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Hello hello we meet again Same room trying on dresses same kind of video Because why yes the answer would be wedding season It’s wedding season on this channel today I’m doing my second video of trying on dresses and this time we’re going to look at vintage options because one I Really like the dresses. I wore for the Lolita photoshoot. I didn’t Tokio about a year ago and two I’ve been looking at iconic weddings over the decades more specifically the dresses that women wore and I noticed that a lot of legendary dresses from the past inspire really nice dresses now I Just felt really deep saying really deep and cool and hipster saying that I don’t really know that much about vintage I was just looking recently because the wedding but also I’m happy to say that today’s video is sponsored by Jun’s journey Jun’s journey is a captivating hidden object mystery mobile game set in the 1920s. So here you have the things that you need to find in the room for example tea pot Boom got it. So it’s kind of like Where’s Waldo meets CSI? Actually a forensic scientist was a career I was highly interested in for a minute, but then I looked up how much you have to study and I Decided to become a model Actually, you know what now that I think about it we both take photos We both try to understand what our client is thinking and what they could sort of want. I Thought that would be something for sure and we we we try to understand why things exist in the world And it’s basically the same thing that anyways, I’m gonna be that in my next life I’ll study that and learn the words then but for now, I just like to watch murder mysteries on Netflix and I’ve got this game here. What is a Lyra? This game is educating me so much All right. I need to get back to my video But this game lets me live out my best detective moment that I’ve always dreamed of and then throw in these glamorous 19:20 scenes and you’ve got yourself a good afternoon Or evening or morning whenever you play your game and they are celebrating their first anniversary So if you click my link below you will get in the game and you will receive a free decoration for your own private It’s day island And this decoration is really exclusive and rare and can only be received until october 15th. So quick at best Alright, let’s get back into the video today We’re going to go to two main vintage shops here in Hong Kong one is Lacombe wedding and the second one is Park 1900s my hair and makeup was inspired by the characters from June’s journey, and also the trends from the 1920s for my hair I will link the tutorial that I use below. But basically I try to just curl it forward instead of back then I rolled up the curls and pinned them to let them set I let it set for about 30 minutes while I did my makeup And then once that was done I took them out brushed out my hair to make it a little bit fluffy and to create the finger wave You just go with the natural way of the curl you kind of play around with it until you find it and then pin it in a wavy way and spray it and then you should have a finger wave the makeup in the 1920s was quite bold They used petroleum jelly mixed with coal to create the smoky eye and a lot of people wore a very dramatic Red lip with more emphasis on the top lip specifically with a defined Cupid’s bow, which I always like to do So I feel like this makeup. I feel like I belong in this era. Oh I feel like I’m getting emotional I feel like I belong in this era my soul resides in the 1920s. Alright makeup and hair is done I’m all dressed. And right now I’m feeling like I look like one of those rich housewives that Rihanna kills in one of her music videos but uh I kind of like it at the same time I don’t know then we headed to the shops and not only did both of them have wedding dresses But they also had antiques as well and that really helped to set the whole mood I’m here with Cece. She owns this shop and it is a huge space with antiques Vintage wedding dresses there’s like a photo op set up for you to take wedding photos. There’s a cafe There’s a lot and I’m really excited to explore everything but first we’re sat down and she’s just made me a Drip coffee and put it in the cutest little bottle. I Was wondering why did you open this shop in Hong Kong? Yeah, as soon as I walked through the elevator I was like oh that smell oh, it’s not good I can smell antique Yeah, thank you Nana It kind of it makes you feel memories like you think of your grandmother you think of your childhood and Like they remind me of being in my grandmother’s home. I just feel like traveling Charlie Yeah, where’s your favorite place to find antiques In France era is your favorite for wedding dress 1920 okay Nowadays And that’s when women got into the factories and women started working yeah, yeah Mm-hmm And it was a fun time like the hair the finger waving the makeup and yeah Thank you. Let’s drink to that I thought I was supposed to shoot We’re going hardcore finding the dress, but it’s just coffee The 1920s was a fun and blissful time And of course I’m talking before they asked it up and crash the stock market in 1929 But yeah before that it was a pretty good time and weddings were no exception dresses were shorter so they were freer and easier to dance in necklines and waist lines were dropped