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This storage facility holds 1000s of large-capacity gun magazines

This storage facility holds 1000s of large-capacity gun magazines

If you’re caught with one magazine that
is over ten rounds in capacity the state of New Jersey can charge you with 18
months in prison and a $10,000 fine per magazine. GunSitters was created because
people needed storage for their firearms outside of their homes. New Jersey back
in June of of 2018 had created a law banning magazines over ten rounds. That
law went in place in December so over the six months that that law was pending
we had created a system, got okay from the New Jersey State Police to run this
system and we’ve been in coordination with County Line Firearms. We provide a
place where County Line has a wall in our vault and the customers had sent the
magazines to them, they were logged in and then packaged for maybe long-term
storage and then put into our safety deposit boxes. We have a 14,000 pound
door that secures this 3,000 square foot vault which has 1,100 safety deposit
boxes. Each one of the boxes even the smallest one can hold about 50 magazines.
For the New Jersey magazine ban storage, County Line Firearms can store
thousands of magazines in these boxes. We utilize a hundred and fourteen boxes for
this program and have probably half of them filled right now with magazines
that are waiting waiting for the New Jersey laws to either be overturned by
the Supreme Court or if it’s not then people will have a choice of converting
these magazines down to a legal size or having them sent out of state or sold
out of state. The law was created in such a way that there was no compensation for
these magazines and each magazine literally costs maybe
$20 to sometimes $100 per magazine and they just don’t want to destroy them or give
them away or send them away and get no reimbursement for this cost. So what ends
up happening is people are stuck with them they have something that’s worth
money that literally they can’t… it’s illegal for them to possess and it’s
illegal for them for them to transport at this point, and they’re stuck with
them and they have they have nowhere to turn. If you have like some of our
customers that are here that have their their magazines here had kept them
instead of bringing them here and having them stored in a legal way you know what
is 18 months times 100 you know so which we had just seen we have people with
hundreds of magazines here in 18 months times 100 and that $10,000 fine times 100.

20 comments on “This storage facility holds 1000s of large-capacity gun magazines

  1. Another reason I left NJ……busybody politicians impinging on the human right of self defense.
    …if they truly want to decrease gun crimes, increase births within marriage…as most shooters are literally, bastards.

  2. New Jersey is retarded when it comes to gun laws. The reason is, NJ keeps making harder and harder gun laws and they do not make anything better.
    The criminals in places like Newark and Camden are still going to carry guns, no matter what the laws are and your law abiding citizens have no right's as far as their second amendment goes. The murder rates in places like that are always thru the roof, gun violence, so these laws don't make any difference except stripping law abiding citizens of their second amendment right. The only two entities that carry gun's are your two gang's, the police, the biggest gang of all and the city street gangs. Normal law abiding citizens don't, they cant, so in turn they have no way to protect themselves. The cops arent always their when you need them. They say in places like Newark, sometimes it takes 30 minutes to an hour to answer a call, sometimes they don't ever answer a call. So what do you do if you need protection? Nothing, you as a productive member of society cant carry a gun and if you do, you get locked up and pay bigtime. The criminals, their out their with guns all the time. Plus Newark cops are corrupt, but thats a different story. Anyway the supreme court should over turn all of this, New Jersey has trampled the second amendment. It could also lead to a marshal law situation some day.
    But yea in 3 months, Law makers in New Jersey will make another new gun law, because theirs never enough, you'll see. Like it isn't already totally stripped down. Its a real shame. Theirs better ways of doing things, than stripping the second amendment and taking guns from law abiding citizens, why don't they start brainstorming some new idea's because all of these gun laws, don't stop anything.

  3. Look at all those law abiding responsible gun owners. Wonder how many criminals NJ thought would send theirs in when they made the new law?

  4. Dysfunctional shooters don't turn in their guns. The people who obey the law are the ones who should have their guns for self defense and to defend their families. The gun law won't make anything better. It will just render innocent people defenseless. Metal detectors and better security in schools to protect students and teachers, also in public places, are the best way to prevent loss of innocent lives. Home invaders need to know the owner has a gun and will shoot if necessary.

  5. What good is a gun stored outside of your home? That is absurd. People should pass strict tests and observe rules but should be able to have a gun for self defense, as well as a permit that shows they are gun worthy.

  6. What a worthless law. What seriously makes people think gun owners who purchased their magazines will turn them in for no monetary return at all?

  7. Did all the criminals turn in their magazines or did only the innocent gun owners do it? The New Jersey criminals most really follow this law just like they follow murder laws

  8. Educate peers and people, Arresting/giving up/restricting/forcing guns or accessories out of people = not good ending, 2nd amendment protects the 1st, gun laws are illegal
    People are going to have to move away, this is going to cause alot of Pestilence

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