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Under Where? Vintage Style Undergarments

Under Where? Vintage Style Undergarments

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I am a little nervous about using vintage style lingerie, for some of the reasons you mentioned in the video. You've given me some confidence!

  2. You look so beautiful in this video! There’s something about those earrings that ties your look together so well. Thank you for covering this subject, too! It’s such an important part of vintage wear that I wish more people knew about. 🙂

  3. This was helpful and entertaining (I’m not a vintage purist either- I find a mix of modern and vintage tends to make the whole ensemble look less “costume-y” too). You look gorgeous in this vid btw!!!

  4. Fabulous video. I'm very busty and wearing true vintage undergarments is a no go. I'll be checking out a few of these brands.

  5. Great video….those earrings are absolutely stunning! Couldn't take my eyes off off of them. Thanks for sharing your favorites with us 😁

  6. I love rago shapewear. I don’t leave home without it. It’s definitely something you need to get used to. And you shouldn’t plan on eating a big meal while wearing it. I call them, both the longline bra and the girdle my “hold me down, suck me ins”. They work wonders under my outfits. To be honest, I probably couldn’t fit my outfits without them or they wouldn’t look as put together without them. I’m a firm believer in a firm foundation. Pun intended. Lol

  7. Unfortunately a lot of these brands don't have my band size for bras (size 28dd), which really bums me out. So I'm not sure what I'd do for bras, but the rest of these I'll be looking into.

  8. I really enjoyed this, I am saving up to get new bras so it’s nice to have a little guidance with that especially. I have too much pain to wear the tights which kills me but you got to just do what works for you right? Xx

  9. I like your outfit. I had a similar dress in similar shades an pattern. It was a granny dress I bought for 5 euros and I made alterations to it to fit well. Spent a whole summer wearing it. Lol

  10. Nice video lady!
    In my hands every pair of pantyhose is too pricey 😔
    I wear gloves putting them on 😊
    And not sure if it’s available outside Europe, but Pamala Mann is my go to brand for seamed stocking/pantyhose and fishnets (different online retailers carry these, and I stock up whenever one of them has a sale)

  11. I love longline bras! Unfortunately they rarely have them in a 36A in the UK. I wish Triumph did that size in their Doreen style. Ah well!

  12. I personally love a good old fashioned corselette (bra and girdle combo). They were first seen in 1920s, as far as I can discern, but women my age (I’m 61) wore corselettes all the way into the 1970s. Rago makes one that is supposed to be very nice, but I was fortunate enough to find a couple of NOS in that lovely old peach brocade… sigh…
    Also April Cornell makes very nice rayon slips! You can also find knee length rayon slips at Victorian Trading, but they are a slightly less quality garment than the April Cornell ones.
    Love love love your eyebrows today. Sooo pretty!

  13. I too have the same issues regarding flattening for 20s styles..never going to happen! Also I've been known to stick my fingers through 40+ denier tights/stockings and I have very short finger nails! Great video.

  14. It is amazing how much better clothing fit in vintage undergarments. Playtex have great bras that have a soft vintage shape and run in a lot of different sizes. Also you can find vintage style slips at the Vermont Country store. 😀

  15. Great tips doll, if you pardon the pun! I love the longline bras too & totally agree with you about stockings….Gimmeee tights any day! Looking divine as ever! Xxx

  16. I have been waiting for this video for ages. As someone who also has DD's, I have so much trouble finding modern bras so vintage or vintage-looking bras has felt like a herculean task. Thank you~

    Also, you should check out SockDreams.com. They have a huge selection of socks and tights that will totally work for vintage style. For instance, they have sheer backseam pantyhose for $8.

  17. I love the look of vintage lingerie! I don't understand why the makers do not still supply things like good slips that are not see through…..I mean, what is the point of wearing a sheer slip? I have some from the 60s and 70s that are still real nice, and I wear one any time I wear a dress. I don't see how girls can go without them.

  18. I mean, you don't /have/ to try to recreate the flat chested 20s look. There were plenty of people with Big Boobies then! I read a blog a while back where someone discussed this and posted pictures of her grandma (I think) who was a larger chested lady.
    They did have heavier duty bras (basically girdles for your chest which sounds awfully painful) , but I'm sure not everyone had them

  19. Soma has a nice bullet like bra. Malco- modes petticoats I adore; got a Samantha and Jennifer style myself

  20. Ahh! Love this but I’m alarmed at the mention of double binding!! Double binding is very very bad for you, and can cause long term damage to your ribs and breathing. A single sports bra or binder is all you’re going to need or is safe pls stay safe

  21. Vintage gal life hack from a former dancer- go to the Discount Dance website, click on their "tights" category, and choose a nude color. They are virtually indestructible and a bit thicker than actual hose and I ALWAYS feel way more comfortable in them because of how soft they are. My favorite brand is the Capezio or Theatricals one, and the Theatricals brand is super economical too. I've had the same 3 pairs for 3 ish years and I wear them all the time!

