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The Sorting Hat’s BIG Secret | Harry Potter Theory

The Sorting Hat’s BIG Secret | Harry Potter Theory

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  1. In the 7th book, Harry potter tells his son about how the sorting hat lets him decide between Gryffindor and Slytherin to his son. It happens in the chapter: Nineteen years later. So it isn't a mystery to all new students.

  2. I think they dont tell or just keep it a secret because the students will study to get to theyre group liking but thats just my theory

  3. What do you think about when Harry tells his son that, if he doesn't want to be in Slytherin, he just needs to choose? Seems like this is a big hole in this theory.

  4. Perhaps the Basilisk is the secret keeper. Stays in the chamber, protecting the castles secrets, then at the beginning of the year, enters the pipes and says the secret out. Nobody notices the faint hissing, but technically they have been let in on it anyway. It dies in second year, causing the secret to not be applicable later on

  5. Peter Pettigrew died before Voldemort so does that mean that for a little bit Voldemort was the secret keeper, or not, because James and Lily we’re dead

  6. I don't think that the hat is protected by the Fidelius Charm, because than every reader of the book who has read the book before 1998 (I think at that Time was the battle where the hat could have "died") wouldn't be able to know about the hat and I have never seen any comment of how someone had to read the book a second time to realize that there was a hat to sort the pupils to the houses (?)

  7. That can’t be true because at the end of the deathly hallows Harry Potter talks to his son about the sorting hat

  8. "why r there locks of a one year old can bypass them" well simply said, MUGGLES. the spell was probably invented coz muggles used locks and someone wanted to bypass that. wizards can put protection on their homes. kind of weird that the door to something like this wasn't protected by that simple charm. but than again, for an adult and not an 11y.o., the entire obsticle course is kind of silly. just put stuff behind a protection spell. of someone can blast past the protection spell, they aren't gonna play silly games with u.

  9. What if the secret keeper dies before sharing the secret? The knowledge is lost forever or does the knowledge become known to everyone again?

  10. A person being tortured isn’t being motivated to give information. They’re being motivated to make the pain stop. If the torturer doesn’t already know the correct answer they can’t know if the person being tortured is giving them that answer … or even if the person knows the answer. If the torturer already knows the answer then torturing is unnecessary. It’s a logical and, more importantly, an ethical mistake. As Orwell says in 1984, “the point of torture is torture.”

  11. Wouldnt you think that it's the headmaster who is th secret keeper if so when Dumbledore is killed, instead of dying naturally and appointing a new secret keeper, isnt the charmed broken which would make it so that harry would be able to talk about it cuz the charm broke with Dumbledore's death

  12. The reason Harry could tell his kid was because he’s the main character and we all now main characters are hackers

  13. This is the biggest waste of time watching, everything u said is incorrect if it had a spell to protect the hat how did Harry tell his son that his choice is taken into the fact?

  14. Regarding the rant about Sirius deciding to make Wormtail secret keeper for James and Lilly's location. If a person dies while secret keeper, as you pointed out yourself, then any who they have shared the secret with become the secret keepers. Sirius felt that, as the obvious choice, he might be targeted and killed. This would instantly enable a large number of additional secret keepers and give more opportunity for the secret to possibly be shared. He felt that Wormtail was much less likely to be suspected, and therefor safer… of course not knowing he was a sniveling coward that would betray them in a heartbeat 😉

  15. I think it's like a special thing the camp I go does to newcomers. A tradition of sorts that no one tells anybody new about. Literally some last year tried just about every to see if they would tell and they'd not tell her, or keep others from telling her.
    I think it's just like nobody really tells anybody, to keep it a surprise.

  16. Being tortured to tell someone something isn't volentary because there is a power imbalance, the power imbalance being emotional or pyshical it doesn't matter because that's not consent that's being cohorced. (My one problem with your Anyalsis on the charm)

  17. Maybe when the secret keeper dies the sorting hat is retired for a new sorting object decided upon by a new secret keeper.

  18. Locks on doors are to keep honest people honest. Locks do nothing to stop criminals. Just like laws keep honest people honest. Criminals don't care about laws

  19. This theory goes hand in hand with the hat horcrux theory. Voldemort set it aflame, but naturally because the hat was a horcrux it just repaired itself. Like how the book repaired after being drowned

  20. I've been thinking ever since seeing the third movie, why didn't James or Lily just make the other their secret keeper. If trusting someone else is the problem, they would still be trusting the other person. Honestly, this is why neither of them were in Ravenclaw.

