have two guards standing
on the opposite side of the room, flanking a doorway that leads to another gallery. – God. (laughs)
– Another one? – Well, this clearly isn’t it. – This is a maze of
horrors, is what it is. – Great.
– Okay. – I wonder how many there are? – Benevolence. (laughs)
(overlapping chattering) – Not what it means.
(group laughs) – Not what it means.
– So what do you do? – Well. We have to keep going and
see what else is down there. – We should wait until this
person leaves the room, maybe. – There are still two guards. – There’s still two guards– – And there’s still more to see. – We’ll just have to see what (background noise drowns
out speaker) then. – I’d like to– – Perhaps we should see
the rest of the collection. – Oh, I whole heartedly agree. – I’m not so interested in this one. – Oh, no, the maggots are
just, they’re not my style. – No. – I’m going to make sure
to grab Omelette’s hand and bring her with me. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – You kind of have to very
aggressively tug her away from staring down those guards. – It’s okay, we’ll figure something out– – They almost look bored. – Absolute atrocity.
(quiet overlapping chattering) – Ikyulys takes a moment
and prays to Shelyn, and asks for forgiveness
for being in this place. – Okay. – And then we move along down the hall. – This is not a place of beauty, and– – We’ll come back.
– No. – We can take care of it,
we’re not gonna leave him. – No. – You push past this first piece, making your way around the cage, and you go to the next
curtain that is there. It’s not a door, it’s another curtain. And there’s a golden pull string, and as you approach, the
guards look at each other and pull the cord, opening up the door to the next gallery. And you are now looking
into a larger space. This was a very small room, very intimate, so you could be close, so
you could smell the corpse. This larger place is
designed for a bigger show. – Oh, no. – And it is a larger kind of open gallery. Off on the side, there are four cages that have more of these
rotting dead crusaders, stumbling up, walking
into the bars in cages. And in the center, there
is a, it’s not fenced off, per se, but there’s a railing around it, and it looks like there are
faintly glowing runes around it. But in the center of this,
this kind of display area, there are three walking corpses that are moving about, but
whenever they draw near, there is a fourth figure
who is dancing around. He is a thin elfin man,
he is not wearing a shirt, he is just wearing
tightly cropped britches, and he has two flensing
knives in his hands, and as they come up, he
kind of reaches forward and carves away pieces of their flesh, which kind of fall off in flaps. And as they draw near him,
he kind of dances away and just kind of giggles.
(imitates laughing) And as they draw nearer,
he reaches forward and pulls out, and you
see this black ribbon of magic flow forward from him and cause the dead flesh to
kind of heal and solidify in that new form, it’s
like he’s sculpting them. – This is barbaric. – And across the way, at the far end, on a raised dais in a private booth, noblemen around him, you
see Lucky Longfinger, entertaining guests, looking at himself in a tall mirror that stands next to him, laughing. (imitates laughing) “Yeah, this is a great show, eh?” You can hear him call out. – I just want you all to know– – Across the crowd. – I have firewall prepared. – You need to get all
the noble people out. – I need him to see my face. – I need him to die. – All of the noble people out first. They may be repugnant, but
they don’t deserve to die. – How do we send them out? – We tell them to get out. – So the group of you have kind of moved into the beginning, and you’re
just kind of clustered there. There’s not a lot of people
back here, to be clear. You do not see very many
nobles back here at all, but there’s a handful.
– Yeah. – Do they have guards or any servants, the nobles in the room?
– Some do, yeah, some do. – I want to, but I’m not– – Many of them are kind of
around the central area, watching this sculptor work, as he, sometimes he
gets two of the corpses to draw close together
as they get near him, and he slices both of them,
and then fuses them together so their arms are kind of fused. And he looks like he’s trying to fuse them into one thing. – Oh, who is good at deception? Who is good at deception– – How many nobles would
you say are watching? – I would say there’s about eight or nine. – Eight or nine?
– Yeah. – Can’t you go to each guard and tell them that you’ve heard a rumor
that someone is trying to kill their lord or lady? – I don’t know. – There are dice being
rolled, this is good. This is great. – Perhaps you should speak
to the other dwarves. – What are you doing, ’cause, well, every moment you stand here, you look more and more conspicuous.
– Well. – Well, we don’t have much time, we can’t just stand here. – Yeah, we have to do something. (overlapping chattering) – Let’s go. – I’ll go up to take a closer look. – I’ll go to the guards. – Lucky’s never seen my face. – No. – You talk to Lucky.
– And I am veiled, so. – Let’s go speak to him. – I’m going to stay around over here. – Okay. Maybe you can start shuffling people away–
– All right. So you begin fluttering into the crowd, and you try to, so to
get up to where Lucky is, you have to kind of make
your way around this sculptor and his performance. So you can kind of make
your way around there. Who’s advancing forward,
and who’s staying back? – I’m staying back.
– I’m advancing forward. – Okay.
– I’m advancing with Ikyulys. – Okay. – I went to go get a little bit closer to the thing in the center of the room. – All right, so just kind
of towards the middle, then? – Yeah.
