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Tips & Tricks for Sourcing Books at Thrift Stores – Episode #69

Tips & Tricks for Sourcing Books at Thrift Stores – Episode #69

(Gary V) I sold $650,000 in
used books on Amazon in 2015. You see that? That’s hustle. (music) What’s up guys, it’s
your boy Reezy Resells. Just want to give you guys a couple tips
about sourcing books at thrift stores. So, first thing you want to do is
google the word thrift store on maps, google maps, near your area and find
out where all the thrift stores are. Second thing you want to do is, just familiarise yourself
with the area drive around. There’s going to be thrift
stores that don’t come up when you google thrift stores
so you want to find them all. You want to look around,
you want to ask questions. Okay so after you find the
thrift stores, what do you do? Obviously, you go there and you
scan the books to find some but don’t be discouraged if you don’t
find anything at a thrift store. The reason being is that there
might be another seller that got there before you
and got all the books, especially if the place puts
books out on a schedule like they put them out
after lunch every day. Once you figure that out, that’s
when you can get a lot of books. So until you figure it out, I
recommend going to every thrift store that you can every single day. And when you go to these thrift stores
do not just be another customer because they really don’t like
resellers so use your smile. Use your smile as much as possible, be
relatable, be social with the workers. Take whatever angle you can, if
they have kids you have kids, bring your kids. If they’re Hispanic, throw out some
of your Spanish skills that you got work on it for a little bit. It’s not hard to try a little bit
harder than all the other sellers because they basically just
come in and are kind of creepy. So don’t be creepy, that’s number one, and like I said don’t be another
customer, you want to be relatable. Maybe you’re going to bring them some
coffee or you’re going to bring them some doughnuts or or
whatever, just talk to them. Ask them when they put
the books out. Become… become friends with them, essentially. You might be amazed
to see what happens. They might go as far as, I’ve had
places that would send me text messages when they were going
to put the books out. I’ve had places that would
hold the books in the back and let me go through them in the back before they brought
them out to the floor. That’s great, your competition
hates it but it’s great. So yeah just be
relatable, dig in deeper, don’t just come in on a surface level. You need to get these books right so
you’re going to do whatever you can and just acting like everyone
else is not the way to do it. You need to go above and beyond
and trust me it’s not hard because most resellers just go in and these stores think you’re
raping them, essentially. I know they shouldn’t feel like that
because you’re buying it for the price they’re selling it for but
they know you’re a reseller and they see your habits and you know
there’s not just book resellers. There’s clothing resellers,
electronics resellers, whatever. They know who all the resellers
are and they use that information to price the items so if they see
that the books sell really quickly, they’re going to raise the prices. So they’re smarter than you think, just
be nice guys and it’ll go a long way. You’ll catch more flies with honey
than you will with vinegar. I think that’s how it goes, I don’t know
let me know in the comments. (chuckles) But so tips for thrift stores,
when you go to a thrift store that and you don’t know when they’re
going to put books out yada yada. When you get done going through the
books organise all the empty space, consolidate it into a single
area and then guess what? When they put the books out tomorrow,
they’re going to put them right there in the empty space that you made because oftentimes the shelves
are overloaded and full. They even throw books
away once in a while so the shelves are overloaded and full.
The employee that has to put the books on the shelf is super bummed out
because they have to reorganise it, so it’s double whammy. You might get some respect from the
employee that needs to put the books out when they see you
organising it for them and also you’ll know where the
books are going to be tomorrow. They’ll be right where you
thought they would be, in that empty space
that you cleaned up. That made me think of another thing, if you see the employee
bringing the books out, offer to help them put them away
and of course don’t be messy, don’t be a jackass. Just leave
the shelves nicer than they were before you showed up. Another thing you can do, if you’re at a
thrift store and you can’t make it to this thrift store very
often say once a week. So every time you go there, you have to
scan everything in the entire building it kind of sucks so here’s what I do. I will turn the books that
I’ve scanned upside down. I’ll scan the whole store and I’ll
turn all the books upside down. Most people don’t… they won’t
notice that the books upside down. Publishers actually print the
letters both ways sometimes so it doesn’t really matter. So flip the books all upside down
and when you come back next week you know you only have to scan
the ones that are right side up. I mean some customers might have
turned some one’s over and etc but that will save you a
tremendous amount of time. I have even gone as far as using a
grease pencil to walk down the line and mark every single book
with a light marking. Usually I’ll use a white grease pen. You don’t have to do that,
that’s kind of crazy advanced extreme bookseller tactic and the
stores probably don’t like that. I actually came up with that idea
because a thrift store that I frequent does that to colour code the books so all books from this
week get a white line. All books from that week
get a blue line etc so that’s how I came up with
that and it works quite well. Another thing is, a lot of
stores colour code the inventory so they have red stickers
that was last week. The orange stickers is
the week before etc etc so just make sure you know what
kind of system they have in place. I mean if you want to
pimp this place out, you got to know everything about it. Let’s see, I think
that’s pretty much it. At least that I can come up with
off the top of my head right now. So there’s just a few tips for you on
sourcing books from thrift stores, I hope that helped. Hey guys, thanks for watching my video. Please remember to
subscribe to my channel and if you like the video
give us a thumbs up. Put some comments down below.
Peace out.

