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Top 10 Valuable Things Discovered In Bizarre Places

Top 10 Valuable Things Discovered In Bizarre Places

Do you believe in the concept of luck? You’d come across some people who are lucky
while others, okay never mind! Today we have come up with a list of people
who found their luck in a big way, you know the treasure way. You’d probably want to plunge into the dump
or the woods after hearing the stories of these people who hit luck at insane places! Number 10. Dusty car
When some relatives of Harold Carr, an English doctor were going through his stuff for a
sale, they stumbled upon a car in the barn. It had been unused since 1960; since the family
had no idea about the car’s model and make they called in an expert. Their humble sale turned into a huge auction
fetching them close to $3 million when it was revealed that the car was a 1937 Bugatti
Type 57S replete with all its original parts! Number 9. Hammer through it
We keep on losing things and instead of searching for them we just spend a few bucks and replace
them. But that was not the case with this British
farmer who went looking for his lost hammer in the woods with a metal detector borrowed
from a friend. Silly you’d call him but his efforts actually
led him to a buried treasure from the Roman Empire that consisted of 15,000 coins that
sold for £1.75 million. Who’s going next to find a lost hammer? Number 8. Independent Painting
A man in Pennsylvania bought a $4 painting at a flea market thinking he could restore
the frame to its original shape. He failed and took out the painting from the
frame, which disclosed a folded piece of paper. Would you believe us if we told you that the
folded piece was one of the 24 copies of the Declaration of Independence? It was later sold for $2.42 million at an
auction, can you calculate his profit? Number 7. DIY wall decoration
A man in Indiana bought a painting from a yard sale that he used to cover a hole in
the wall, practical. A few years later while playing a board game
called Masterpiece he realised that the cards bore a painting like the one he hung on the
wall. Great brains, he decided to do some research
and got to know that it was an original by Martin Johnson Heade. He later sold it to a museum for $1.2 million! Number 6. $1 million worth lottery
Kevin Donovan had had enough of lottery tickets after he had wasted $2,000 on scratch offs
and one day threw an entire lot into the bin which he thought were losers. But to his horror one of the tickets was a
$1 million winner but by the time he realized Edward St. John, an 83 year old man had found
it. Though Donovan filed a suit against John,
he died shortly afterwards but his family kept the case going. John decided to settle matters and claim the
reward, lest he dies before getting the money! Number 5. The lost painting
While walking through a street in Manhattan, Elizabeth Gibson saw a painting near a trashcan
and took it home being mesmerized by its colors. Curious, she did some research and soon found
that it was a lost painting called ‘Tres Personajes’ made by the famous Mexican artist,
Rufino Tamayo. Her attraction to colors amid garbage cans
fetched her good $1 million at an auction! Number 4. Doomed emeralds
Treasure hunts have us all captivated, but can it take away someone’s life? Jay Miscovish had no idea that his plan of
going in search of a treasure after buying a treasure map from a friend will take him
on his last trip. No, he was not killed during his search; rather
he had found 80 pounds of emeralds which he intended to sell. But when word got round about his big find,
he got scared of federal investigators which coupled with his anxiety regarding the payoff
and he ultimately committed suicide. Treasure is not always for your good! Number 3. Baseball card fortune
She had no idea that cleaning up her house could lead her to the jackpot of her life! This 72 year old Californian woman found an
old baseball card with a picture of the team Cincinnati Red Stockings and called up her
friend to help her list it on EBay for a sum of $10. But her friend recommended to get it checked
from an expert and boy, that was a smart move! The card came out to be from 1869 and was
easily sold for $75,000 at an auction! Number 2. A musical find
A man was looking for a violin to nurture his wife’s music love and stumbled upon
an old violin in the trash. He wondered if he could exchange it for a
new one and took it to an antique shop to know its value. The entire idea of some inexpensive music
might have been thrown to the winds after he figured that the violin was made by Giuseppe
Pedrazzini and was worth $50,000! That was a real jackpot in the form of music! Number 1. Dumping Artifacts
Nick DiMola was paid $4,500 after the death of an artist Clinton Hill and his partner
Allen Tran to clear the house of things that the families didn’t want. But the mover decided to store the cardboard
boxes in a warehouse only to return to them after 5 years when curiosity took over him. He opened the boxes and discovered ancient
Mayan artifacts from 300 B.C to 500 A.D and sold them for $16,500. How would you see a case of paying someone
to throw your valuable art in the dump? Did you ever lose or find something valuable
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  1. every story in this video was riddled with lies, i cant even count all the misleading and deceptive practices in this. so so many inaccuracies. this is a very pathetic attempt to try to generate youtube revenue. i will actively try to stop and/or impede this users posts

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