– All right, Omelette? – How many cages are unattended? – There are four kind
of, there are four cages with other zombies in them. – An evil thought enters her mind, and then she pushes
that away very quickly. – Well, what are you doing? – You can stay here with me. – I’m going to go, it’s a fool’s errand, but it’s better than entertaining the idea of letting one of these
out and just letting it rip through this party, let them
see what they worship as art. But no. I’ll go to the guards
and give them a warning that there’s a rumor
spreading in the main room that the wine might be tainted. – Okay. Omelette, you go up to one of the guards, and there are guards in
this room, to be clear. As a matter of fact,
there’s four of them up near where Lucky is, two are at
the bottom of the stairs that lead up to where he is at. Another two are at the top
of the stairs where he is at. Then, scattered around the room, there are four more guards that, each one is kind of near one of the cages, but also paying attention
to what’s going on in the middle, ’cause that’s
more of a free open thing that’s going on. Tariel, Ikyulys, the two of you are kind of making your way up,
are you sticking together, or are you going on opposite sides? – I think we should approach together. – Yeah, we can approach together. – Okay, so the two of you
begin approaching together. Lys, you are staying in the back? – I am kind of keeping to the shadows. I am here as a point
of ambush if necessary, and I imagine it’s not
very well lit in here. – No, no, as a matter of
fact, kind of shadowy, dark– – I’m gonna go into stealth.
– All right. You can kind of do that, yeah, you can hide kind of over in the corner, yeah, without too much trouble. And Linneus, you begin
moving up towards the center, where this sculptor
continues to dance around and carve these things together. He’s managed to get all three
of them fused together now, and they kind of stumble about. One of their arms is merged
through the other one’s torso, and they’re still wearing bits
of the livery of Lastwall. And there is a big ledger book there, and the bidding on this thing
that he is creating is up to 10,000 gold pieces already. – Holy Christ.
– Whoa. – This is the worst city ever. (laughs) – I’m gonna start saying some prayers to Sarenrae in my head.
– Okay. – Please don’t let me firewall, please don’t let me firewall. Please tell me it’s a
bad idea to firewall. – The two of you begin making
your way around the dais, and you notice Lucky is
kind of scanning around, and he’s talking to folks,
and he’s. (imitates laughing) Yes, and you can even see, although he’s put on different airs, you can still see that
kind of wry, yeah. (laughs) But he’s tampered that down
because he’s in polite society, and he’s like, “Yes, but of course, “my pieces are some of the
finest you’ll ever find. “And I guarantee you will never find them “at this low of a price, after this, “they’re all going to be
astronomically expensive.” And the nobles are like, “Hmm, hmm, yes.” And there’s a few up
there drinking with him. And then he looks out at the crowd, and he kind of does one of these. (Jason imitates laughing) And one of the nobles is talking to him, and he just waves him off. And he stands up, “Well,
ladies and gentlemen. “It looks like we have an
extra piece here tonight. “We have some real relics here,” as he looks out at the two
of you as you approach. “Why, some of the last
knights Lastwall ever made.” (Jason imitates laughing) “Never thought I’d see any of you again, “how are you doing?” – Oh, you know. – At this point in time,
you’re a way aways from him. You’re not sure he’s recognized you, but he clearly recognized you. And he’s like, and he
kind of peeks at you, and he’s like, (imitates
laughing) “Oh, no, “no mask, oh, hey. “Sorry about that mix up with the wagon. “Boy, that was a pickle.” – Oh, you mean the one you set ablaze? – The nobles are all kind of looking at each other, he’s like– – Oh, you didn’t know that he
was there at Lastwall with us? – Of course they do, where do you think I got all these pieces? I was there when it fell, and managed to collect this wonderful
piece for all of you– – You call this a collection? – He’s like, “Of course, what
else would you call this? “It’s some of the finest
art that Lastwall ever made “in its last days.” (imitates laughing) Some of the nobles are
like. (imitates laughing) – Lucky. – At this point in time, I
just do want to make it clear, you’re not even to the foot of the stairs. You’ve made it to the
other side of the exhibit, and you’re about 20 feet
away from the stairs. There’s two guards at
the bottom of the stairs that are blocking the
stairs, there are two guards at the top of the stairs
blocking the stairs, so there are people in your way. – Between us and Lucky?
– Oh, yeah. Absolutely, he has guards around him. – Lucky, why don’t you come down and have a conversation with us? – He kind of looks at you, and he’s like, “Oh, I don’t know about that, guards, “I’m not even sure they’re
supposed to be here.” And the guards kind of start looking at each other, and they’re– – We are absolutely supposed to be here. We’re interested in these
pieces that you call art. Perhaps we can discuss
some sort of payment. (Jason imitates laughing) – Oh, you nearly had me
there. (imitates laughing) Guards, I think they
should probably leave, I don’t like the look of them. – Oh, I don’t think we’re going anywhere. – And the guards begin to approach you, grasping their weapons, what do you do? – Flash my signet ring and
look absolutely appalled that they would approach
me in such a matter. – That doesn’t appear to
be slowing their advance. – I–
(overlapping chattering) – Oh, God, this is the worst idea, it’s the only idea–
– They’re all bad ideas. – They’re all bad ideas,
this is a bad situation. (overlapping chattering) – I’m going to rush up
to Tariel really fast from the shadows and tug on her as the guards are approaching, I was like, maybe now this is something that Captain Delcry can
actually do something about. You should message her. – I don’t know if she’s within range. – As you’re doing this, the
guards are almost right up on top of you, the time to– – Okay, then I’m her guard,
I’ll position myself in front. – He’s like, “Stand aside,
you’re all to be escorted out, “Lucent does not want you here”– – You are not to touch my lady. – He starts to try and push you aside. – I’m not budging, have
you seen these thighs? (group laughs) – I’m gonna need everybody
to roll initiative. – Oh my God.
– Here we go. – This is how we get
kicked out of the city. – This is how we get a TPK.
(overlapping chattering) – This is worse than getting
kicked out of the city, I. – But let’s just say, if you
get kicked out of the city, you never have to worry about coming back. – Oh, that’s true–
– If we survive. (overlapping chattering) – If we survive.
– We can do this. – Did you and I just roll the same thing? – No. – Omelette, what do you got? – Oh, I’m not done counting. – Linneus, what do you got? – 17. Womp womp. – Tariel, what do you got?
– 27. – Lys, what do you got?