34 comments on “Tips & Tricks for Sourcing Books at Thrift Stores – Episode #69

  1. I think your correct about the fly thing, I try to say it as kindness can be seen by the blind, and heard by the deaf. got to get back to work. great content.

  2. Just want to say, I've been watching your videos for a while now, and mostly it's for the entertainment value. Today, you shared information that is beyond the Youtube/FB group level of things that people share. Not only is it informative and helpful, but it really sheds a light on how this isn't glamorous or easy. This is the first videos where you kind of took of step back from entertaining and really showed how deep, dirty, and hard this business truly is. Anyone can buy a scanner and walk around the clearance isle of Wally, to turn over an entire store and mark those books is what a true hustler does. Amazing stuff

  3. Super duper dope. It's really the little common sense not so common stuff like this that make a difference. Because I know I hated going through all those books at good will. But new strategy time 🙂

  4. I tip who ever rings me up and there always super happy but I think buying donuts for everyone working at the time is a very smart idea. Also my necks starting to hurt from looking down so much at my phone lol Thanks for the advice!!!

  5. Hey hi, just noticed you uploaded this video exactly a year ago today! I'm a new subscriber, love the info.
    I wanted to ask you, how many hour a week do you put in? (I'm gonna try to start at a part time level)
    I have come across books that have no barcodes,
    what about these "antiques"? lol , thanks!

  6. great advice—I have one store manager at a Salvation Army texting me when the new books come in. Guess who is baking some cooking for them? Honey>Vinegar !

  7. question. I'm using an android s7 edge and my opticon 2002 links up fine. my problem is that I have to push the search icon every time instead of it coming up automatically. any ideas on what the problem may be?

  8. Reezy great tips. You should get on the airbnb hustle!
    Quick question, when I purchase a KDC scanner, do I also need to purchase a membership to have access to a database?

  9. Do you flip through each page to look for marks or ripped pages? I got a 932 page Corporate Finance book thinking it was going to worth something and when I got home I found that 40 of the pages had marks, highlighted text, or writing on them. How are you supposed to have time to flip through each page of each book to make sure all the pages are there and they are good?

  10. I got the thrifts around here on locks…they keep stuff back for me knowing I'll be in to source em'.. Definitely have to know your territory/stores/and their hours of operation. Also – take them some SWEETS. People love to get food gifts I even hook up the postal workers as well with free candy they love it.

  11. It doesn't cost a dime to be nice. Everyone should see this movie (if they haven't already) – ROADHOUSE. "Be Nice" 🙂

  12. Another trick: give em' a pickle so to speak. If your bill is $6.76 give them $7.00 as a donation. They really appreciate the extra and will remember you for being nice.

  13. im a newbie..still have the scanner on my phone but I hit a thrift store today and bought 3 for $4, and will clear 25.00 after fees. Cant wait til my KD 200 comes in. Im also hitting a library sale sunday., I will let you know how I do. thanks for the tips…they work dude.

  14. So i watched this vid last night… today i was at a nearby Goodwill for books. A good 80-90% were 'upside down' 😉 So yeah i ended up just scanning the other ones. Did try some of the turned over books, wasnt finding anything. Looks like someone took that tip.

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