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Tucker: MAGA hat-wearing students smeared by media

Tucker: MAGA hat-wearing students smeared by media

99 comments on “Tucker: MAGA hat-wearing students smeared by media

  1. From the beginning i didnt understand. All I saw was a kid standing with a nervous confused smile 🤷‍♀️

  2. Tucker is definitely one of the best news anchors in the United States of America.

    From a dane. God bless.

  3. The only racism was coming from the “Black Hebrew Israelites”. Their language was absolutely foul. So no criticism of them was forthcoming.

  4. As a working class white male , I work in construction, I come home filthy , covered in sand , cement and dirt . I literally stink of “ privilege “ , I wonder if my “privilege “ is worth as much as journalist?

  5. Heres the thing. ..even of they were taunting him being an asshole isnt illegal if it was 2/3 of democrats would be in prison.
    Side note we should build the wall and the indian moron doesnt realize the indians lost the ears so it is not their land and no its not stolen

  6. Tired of liberals.
    Use these old words coming back, and the next things are going to be war.
    Don't fight on the wrong side.

  7. Are you trying to tell me that a video that was taken off of the internet which was a clip of an even longer video could possibly have been taken out of context. This is the internet you can't lie here

  8. I hope Kathy Griffen gets her stupid butt thrown out of social media for endless hate speech inciting violence.. oh I forgot she's a Democrate. Rules dont apply to her and the rest of the elitists.

  9. Dam when did it become a crime to be white? I guess I should be thrown in jail because of my skin color. I never seen so much hate in my life thanks Obama.

  10. I'm fascinated how something like this can possibly get a single dislike let alone thousands. I'd be really interested to hear from one of you which part you disagreed with.

  11. calls the white kids racist because they support trump in wanting to build a wall. liberal media is ridiculous

  12. I freaking hate the media what the hell is wrong with these people?
    I was wondering where that poor teenager looks nervous now I understand why

  13. "This is indigenous land, sniffle, we never had walls here"…. and howd that work out for YOUR way of life.

  14. Wait…so those native americans hate the european americans for migrating into there…isnt it a bit xenophobic of them?

  15. Someone tried to paint them as something they weren't. The major news outlets that covered and continued to smear that kid needs to be sued but not for money, they should be sued for their business license and the corporation closed permanently and any reporter that had anything to do with working that story without the facts need to be banned from ever working as a journalist again.

  16. Ana Navarro is a complete idiot and a national disgrace. All these jackasses rushed into judgment and condemned these innocent kids are nothing but a bunch of whack jobs.

  17. The black guys behaved abominably, the schoolkids were far too unruly for which I blame their teachers and the native American man behaved foolishly. I personallywouldn't go deriving any great right left morals of the story from the whole sorry incident.

  18. How pale face white man, in breed, child molesters, yep that's everything. Who's the racist? Left any comments? How you gonna excuse this, it's their fault, so your people were openly racist bigots, or don't matter if their black they are no better than anyone else, so you can call names, but you know what the score is.

  19. We are not black hebrew israelites we are just hebrew israelites we have always been dark from shem to now and we are not black we are light brown to dark brown

  20. One question.  What the ^&%$ was the Covington Catholic School doing sponsoring a school trip to a political event (The Right to Life March) where students were wearing political clothing (The MAGA hats)? (Rolling eyes)

  21. Seemed? It doesn't seem like anything but what it is. These teenagers were mocking them they we're being menacing. Regardless of all the other evidence that you pulled up and all the other footage all the other videos. Still doesn't change what we saw and this one. The fact that matter is is these kids should have been kids and not involved in this political battle. They should have never been put in the situation because they're kids. I don't blame them. But I do not condone their actions regardless we need to take responsibility for our actions and what we do. They were mocking these Native American people.

  22. You gotta admit that using Native American tribes names for military aircraft equipment is kinda messed up! 1. Apache Helicopters
    2. Comanche Helicopters
    3. Night Hawk
    4. Little Bird
    5. Tomahawk Missile
    6. Kiowa
    7. Apache Longbow

  23. what the hell is going on!! how is it ok to do this to kids who did nothing wrong………..unreal, the adults asking for the boys to be in trouble should be hung out to dry

  24. Sometimes, fake news platforms like cnn and others will smear the story and distort what really happened to fit their own agenda

  25. These hats depict hate, if these so called catholic boys were wearing Christ on their clothing and preaching love, would they be on social media?
    These parents should be ashamed of their child’s upbringing. Hypocrites.

  26. Nathan is a liar build that wall was never said and if it was said he wouldn’t understand what it means. You see he’s one hateful person who believes all white men owe him. He was never in Vietnam he was AWOL four times and dismissed from the Marines. Your typical democratic liar hiding behind a Native Indian American face.

  27. Honestly I think that kid's smile looks more like the "omg I'm embarrassed because I am being put on the spot" than smug. He showed a lot of patience and restraint and Phillips should be ashamed of himself.

  28. Nathan Phillips native name is One who cried wolf. Did you hear him and Elizabeth Warren both are 1/10000th of a percent Native American.

  29. I am an immigrant who doesn’t support this group of evils who call to the juveniles rapists just because we are Catholics terrible.

  30. Ignorant Indian & brainwashing lying liar media & black race card racist demons trying to hurt a bunch of white boys waiting on a bus minding their own business !

  31. So long ago. I recieved this via Facebook. My response was if its true, they the boys need to apologize. But later that day, the post came down. Facts were know and didn't fit, the first response.

  32. I wonder , as many folk do , has Philip's been prosecuted for false statements ? All of this problem was because of black racists and I hope some of them are sued .

  33. This may be an old video but it shows how biased the media can be. Lying news people are in the Democrat BRAINWASHING NETWORK for the most part. Been in power for too long.

  34. Someone mentioned "A more punchable face than Sandman's"….What about Nathan Phillips' Face? Liar, antagonizer, fake Vietnam vet, valor thief?

  35. Idk man you literally treat the parkland kids the same way these people treat these students, and those kids are actually more in the right than most of these kids wearing maga hats

  36. And this is exactly why I refuse to return to being a democrat! I switched to republican years ago, just before all the hatred against Trump and his followers began.
    Unlike the left, I do not care if you wear a blue hat instead of red like me. I do not care if you support Hillary (or anyone else) instead of Trump like me. I do not care if you go to a rally other than a Trump rally like me. IN OTHER WORDS I have the ability to accept the fact that not everyone is going to agree with me in life, and that is perfectly fine. We're human. We are going to disagree on topics. That is a fact. I'm 30 now, but a very important lesson taught to me way back in elementary school was "tolerance" and "respect" towards others. As a child I learned that it was okay that my best friend hated my favorite tv show and preferred something else. I learned it was okay that my sister loved vegetables, and yet I found them disgusting. We liked different things but we got along perfectly.
    If only the left learned tolerance/respect as children instead of throwing a temper tantrum, throwing insults as if they're 6 years old instead of grown adults.

  37. White privilege??? Why are we ALWAYS THE TARGET FOR What IS WRONG IN THIS WORLD??? Haters get a free pass and so do loud mouth Democrats who are running this country into the ground, but it is all the white mans fault!!!

  38. Thank you Fox News. It's so unfortunate how the rest of America has decided to scapegoat the white male. Identity politics is a disease

  39. Nathan Phillips is a lying, pathetic scumbag. In the simple-minded view of leftists, Nathan Phillips is a bucolic saint and the kids were hus European oppressors.

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