– 20. – Oh, it’s gonna be– – Omelette, what do you got? – 21. – Ikyulys, what do you got?
– 14. – God.
– 14. – We rolled butts, y’all.
– 23, sorry, 23, I’m wrong. – No, it’s fine, you’re
in the same spot, okay. So the first person that goes is Lucky. – Oh, of course. – Who screams, “Guards,
get them out of here. “I don’t want to see them anymore, “they’ve upset my party,
I want them escorted “from the premises immediately.”
(imitates laughing) And he does one of these. As he steps to the back of the alcove to the other nobles, and he’s like, and he kind of looks at all of them and gets them to stand up
and he’s just back there, still holding court. But there’s lots of people
between you and him, Tariel? – I’m just going to put my hands up. – Okay. – Going to say “Don’t, you
don’t have to force us out, “we were just leaving. “This isn’t particularly to our taste.” And then I’m gonna turn around. – I agree with my lady.
– And start walking out. – All right. The guards go next. The one that’s in front
of you tries to shove you to the ground, and he’s
kind of failed to do so, ’cause you’re built like a box of rocks. – Like a brick house.
(group laughs) – So he tries to push you, and that fails, and after that, he draws his weapon. And he’s like, “Come on, you, out.” He had to move up to you, he pushed you, and he drew his weapon,
that’s what he did. The other guard advances on the two of you and is now trying to usher you out. It occurs to you that
Lucky is right there. Omelette, it is your turn. – Are we really leaving? – I don’t know what else to do. – Open the cages. – I literally don’t
know what we’re supposed to do right now.
– I don’t either. (group laughs) – Omelette?
– This is so macabre. – We’ve never been this close to Lucky since we’ve last saw him. – I’m sort of stepping
back, listening to you. This is my move, action. – I think we gotta go forward. – What do you do?
– Okay. Then I look at you, I turn to the elf, I run and tackle him, create a
different danger in the room, the guards have to deal with.
(group laughs) – So you go running up
and dive into the area, and when you do so, you disturb the ward that was keeping it in place.
– Yep. – So you go running in
there and dive at the guy. Give me, this is going
to be a athletics check, to dive at him and. (background
noise drowns out speaker) – Okay.
– Go ahead and make that. – I’m quite good at this, I’m a wrestler. Of the Titan proportions.
(slow bagpipe music) – Everything is a bad idea right now. – This is. (background
noise drowns out speaker) This is an acrobatics, or a. (background noise drowns out speaker) – This is an athletics check,
go ahead and make the roll. – This is a nightmare.
– What will– – This is a living nightmare. – Yep. – An undead nightmare, actually– – And as I’m diving,
just sort of shouting, “Get out of the way, you’re in danger!” To keep up the, oh. (group laughs) Goodbye.
– Nope, I’m sorry– – Oh, that’s right– – More than one on a roll. – It’s just, it’s just crap.
– No. So what do you got?
– 18. – 18, you come running up and dive at him, let me actually see if that works. No, not quite enough, you go running up and slam into him, but you do not manage to knock him to the ground. You kind of run, and you’re
kind of grappling at him. You don’t have ahold
of him, and he’s like, “What are you doing, you fool?” – You’re in danger, you’re
in front of an undead. – He screams, and he’s this emaciated, and now that you’re up to him, you can see his body’s covered
in very thin little scars that are done in decorative whirls, and he’s just got these
little, tiny silver knives, and he’s like, “You fool,
you’ve broken the ward.” And with that, the nightmarish thing
suddenly stumbles forward, reaches forward with a pair of arms, grabs a nobleman, pulls him into the cage, and blood just starts spurting everywhere. That is Omelette’s turn, Lys? – Well, that’s how we get all
of the nobles out of the room. – There’s a lot of screaming now. – Yes, Lys is going to– – I should have left at
the first altercation. – Lys has got their
staff, Lys is going to, oh, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, Lys is– – Omelette still has your bow. – I know, I have my staff, though. Lys is going to, (Jason laughs) but it’s all bad ideas at this point. Since there’s a little bit of chaos now in the middle of the
room, and there’s a zombie that has no attacked a couple of nobles and all hell has officially broken loose, what’s a little bit more? And I am going to start
trying to untie the rope on one of the cages. – So the cages are literally just latched, they’re not even– – Yeah, I’m gonna undo a
latch on one of the cages. – Yeah, you can just throw them open. They’re not locked or anything, the zombies inside aren’t smart enough to open up a latch. So you can run up and just throw one open, and yeah, you do that, and
the cage immediately begins to open, as this undead knight starts to burst his way out. That is two of your actions,
what do you do with the third? – I want to get as
close to Lucky as I can. – All right, so you take that, you run up, throw wide one of the cages,
and then move away from it as this thing starts to burst out. You haven’t made much progress, you’re only like halfway across the room at that point in time.
– That is fine for this point. – Linneus–
– Let chaos reign. – Linneus, this has quickly gone– – To shit?
– Crazy. (group laughs) – Yes. – By the way, you can see up on stage, Lucky just goes.
(group laughs) As one of the nobles is
currently being gnawed on by two heads. – Oh, no, oh, that’s terrible. – Two heads? – The thing is an amalgam
of three corpses– – Oh God. – In the middle, it’s kind
of been fused together, and now it has six legs and four arms and three heads, and it’s
just kind of stumbling about. – It’s awful. – I know, ’cause it was
magic, it was bad magic. I’d like to open another cage. – Okay. (laughs)
– Chaos. – Yes. (laughs)
– Chaos. – So you run over to
one of the other cages and unleash, and open it up. – And then–
– That’s two. – Move in the shadows somewhere. – So then you move away, as well. So you’re just kind of
letting the undead loose, that’s one way to solve this, Ikyulys? – Okay, I have a guard in front
of me, and then another one, there’s two protecting Lucky. – Yes.