and dresses had this eclectic array of beading and Fabric and just all different materials on them Juliet cat fails were popular and if not a veil brides often wore hats because covering your head was both Liberating and masculine making it very trendy for that time. So you have some dresses from 1920s Unfortunately neither shop carried any dresses from the 1920s so that era had to end with my hair and makeup I was really hoping to find a dress similar to Kate Moss’s wedding dress But I think I’m gonna have to either look for that online or maybe get it custom-made Another era I want to look at is the 1950 But tell you how cleaning up all your life you’re going to marry the man you love man who loves you He’s the only Marked by the uprise of rock-and-roll the generation of baby boomers and classic modest fashion Post-world War two love was celebrated in a big way wedding dresses were quite modest Frilly and lacy and much like the fashion of this time Brides often wore either tea length or ballerina length dresses Gloves were also worn and makeup-wise red lipstick was still popular and they also did this softly lined and bedroom I look Wow cuz in the 80s the sleeves made it come back because my mom were a dress with huge sleeves and big hair This is oh this is interesting Okay, I think I want to try on this one because I haven’t tried on one that was initially. Yeah, and no puffy ones So this one is from the 50s and it’s very silky It actually reminds me of a Disney Princess Specifically Belle from Beauty and the Beast the way it’s shaped with the sleeves and stuff and she’s my favorite Disney Princess So I’m loving this this dress The 60s and 70s saw the hippy movement and actually a wide variety of subcultures took root which gave a ray to a lot of different popular wedding style I’m talking a-line silhouette especially with empire waist cap sleeves excessively long sleeves high collars draped fabrics flowing Maxie’s short even colorful a lot of different style dresses But unlike the 50s most of them actually steered away from the traditional style dress both shops Had a lot of dresses from the 60s and 70s in fact, I think most of the dresses were from then – reminds me a bit of Princess Leia though Star Wars. Oh horse This one feels very Comfortable the material is like not like super tight like modern-day dresses so it feels very breathable wearable danceable and I Like the simplicity of it this one is from which 70s I Really like this dial Oh UK Then that client is really nice yeah for you and the way it like goes in it makes the eye go in so it gives you a nice shape and the headpieces I think one of my favorite things about the 60s and 70s is all the different head pieces that came in whether it be made from fabric or metals or jewels, they’re really really pretty and I think that Whether you wear like the traditional veil or a hat for the ceremony putting on the other head pieces Like the jeweled crowns is something that really can take your look from day to night I think it looks so magical and romantic and timeless My favorite dress is where the maxi flowy one’s from the 60s and 70s, and I also really love the jeweled head pieces I really like vintage dresses because I think they bring a real Character and class and one-of-a-kind feeling to your wedding the drawbacks of vintage wedding dresses Is that a lot of them are only available? for rent since they’re one of the kind of lot of the shops don’t really want to sell them and With that it needs to fit you perfectly and a lot of them have been altered many times. You got it up. Oh You got it up. This dress is tiny. I don’t know very small but If I don’t breathe, it fits me perfectly So it may be a bit difficult to find the right style and fit that you want but if you do find one I do think that there are a good option for Either the whole wedding or even to change into a night for just a party or eloping or just a photo shoot what would you say is the Of choosing a vintage wedding dress over a modern one like hurry Culturally knowledge knowledge Lee You mean like it brings more to the table? Like there’s some history behind it and some culture behind it and I think I also like the idea that only you have it because It’s one-of-a-kind right when you find a vintage dress not many people in the world are gonna have that dress Whereas a modern dress many people can buy the same style So if you find one that suits that is suitable for you. You’re it’s like it’s like you’re finding a Gem or something like it’s very rare and yeah, it would be really nice trying on these dresses and exploring different trends and looking at iconic weddings from the past has made me really want to Maybe try something different and not so modern or maybe mix the two or I Don’t know just do something unexpected maybe let me know what you guys think which dresses were your favorite and Which era was your favorite a big? thank you to June’s journey for sponsoring this video and also to Lacombe wedding and Park 1900 for letting me go there and film and try on dresses and Thanks to you guys for watching this and continuing this wedding journey with me. Don’t worry not all videos are gonna be about wedding It’s just I don’t know there’s a lot in this specific moment But I hope you enjoyed it and I will see you guys in my next video


