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The Military Folding Dagger or Sword

Antique Story I’m back to show you this very
interesting night and to share my thoughts regarding it this is the knife
it has a very unique shape and it’s pretty big
alright let’s go right into it this is a very interesting military falling knife
I wouldn’t call it a pocketknife because of its size and what I can see the blade
has been etched in great on both sides this one is the better more visible side
the other side is much more worn out but you can still see traces of the
engravings the handle is made out of deer bone it has a very interesting
shape look when we close the knife simply by forcing it this guard here
goes right close to the handle and it’s a very complex way of having a sword
guard onto a pocketknife everything seems to be handmade and it is heavy
made out of solid metal he’ll have a hole which helps to lock the blade as
you can see here and it’s locked I read somewhere that this is a Spanish
military knife used during the Second World War and afterwards during some of
the soldiers service back in the days even the Americans they had such knives
which extend out of their hand us and could be used us it could be used in two
ways by holding it this way it slips right into your hand and it’s very
comfortable probably as a punching and stabbing weapon at the same time then by
opening it up you have a very big range since the blade is
pretty damn big at this made out of solid metal and the tip seems to be a
little bit bent here but this can be fixed easily this is the Spanish
military dagger or knife I don’t know if it’s a knife or a dagger let’s call it
the dagger all right I already hope that you found
this video to be interesting in perhaps we will see each other in the next video
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right to do at the end try the cell to show you how the weapon looks in your
hand so the soldiers probably used it this way as a weapon for punching and
slicing at the same time also for stabbing the other way of using it is
this way as a normal knife so that you have range in your moves well it’s very
interesting night I do not know where they put this nice holiday to cut
ourselves perhaps it had some kind of a special sheet but I’m not completely
sure Iran

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