– Okay. – On, no.
– Oh, no. – First of all, I’m looking at Lucky, and I say, “You started this.”
(overlapping chattering) And–
– Spicy. – I’m gonna punch the guard that’s in front of me–
– Okay. Are you gonna punch him,
or are you gonna punch him? – I’m gonna punch him.
– Okay– – Ring of the ram.
– Ring of the ram, okay. So how many charges
would you like to spend? Two, all right, that’ll
take two of your actions. You don’t need to make a roll to hit. I do need to make a fortitude save. Yeah, remember–
– That’s right. – The ram-shaped force
just shoots right out, slams into him, roll four D
six damage for me, and I– – Do you have two–
– I critically failed. – Yeah.
(group cheers) (group laughs) – Oh, yay. – A two is a particularly
bad saving throw for a guard. – That’s 14 on the dice. – So he takes 28 points of damage. He goes flying back 20
feet, slamming into the wall and slumping down to the ground. He’s not out, but he looks
very badly hurt by that, and you still have one action left. – I’m moving towards Lucky. – All right, you’re moving towards Lucky. So this gets you to the
bottom of the stairs. There’s still two guards
that are on the top of the stairs, but that
is the end of your turn. Top of the order, Lucky.
– Oh, God, this guy. – Looks at all of you, and he goes, “You couldn’t leave well
enough alone, could you? “No, you had to come follow me.” He’s dropped all of his
noble pretenses entirely. “No, you had to come mess this up, too. “Great, just great,” and he’s backing up. He’s drawn a dagger, and he’s just like, “This is just lovely, just what I wanted. “Get out of my way,” and he
pushes a nobleman out of the way and stabs him at the, he’s just like, “Get out of my way,” and he
doesn’t do too much damage to him, he just kind of
draws him out of the way, and the nobleman’s like,
“Oh, what the, what? “Why, I do say.” (laughs) And meanwhile, there’s
this thing out there, gnawing on a nobleman, and he’s just like, “Great, great, this is really
gonna cut into my profit.” And he’s backed up all the way to the back of the thing, and he’s standing
next to this large couch, and it’s got a table
next to it with decanters of wine and stuff on it,
and this big fancy mirror that he was gazing into
longingly at himself. And that is the end of his turn, was to draw weapons, move,
and get the nobleman out of his way.
– Perfect. – Tariel? – How far away is the, is the party and stuff? – So you have to go back down the hallway through the previous thing and then through the previous thing, so it’s like 60, 70 feet away. – Great, I’m gonna send
a message to Virdock. – Okay, he’s within range.
– Great. I’m going to say, the art in the private exhibit are undead, they have come loose, and
Lucent has stabbed a noble one, a noble person.
– All right. So you send that message, and hopefully you’ll get a response within the next moment or two. So you do that, and that’s
two of your actions. – It’s one action– – Oh, is it only one, okay, great. – As my second action, I’m gonna reach into the bustle of my dress
and pull out my violin, and as my last action, inspire courage. (slow violin music) – All right, you break out your violin and inspire courage, the next things to act are the undead and the thing, the amalgam of three Lastwall soldiers. The first thing that happens is, the two cages that were opened by Lys and Linneus burst open, and the zombie Lastwall soldiers come out and immediately walk up
to the nearest person. Let me see who that is,
there’s a chance it’s the two of you that opened the cage,
but it might be a random noble or a guard, let’s find out. Lys, nope, for you, it goes wandering up to a noble who’s trying to leave the room. It wanders up to that noble,
spends an action moving there, and it only gets one more action ’cause zombies are slow, after all. But with its second action, it’s going to swing a fist at this
nobleman, who’s trying to run while not spilling his wine, and he is going to,
(quiet overlapping chattering) he is going to take a
fist right to the head. And that is going to,
yeah, he doesn’t go down, but that hurt him very badly. The zombie slams into him,
almost knocking him off his feet. He kind of goes spinning through the room, wine goes splattering
everywhere, mixed with his blood, and he’s screaming, “Oh,
God, oh, they’re everywhere,” and he’s just trying
to desperately escape. On the other side, the one
that Linneus let loose, let’s see what that one does.
– Okay. – That one comes straight toward you. – Oh, of course. – It bursts out of the cage
and runs right over to you. It just takes one move of
action to get up to you, and with its second action,
it’s going to attempt to hit you with its fist. As it stumbles forward,
you can see the livery of Lastwall, the badge and symbol that you know so well. Strikes out with its fist, armor class 27. – Oof.
– Yeah. – It’s going to hit, take, this is going to do a total
of seven points of damage. When it hits you that hard, you are pushed back
five feet away from it, and slam into the wall. – I’m too far from her to– – Yeah, you’re way up near the stairs. The only person that you’re close enough to help right now is Tariel, and Tariel is currently
backing away from you, and will be out of range the
next time either of you moves. – Okay. – Last, but certainly not least, is this thing. The amalgam, the three
corpses melded into one. It was in the middle of
taking apart a nobleman that it got its hands on, and
it kind of tosses the pieces to either side as its arms, which seem to be working independently
of one another, its body’s fused together,
it’s not like its mind is. So it kind of is pulling
and tugging at this person, and they’re screaming in agony. And it tosses them to the ground, unable to decide what to
do, and then goes looking for someone else. It comes stumbling over towards
Omelette and the artist. It makes its way over to you, and it spends one action
moving up to the two of you, and then it spends two
actions doing a flurry of attacks, and what this
allows it to do is make, yeah, it allows it to hit both of you. Because it’s made up of
a whole bunch of arms and feet and head, it can take attacks on everyone within range,
and this is the two of you and a nobleman and a guard, that are all kind of within its range, ’cause it can reach out kind of far, and there’s a bunch of people nearby. (overlapping chattering) – What is this pit?