  1. I liked all of the vintage dresses on you, especially the one with lacy v shape on the bust. You look great in almost everything. Thank you for the little history lesson as well, reminded me of safyias videos about fashion 😋

  2. Taylor, everything looks good on you. Even the ones that were too small. But, I liked the British v line one, the satin one that you said looked like a Disney princess dress and the last one the best.

  3. Wow, you look beautiful in all the dresses! Love the rd lips and curls and also the different headpieces you tried on 🙂

  4. The one you had a hard time getting into takes my breath away! I love it so much, I took a billion screen shots of it- the delicate chiffon, lace and pearl beading is stunning. I'm obsessed with the sleeves and how the flowers climb up the arms… and… 10:02; 12:03

  5. WILD. We have the same birthday and I'm studying to be a forensic scientists but wanted to be a model when I was younger. BAM!

  6. If I tried on the dress on 9:00 right after I wake up in the morning,I would look like the ghost from THE RING :')

  7. The 70s one with the v shaped lace bib was gorgeous!! I also like the princess leia dress for it's sleeves – it reminds me of singers from the 80s but I wish it had a few different materials. Silk charmeuse is my favorite, I really want a flowy silky-soft dress with lots of fabric in the skirt like a Ginger Rogers 40s style that I can dance in, no train. I think the disney princess dress was silk charmeuse and its puff sleeves were so cute! The only thing is I wish they had dropped the neckline to be more like a high sweetheart so the sleeves hang from the shoulders (neoqueen serenity had similar styled sleeve?necklines, so that shows you where my inspiration comes from) you could even build up a mesh collar-choker. I used to watch Something Borrowed, Something New – a show where mothers offer up their wedding dresses for their daughters to alter them to be "perfect" and they have to choose between the updated vintage dress and a new dress. The only thing is some of the dresses are completely unrecognizable after being altered, so I always felt a bit bad for the mothers BUT I think getting your dress altered is the perfect way to make it one of a kind YOURS.

  8. The 70s are very fitting for you! You pull off the boho style very well. For me personally when I was looking for wedding dresses, I originally wanted a 1920s dress like you, but couldn’t find anything in the category. So, I then started looking at tea length dresses inspired by the 1950s, but didn’t want a dress the same length as my bridesmaids dresses as dumb as that sounds now. I ended up with a modern dress inspired by the past. It had some aspects of the 1920s and the 50s in it and I absolutely loved it! I feel that trying on a wide range of dresses is always a good thing because it helps you see what you want and possibly take from certain aspects of certain dresses. So excited for you and your future!

  9. People might hate me for this but I really love Taylor in the modern dresses she looks gorgeous in anything first of all but I feel that the modern fit suits her most. She can add a hint of vintage in there I think it’ll some uniqueness to her dress but that’s just my opinion. Loved this video like a history lesson ☺️😊

  10. I'm a sucker for empire dresses!!!! And Grace Kellys dress! I'm so glad you're doing wedding dresses right now because I'm looking for one and have absolutely no idea what I want!

  11. I’ve been binge watching your videos from the last couple months and you put me in such a good mood and make me laugh.

  12. Check here to see the newest wedding dresses

  13. They all look amazing, especially the 70s one! This is exactly why I really want to get a vintage wedding dress for my wedding!

  14. That Princess Leia style dress reminds me so much of my mum's wedding dress – had a mandarin collar in really gorgeous silk and now that I think about it, if mum had had dark brown hair in buns she would have looked so like Princess Leia 😂

  15. I definitely didn't get a 20s vibe from that hair. It comes off as more late-30s. And the makeup was much too delicate for the 1920s. Inaccurate, but pretty.

  16. You should absolutely google search for some gunne sax dresses, I think at least one of those you tried on is from them, you're absolutely going to love them (I do, a lot xD)

  17. I LOVE vintage wedding dresses! I recently found my great grandmothers from 1955 , I will definitely be wearing it to my wedding one of these days! ( if any of you find one from a family member and it’s really dirty soak it in the bathtub with hot water and oxi clean, the stains will come out, it’s what I did!)

  18. Jesus Taylor, can you just please pose all the vintage wedding dresses and not do so many things unrelated to the title? We just want the vintage wedding dresses god

  19. The information about 1950s make-up is a little wrong. Actually the bedroom eyes make-up was mostly worn by stars or during special events. It was not everyday make-up.
    Same with red lips, yes they were popular and everyone wore red lips but they also did wear pinks and corals for more everyday/natural looks.

  20. Beautiful OOAK #Bridal gown. Listed on Poshmark. Check it out as there is more pics and info there!! #Vintage #Wedding #Trending #Viral


  21. I saw the puffy sleeve one on the hanger and almost threw up. . . then you tried it on and i instantly changed my mind. That one looked sooooo good! Only you could pull that off! My mom has had so many dresses like that made for me over the years (against my will) and all of them look terrible on me (and just terrible in general).

  22. The 70's dress with the ruffled v yoke is a Gunne Sax from the Romantic Renaissance Bridal collection. If there was no label in it, it may have been a copy.

  23. Wow thank you for this video. This is exactly the type of idea and feel I want to bring across on my special day.

  24. Woah you look stunning the vintage style look suits you in makeup and all that. Amazing how you can look so glamourous all of a sudden x

  25. I loved, loved, loved this video!! I just expected something fun to watch while peeling my vegetables and this was so interesting and inspiring! Love from France 🙂

  26. At 10:26, we can hear a french song, Amstrong by Claude Nougaro.
    Just a small comment but I founded it funny ^^

  27. for some reason from being drawn to psychology this long suddenly i can tell what kind of personalities the dresses represent or the kind of people who would wear them.

  28. Thank you so much for posting this video. Not only are vintage dresses absolutely gorgeous but also it's eco-friendly to rent dresses! I really wish you had done this instead of buying a suit from Zara. But of course it's your wedding and your choice!

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