  21. The reason that he suggested moving it to peter is because he knew that Voldemort would come after him. If he had been the secret keeper, even if he wouldn’t have given it up, if he was killed the charm would have broken bc Sirius wouldn’t have told anyone, thus there would be no new keeper. If peter was the keeper, even if Sirius was killed the charm would live on.

  22. Doesn’t Harry have a conversation about being placed in Gryffindor instead of slithering, and doorknobs are pretty slippery…

  23. Hermione's hesitation between pronouncing "Hogwarts" & "History" has always stuck out to me like a sore thumb❗👍🔨

  24. It comes to mind that if your hypothesis concerning Salazar is true, that Godric might be alive too to challenge him. Perhaps he is the secret keeper, and his hat has a bit more story to tell.

  25. I'm still convinced that tje hat sorts accordimg to.bloodline rather than the student's own skills and personslity. Still doesn't explain why Hermione's in Gryffindor. WHY IS HERMIONE IN GRYFFINDOR!!!!

  26. Considering jk at best came up with the concept and all the books were written by committee…..look at the writing style changes ,the obvious lack of a outline and constant use of sloppy plot fillers

  27. that thing about sirius convincing peter to be the secret keeper would'nt it be becuase sirius was more likely to die than peter and if Sirius died there would be a lot of secret keepers and a bigger chance the secret would get out

  28. But if Sirius was the secret and died, then the others who knew would become the secret keepers which seemed to include Peter. Now, more than one person are the secret keepers. The more people, the more likely someone would betray them. I could be wrong, I'm not a hardcore Potter fan.

  29. I’ve always wondered, when Arthur said “don’t trust something if you can’t see where it keeps it’s brain” would the hat be included in that. Is the sorting hat full of dark magic? Could be why it’s protected too?

  30. Flawed logic. Harry tells his son, Albus, about it on platform 9 3/4. Albus was worried that he might be sorted into Slytherin by the Sorting Hat

  31. More plausible: The year that Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Malfoy started at Hogwarts was the 1st year that the knowledge was kept secret from all 1st Years. Sort of hazing. After the fall of Voldemort, Headmistress MacGonagle decided that it was no longer to be, and the Sorting Hat was made known within the Magical Community.

  32. Not likely a fidelius charm. There doesn't seem to be any logical reason for keeping it a secret. Most likely, its just an example of something that the author didn't go into.

  33. Sirius' logic is slightly faulty but not as bad as you think. If he kept the secret to the death, then Voldemort killed him after failing to get the secret, then anyone Sirius may have told would become secret keepers. Wormtail himself might in fact have been one who Sirius could possibly have told, being a childhood friend. Even though Sirius would keep the secret close and possibly only tell allies, it would still increase the number of people who knew upon Sirius' death. Even if James and Lily trusted their allies, it's still safer to have only one person be able to relay their information. That leads to the question of the who is the safest secret keeper who also isn't an obvious target.

  34. But what about eavsdropping? Hermione shushes Harry several times in OTP when Harry the git loudly discusses 12 Grimald place with Ron and her in the Great Hall and the common room. But since Harry isn't the secret keeper at that point would the address just be bleeped out for anyone not in on the secret?

  35. I think one of the founders was secret keeper then the secret was passed on to the headmasters and headmistresses and when dumbldore died evreyone who knew about it became secret keeper

  36. I never got the impression that they did not know about the sorting hat. The other children just seemed nervous about it and not that they didn’t know that was the way they were sorted. Obviously as far as if the fidaleous charm is concerned, we know at the end Harry was talking to his son about the sorting hat and even told him that the sorting hat would listen to his desires to be in the house he wanted. So I don’t think personally that they didn’t know about it, they were just very nervous about what House they would be put in.

  37. I think youre over thinking it… might be just tradition that its not talked about or documented to be a special experience for the students… takes the anticipation out of it.. fred joked with ron like a brother would.. not that he couldnt tell just didnt

  38. Aboute the Phidelius Charm: JK just made a mistake like every human being does everyday.

    Interpreting is fine, but acceptance is also a way

  39. I think its waaaaay less complicated. Simply put, no one talks about it with pre- school wizards because it IS such a defining ceremony.

  40. I think maybe Harry can talk about the hat because the charm works until death but Harry died, so the charm from it ask died with him 🤷🏽‍♀️just a guess

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