– It has a bunch of hands. – The pit itself is only, it’s not a pit, to be clear, it’s just
like a performance area, and it’s about 20 feet on a side. And you and the artist are
right up near the edge, so it’s kind of come right up to you. There were guards on each side of this, and it slams out to one of them. And there is a nobleman
who is currently like, (imitates laughing)
and he’s looking at it, thinking he’s still safe,
and then a fist comes out and slams into him. (group laughs) – That was his own fault.
(group laughs) – He did kind of invite it, didn’t he? – Yeah, I mean, yeah. – He kind of had that coming, to be fair. – How tall is it? – It was, because it’s
three people put together, it’s taller than it should be, ’cause one of them isn’t
fully on the ground anymore. So it’s like nine feet-ish tall, and one of the bodies is
perpendicularly out of the rest, and so it has reach with
some of its arms, and then– – Would you say it’s two sizes or three sizes bigger than me? – It’s probably just one size bigger– – Oh! – Oh, wait, you’re medium,
so yeah, it’s just large. – Great.
– Yeah. – I’m just checking. – So one fist is going at you, Omelette. – Okay.
– There you go. Oh, ooh, armor class 30. – Yeah, it hits, not a crit, though. – It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay. I will gladly take this, this is fine. – Better us than them.
– Yeah. – Take 22 points of damage,
this thing hits like a truck. When it hits you, it
hits you with the force of three men.
– Yeah. – And the–
– It is. – That’s the only attack it takes on you. The next attack it takes on this artist, who can’t get away
because you’re grappling, or nearly grappling him,
but he’s paying attention to you and not it, and it slams into him. That’s going to hit, as well. Okay, he goes spinning
around, he’s still up, but that looks like it
hurt him very badly. Then it’s going to hit a nobleman, and that’s going to be a, so that nobleman who’s like, (imitates
laughing) and sipping his wine. And you can see, in one
hand, he has a doily with cheese on it, and he’s
like. (imitates laughing) And then a fist comes down on his head. And he takes 47 points
of damage and falls over. His head is the wrong shape now. – Oh, no. – And the last attack is going at a guard. And that’s actually gonna
miss, ’cause it’s a two, plus my bonus, but it’s still
not enough to hit a guard. – These nobles’ guards are shit. – They are all now panicking. This is like, so–
– The guards? – Yeah, everyone is panicking,
these were art gala guards. These aren’t militia trained soldiers. They were expecting to tell
people not to touch the art. In this case, maybe they
should have been making sure that the art didn’t touch them. All right.
(group laughs) Hey, come on.
(overlapping chattering) All right.
– All I can look at right now is that
severed arm right there. – I know.
– Yeah. – I’m like, don’t let it–
– You mean this one? – It’s fine.
– Don’t touch it, don’t touch it, don’t touch, oh. – I held hands with it earlier. – All right.
– You held hands with it? – I did.
– So. The undead have gone, the guards, they go at the end of
the round, or actually, at a different initiative point, but they are all trying
to swarm at the undead. The nobles are running around, well, like a bunch of
undead just broke out in the middle of this party, and what was an art exhibit
has now turned deadly. Omelette.
– Yeah? – It is your turn.
– All right. Going after the monster.
– Okay. So your weapon is still peace bonded. – Oh, it is? – Yeah, you loosened it,
which means I’ll allow you to untie it with just one action. – Okay. – I will also, instead,
if you want to risk it, just try and draw it, but
that will take an action, and I’ll need you to
make an athletics check to just snap the rope. That would allow you to draw
it with just one action, and not waste an action, but if you fail the athletics check– – Then I gotta– – You just wasted an action entirely. – I’ll try.
– Okay. – I’m gonna try.
– Give me an athletics check, as you just try and snap the cord and pull the ax off your back. – You got this, Omelette. – That doesn’t seem high enough. It’s not terrible, but it’s not great. – I think you got it. – You do?
– Mm-hmm. – You’re scary.
(group laughs) – Okay, I guess.
(dramatic music) – What’s the number?
– Is a 20. – Is exactly the number.
(group cheers) – I told you.
(group laughs) – Bless Shelyn, bless Shelyn.
(group laughs) – All right, you draw your ax. That’s only one action, you
still have two actions left. – Rage. – The amalgam is on top of
you, the smoke pours forth from your stone, enveloping you. You hear your ancestors call out. – Oh, yeah.
– You have one action left. – Striking.
(dramatic music) 24. – 24 will hit this shambling thing. – Get it. – This is positive damage, right? – Yep, well, I would assume so– – Positive against the dead. – So if you do set, you
can set it to positive, but that means it won’t do
extra damage against Lucky or the artist, or anyone
who’s alive, just so you know. – That’s not my business.
– Gotcha. – That’s for them, I’m now tasking with putting my fellow knights to rest. – 19. – Oh, yeah. – 26, 27.
(group laughs) – 27?
– 27 points of damage. – Your blade slams into the amalgam, and you see a bit of its
dead, rotting flesh just kind of cave off, and the artist kind of goes, “No, my creation, what
are you doing,” and– – They were gonna eat you. – He doesn’t know any better.
(quiet overlapping chattering) – You do.
– Can we just punch him? – That is the end of Omelette’s turn, Lys? – My turn?
