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Traveling Alchemist: Rose Bowl Flea Market #1

Traveling Alchemist: Rose Bowl Flea Market #1

Hello! welcome to the Traveling Alchemist this is my first show so… you know I’m just putting myself out there and… making a fool of myself so be gentle …please forgive me if there are any sound quality issues or shaky camera hands i’ll try to get better…but for now just bear with me so the first episode for today we’re gonna be going to Pasadena to visit one of the most known flea markets in Southern California and that’s the Rose Bowl Flea Market so I will see you there! Later! We’re here at the Rose Bowl Flea Market…the Motherload! Let’s get it crackin! So we’re back from the Rose Bowl Flea Market and we’re gonna take a look at what we got let’s see here…the first thing I picked up was just a simple black onyx ring little pinky rink guy pinky rink??? next on the list we got this shirt it’s not vintage it’s like a repurposed shirt by IE Apparel a really cool guy…watermelon logo can’t go wrong little tie dye sleeve action sold it to me for 15 bucks so I can’t really you know complain about that and it also came with a free pillow pin of Drake crying pretty cool and then I did pick up something vintage this little Atec warrior cardigan by Pendleton didn’t know they did anything besides flannels and then my girlfriend got some stuff my mom is in the Phillippines and she’s been wanting us to find her some plates she got this wooden this wooden plate right here pretty cool that will not get damaged if God forbid a flood ever happened out there that’s actually what she told me she wanted it for that reason she got a pretty cool gold bracelet it’s like a fat chain 5 dollars she got 3 rings for 10 dollars we got the old Where The Wild Things Are with the little Max crown that’s my favorite one right there we got a little leaf guy and a deer with antlers (A deer with antlers? haha) I also forgot to mention I also came up on these pretty cool books they’re from the Everyman’s Library collection and they all have pretty cool artwork on it also a little cloth bookmark I got Mark Twain’s classic Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn and The Stranger yeah so all in all it was pretty cool I mean I spent about 100 dollars there for everything tickets and some drinks gotta hydrate yourself it’s pretty hot out there and we’ll see you next week!

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