– Yeah. – Okay, my move is that I want to come up around the side of the platform. I want to kind of cut off Lucky’s, basically if Ikyulys is approaching from in front of Lucky,
I want to start trying to get behind Lucky. – Well, you can’t get behind him ’cause the platform he’s
on backs up against a wall. – Right I just want to start– – But you can get off on one side. – Yeah, I want to start
coming up to the side– – All right, so you–
– Is it possible to, I don’t know how many
moves that’s going to take. – So you were located off in
the shadows near the cages on one side of the room
’cause there’s two cages on one side, two cages on the other side. And you are off near
the cages on one side, and so it will take
you, we’ll say it’s two of your actions to get up there. – Cool, can I get up onto the platform? – You could attempt to start to climb it. It does have a railing
and it is a little high, so it’s not something that’s
really super easy to climb, but you can totally–
– I have my, I have my Boots of Elfinkind
and I also have Sure Feet and all of that stuff, I’m pretty sure that I can get up there
without much trouble. – All right, so give
me that athletics check to climb up there. (group laughs) The hero points. – There we go, that’s
good, that is going to be a 27. – A 27, yeah, you scamper right up– – That’s a critical success. – Yeah, you scamper right
up, and are out at the top of the railing, so you are now
basically up on the platform. But Lucky’s still about 15
feet away in the middle. – That’s okay for now, that is all I want, is to close off his–
– Yeah. He’s back next his chair and
his tall viewing mirror and his books and his wine. – Un-piece it. – Linneus, it is your turn.
– Should we rush? – What is within a 30 foot step from me? – Well, the zombie,
obviously, is right near you. The other zombie that’s
in the other cage is in that burst, as well. The amalgam would be just inside of it. – And what about Omelette? – Omelette is on the far side of it, so I don’t think Omelette is close enough. – Sorry.
– Not unless you moved. – No, I’m going to spend all three of my actions casting a healing
font, positive, good energy. – All right, so your
energy washes out from you. I will make the saves for the two brutes and the amalgam, this is gonna heal some of the nobles that have taken hits. – That’s fine.
– Oh, shit. (group cheers) – That’s nice.
– That’s good. – 22.
– The amalgam fails. – 23.
– All right. No, that only applies
to attack rolls, so 22. All right, so the amalgam’s going to fail. One of the zombies crit made
it and will take nothing, and the other one failed
and will take 22, all right. So your blast of healing
light washes out from you. It slams into the zombies, the amalgam and the one that is actually
attacking you both burst into white flame and it
scorches and burns them, but both are still up. The amalgam looks like
it is kind of unphased by everything that’s hit it so far. The one that’s charging at you looks hurt, oh, actually, and both of them
have weakness to positive, so they’re gonna take extra
damage, nearly forgot. The one that’s charging for
you now looks relatively hurt by that, yeah.
– Okay. – All right, so that was all three of your actions to unleash
this burst of healing energy. Obviously, if you were hurt,
all that heals you, as well. And I think that’s going to be it, yeah. Ikyulys.
– Wonderful. – Lucky is how far from me? – Lucky is currently almost
30 feet away from you. – Which would take how
many actions to get there? – Well, you can just walk up the stairs and then be at the top,
but there’s guards right at the way at the top.
– Okay, that’s fine. – Okay, so you spend one action– – These are just art guards, right? – They are, yeah, they’re just art guards, but they do have weapons drawn, and they’re standing in your way. – But they aren’t the
Knights of Everflame. (group laughs) – That is most certainly true, they are guardians of the art gallery, which doesn’t sound as impressive. – Yeah, no, no, no. – All right, so you make your
way to the top of the stairs, and there is the guard,
right in front of you. – Okay, and that was one action? – That was one action to get up there. Your weapon is not yet drawn. – It’s not. – No, you have the same
choice as Omelette. You can attempt an athletics check to just snap the peace
bond and draw your blade, and actually, for you,
it’s on your back, as well, now that I think about it,
’cause it’s a giant sword. So you can, but yours isn’t a scabbard, so it’s tied to the lip of the scabbard. – We loosened it. – You did, which is why I’m allowing you to make an athletics check to break it. If it was tight, you would have no give to even try and pull it free,
it’d be a much harder check. – That’s fine. – Or you can spend an action to untie it, then an action to draw.
– No. – No, you’re gonna just try and break it? All right, go ahead and
give me an athletics check. – 17.
– 17? Unfortunately–
– Oh, and is that, no. – No, even if it did, it’s
only gonna give you 18. And I don’t think it counts. So you try and pull this free, but the peace bond just holds,
and it doesn’t come free. That was one of your actions.
– Okay. – You still have one left. – I just want to punch the guard. – Yeah, you can just punch him. – Yeah, I’ll just– – Yeah, I mean, he’s
brandishing a short sword. He has a weapon, but it doesn’t look like
a super lethal weapon, but you can go ahead and punch him. Go ahead and make me an attack role. – Ooh, yeah, that’s gonna be a 19, plus– – That’s gonna be a 19, plus,
(overlapping chattering) it’s gonna be more than enough to hit, don’t worry about it, yeah.
– 28? – It’s definitely going to hit. – The map is too much. – Yeah.
(group laughs) You go ahead and you can roll me a D four, plus your strength modifier.
– Nice. – What are we?
– Three. – It’s a three, so it’s gonna be a seven. – All right, you deck this
guard right in the face, so right across the chin,
and he just snaps back, and he’s got a red welt on one side, and he just kind of cocks his head, as if he’s ready to gear up for a fight. And he’s like, “Ow.” (laughs) But that’s the end of your turn. – Okay, just give him a little love tap. – Fair.
– Yeah. – The guards, the two guards that are facing off against you, one of them is just looking around, like, “What should we do? “Those things are killing people.” And he doesn’t fight you,
but he doesn’t move, either. He’s looking back to Lucky to be like, “What are we supposed to do,”
Lucky doesn’t answer him. The other guard that you just decked is gonna
swing a short sword at you. And I rolled a 14, so that’s
going to come out to an 18. Does that hit?
– It does not. – No, because he’s a
terrible, terrible guard. (group laughs) And he’s going to swing again.
(group laughs) (background noise drowns out speaker) And that’s not gonna hit, and
then he’s gonna swing again, and that doesn’t hit either. So he’s like. (imitates yelling) – And I just go.
– And he’s, he’s hitting your armor, and he’s like, “We’ve got a problem,” as
if he calls back to the– – Why don’t you go down there?
– To his boss. The other guards go charging
up against the undead, and they have a little
bit better luck with them because, as a matter of
fact, one just scored a crit, because the zombies have really low AC. So they’re going to do, let me just roll for the other ones, okay,
they’re gonna do a little damage to the two zombies that
are running around. None of the guards are
getting anywhere near that thing in the middle,
they’re terrified of it, and they saw what it did to the noblemen, so they’re staying away. But the other two are gonna
take a little bit of damage. Okay. So Linneus, you have
one, a guard has come up and engaged with the one
that was attacking you, and he’s going to do
a bit of damage to it. And the one that Lys let out
that is attacking a nobleman who crunched his head, no, sorry, that was the amalgam
that crunched the head. This other one just hit him. He is now engaged with
the guard too, or it. Okay, so that is all the guards. The nobles, all that
are in the room, panic, especially after the one
nobleman got his head caved in, and they panic and start
running for corners or doors, wherever they can go that’s
away from the zombies. Most go bolting out the
door, out of the room. Some just run off into the
corners and start cowering. – Sure. – Hey, we wanted to get rid of them, so. – Lucky–
– Why are the rest leaving? – What.
– They’re scared. – Lucky goes.
– Oh, man. – This guy. – He sees you fighting,
tussling with his guards, and you see him mutter under
his breath, “Pathetic.” And he sees Lys climb up over
the banister, and he’s like, “Well, so sorry to run,”
as he puts his hand back on the mirror.
– No. – No.
– Mechanize spell. – He does not cast any spell, but as he does so, the
silver of the mirror, which you can see reflecting
his hand as he reaches up to touch it, suddenly
wavers as if it’s liquid. And as it does so, the
silver slowly parts away, and you can see what
looks like, from beyond, some sort of darkened warehouse. You can’t really make out much about it, it just looks like some weird
sort of darkened warehouse. And he just says, “Well,
sorry to throw an art gala “and run, but,” he steps
now through the mirror. The first action, he
touches it, it ripples and opens, second action,
he steps through the mirror, and he just goes, “Bye bye,
see you later, Knights.” And then you see him take
his dagger and stab it at the mirror, and suddenly, the mirror on this side becomes
glass again and shatters. (group groans) – Why? (mumbles)
(dramatic orchestral music) – Tariel, it is your turn. – Well, I guess, first
off, I’ll inspire courage. – All right.
(slow violin music) – And then– – So close. – I’m so mad right now. I’m going to, I’ll cast haste on Omelette. – All right, you cast haste
on Omelette, all right– – And then can I also
shout at the noble people to just get out of the
room and save themselves? – You scream at the
nobles to get out of here. They look like they might actually be
paying attention to that because this whole party has
gone a little pear shaped. All right, the monster’s go. Two of the, the two zombies that are free are fighting guards. The first one hits a
guard and then grabs him, and that is going to do
a fair amount of damage to that guard, but he is still up. The other one is going to miss the guard, and then attack again, and wow, that’s a three and a one. He swings at the guard twice and misses ’cause I rolled terrible. But let’s get around to
the big one, the amalgam. The amalgam is there, and
it is going to attempt to attack either you or
the artist, not sure which. Let’s find out, it’s going
to attack the artist. It’s going to attack with a slam attack, which is going to hit,
and the artist goes, “No, my beautiful creation, no!” And he hits him and deals a
ridiculous amount of damage. Oh, ooh, the artist is not
in good shape after that. He’s like, “No, my
pretty,” and he grabs him for free ’cause his head’s
in front of the map. So he grabs him for
free, and then he’s going to spend his two action activity to tear. I’m gonna make a fortitude
save for the scientist. He is going to fail. – Oh my God.
– That’s a lot of dice. – It’s not a critical failure. – Oh. – It’s still a lot of dice.
– A lot of dice– – The artist takes 32 points of damage. (group laughs) – Did he survive that? – He’s grabbing him,
and while grabbing him, he’s trying, the various
arms are struggling with him and trying to pull him apart. He’s screaming in agony now,
as blood pours everywhere, and he hasn’t quite ripped him in half, but he’s doing his best. You know when you’ve
got a piece of cardboard that you’re trying to
tear, and you work it back and forth, and work it back and forth? That’s kind of what he’s
doing to this guy right now. – Oh my God. – Thank God, just thank
you for the description. – It made it very clear.
– Oh, yeah. – Yeah, just thought I’d
lay it out, all right. Looks kind of frustrated
that he hasn’t killed that guy yet, Omelette. – Get– – I’m also frustrated
that it is still alive, so swinging, swinging away.
– Okay, all right. – Oh, boy. – Oh, the same roll, how weird. – Destiny.
(dramatic orchestral music) – 30. – 30 will hit, in fact, 30 is a crit. (group cheers) – Yay.
– Oh, yes, very nice. – Yes, yes.
– Oh boy. – Yes, well, we needed it.
– Yes, yes, yes, yes. – Crit him straight to hell. – (mumbles) six, seven, eight, nine, 10. 23.
(dramatic orchestral music) – So 46 points of damage?
– Yeah. (Jason mumbles) – Five, it is still up– – I just want to screaming
to stop, it’s still up? – It’s funny because it’s
not just the elfin artist that’s screaming, all three
of its heads are screaming, as well.
– Oh, no. (Jason imitates screaming) – Stop screaming.
(overlapping chattering) – Second strike.
– It’s still up, yeah. – Second strike.
– Okay. – Get it, get it, Omelette.
(dramatic orchestral music) – I don’t think, will 20 hit? – Yeah, 20 hits.
– Oh, okay. – Yeah. – 30 was a crit, after all. – That’s true, good point. Look at you, being better at math. – I’m trying, everyone,
I’m trying real hard. – 21 points of damage for the second. – 26? Your ax is just sinking into the bodies and it has these gory
wounds all over its dead, decaying flesh, but it’s
still somehow standing. – Oh, man.
– Swinging for a third now? – I am now adding to
the screams of the room. (group laughs) – Everyone’s screaming. – Everyone, and I add
quite a lot of noise. – All right. – As I’m not the only voice in here. – That’s cool, yeah,
(mumbles) is screaming too. – That’s, no, that’ll be only
a 15 ’cause it’s negative 10. (Rachel mumbles) Force. – Oh, that’s right, you’re hasted. This one’s still only–
– Still only 10. I definitely hit. – All right, above 20?
– So 15. 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 23, 24.
– Hit, definitely. Go ahead and roll damage. – Yes, yes, yes. 23, 24 points of damage. – Which was exactly
(group cheers) how many hit points I had left. – Oh my God.
(overlapping chattering) – You are hacking away at this– – Very nice. – And at one point in time, one
of the extra arms falls off, and then you’re just chopping into it, and gobs of dead flesh are
just falling off of this thing. And as you are resculpting it, and the artist is screaming in agony as he is trying to be
pulled apart by this thing. And finally, finally it
collapses to the ground, falling on top of the artist,
in kind of a sickening, wet, groaning crunch. That’s the end of Omelette’s turn, Lys? – So Lys also starts screaming in rage. I’m very angry, and
helplessly runs over to where the shattered mirror
is, and is just like, “No, no. “No, no, no, no, no, no, no.” And that’s all that Lys does. – Linneus? – I’m going to use one action
to move a little closer to Omelette and then I’m going
to cast heal out of range. – Okay. – Okay, that’s two (mumbles). Plus eight because fun. 19 points, thank you. 19 more hit points.
– All right. – You reach out with Sarenrae’s
Light and heal Omelette. And now we are up to Ikyulys. The only thing that are left are two of these brutish zombies, both of which look very badly hurt. – Well, I have the guard in front of me, the two guards. – Yeah, he doesn’t look
like he’s putting up, one of them is just like,
“I don’t know what to do.” – And Ikyulys is, I do
not want to hurt him, I just, I want that man
that you were protecting. – He looks back and sees
now that Lucky is gone, and he’s just like, “I’m not
getting paid enough for this,” as his short sword is
at your breast plate, but isn’t doing anything. And he’s just, he kind of
scrapes down, and he’s like, “Listen, I don’t got time for this.” And he just kind of stands aside. – Ik just holds out his
hands, “Give me the sword.” – He’s like– – Give me the sword. – Give me an intimidate check. – It’s gonna be a 21. (Jason laughs) Thank you, now I– – I want that back.
(group laughs) I had to put down a deposit on that. (group laughs) – No.
(group laughs) – A rent a cop.
(group laughs) – So, let’s see, there’s
just two zombies left. – Yeah. – They’re pretty far away from me, right? – Yeah. – You guys can handle them. I’m with Lys, I’m looking
around that broken mirror. – All right, the two of you,
(slow orchestral music) Lys, Ikyulys, the two of
you that were closest, you race up to this mirror,
and you pick up the shards and fragments of it. Behind the mirror itself
now is just a board, right, it’s just a wooden board, that’s what the mirror was mounted on. There’s nothing there, there’s no door. There’s no hidden warehouse
behind this place. Where Lucky went, you honestly cannot say, but as you pick up the shards of mirror, you can see their image
is still smoky, right? It’s not quite a mirror
yet, but it is fading fast. And as you are looking
through this mirror, you can see Lucky strolling
down this darkened warehouse, whistling as he goes,
into this darkened place. There, just barely through
the shard of mirror, you can look into this warehouse, and you see windows off to one side. And out of those windows, you see a harbor with a strange double
lighthouse off in the distance. And that is where we are
ending today’s adventure. I want to thank you all for watching, and encourage you to tune in next week for another exciting session. If you want to learn
more about this story, the characters, or the Pathfinder game, please visit knightsofeverflame.com. There you can find a synopsis
of our previous episodes, stats for all of the characters, and some Knights of Everflame gear to deck out for your next adventure. Thanks for watching, everybody, and we will see you next time. Coming up on Knights of Everflame. The one thing that sticks
out to you most of all is that weird lighthouse out the window. – Have I ever seen that lighthouse before? – Maybe you have, what
the guards show up here, everyone’s going to get
apprehended and questioned. – I think I could
probably figure out a way to get us out through the kitchens. – Just grab the painting,
and let’s just go. – There’s a glowing blue
room that suddenly appears, and the moment it appears,
it unleashes a blast out of the door that slams right into you, and you can kind of feel it. And as you’re holding
it, it kind of thrums. – Thrums? – Yeah, there’s, it’s like
when you touch something that has a very low current in it, and the moment you do, you’re like. You hear an ancient, old-sounding voice, and it says to you, “Come to me, my child.” – No. – I just start screaming, “Run, run, run.” – You notice that his mouth
has been stitched shut. (group gasps) His body is covered in scars,
and he has two ritual knives in his hands, and is. (growls) And you go down these things, and you get to the very last one, and
that’s when you hear the voice. “Do you like my handiwork?” (upbeat orchestral music) (quirky electronic music)

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