  22. Ok so I worked at Macy's in the intimates department and we referred to the Bali as the "old lady" bra, but now I'm excited to try it!

  23. I'm not a vintage purist on purpose…lol…..it's more by accident. Pantyhose don't work for me they don't like to stretch to fit my shape so I am constantly adjusting them, so I went to the the garter and stockings and I've never looked back. Sometimes yes, they can be uncomfortable but since WKD came out with the curve style they fit better. I also wear a bullet bra because the underwire bras for me don't fit my shape either. I've been measured countless times, have worn every size imaginable to find the right size for me but alas they don't work for me. So I went on the hunt to find a bra that I didn't have to adjust, fix the straps, make sure I'm not spilling out from the top or the bottom. Enter the bullet bra….oh my god, I wish I had found this ages ago! I literally don't move in it, and it is the most comfortable bra ever. I will never again wear a modern bra.

  24. wow very informative about these corsets and underpinings new subbie love your channel u are giving me so many ideas.

  25. I was able to find a real 100% silk half slip from Wintersilks! https://wintersilks.blair.com/p/washable-silk-charmeuse-skirt-slip-with-lace-hem/9163.uts?is=Y&store=3&count=500&intl=n&q=slip&keyword=slip Kinda pricey, but then again I wear it all year round since silk regulates temperature so well, and it has held up beautifully.

  26. I would recommend dance tights since they are thicker and harder to rip. I did dance when I was young and I was a nail biter but I rarely ripped my tights

  27. I actually found one of my mom’s bras from the 80s when I was a teenager, it looked a lot like a bullet bra and it made me laugh at the time
    Also this makes me wish I kept all my mom’s vintage slips, lol

  28. I bought a skirt slip a while back and the checkout girl asked why I wanted a skin tone skirt. She had no idea what a slip was let alone why someone would wear one. 😅

  29. Kohl’s has slips I don’t know what they’re made out of but they have a variety of lengths and sizes in all the classic colors (black, nude, and white) I don’t know about full slips though

  30. I'm a fairly new subscriber and just love your channel. For those who sew, you can make vintage looking slips. Last year I was at an estate sale and got a box of lingerie fabric and vintage patterns for slips, including full length. The lady in charge of the room was shocked that I was actually going to make slips!

  31. My mom wore a girdle that was so tight my brother and I would help pull it up on her…lol. It's a cool memory. I don't know how she managed at work to take x bathroom break.

  32. Ha – found the underwear vid! Very interesting, esp re bras. This lovely website has a free pattern and a tonne of info on making vintage style slips and knickers. I've made a few and the patterns are great. https://veravenus.com/diy-things-to-make-tutorials-patterns/slinky-bias-slip/

  33. I can understand why people love pantyhose, but I simply cannot wear them. I started with stay up stocking, and never looked back. Pantyhose seem like a hassle now.

  34. Have you taken a look at HSN.COM Ronda Sheir Under Garment's the underwear is so very retro and pretty 👍👍👍PS. I love watching your videos 🤗😍

  35. Hi, Re silk slips. There is brand called Lady Avenue that sell them. I don't know if you can get them in North America but here in Scandinavia you can and they might be on line. They are not a budget item, of course, but I have found them long wearing and they are very good for the slight riding up issue of my modern dresses. They also have Pyjamases (is that even the right word or even a word) and nightgowns. I use the nightgowns every night and I have done so for some years now. I still use the first one I got, I would say maybe 8-ish years and I switch it around with my second one that I got about one year ago. I haven't managed to destroy either one or one of my slips yet, even though I have machine washed them at 40 degrees Celsius (I know that's like a high fever temperature) quite a few times. Yours, Ann

  36. The advantage to thigh high hose with garters is that if you run one leg of nylon, you throw that away and still have one good leg. I find they are more cost effective.

  37. I remember my mom mentioning wearing gloves while pulling on pantyhose, which they were required to wear to high school in the 60s, to avoid poking through and snagging.

  38. Your look gorgeous and love this posts!
    I do not wear stockings and suspender belts everyday I don't find it practical when using the bathroom haha!
    High waist knickers are enough for me.
    My favourite longline retro bras are from Cosmic Girl Clothing so comfy and not sharply pointy and other bras from Revival Lingerie both from UK and manufactured there.


  39. Back in the day pantyhose were required for business attire I had a special pair of gloves that I wore to put on my hose. Worked like a charm. Kind of like a poly that felt silky.

  40. I don't know if you guys have the underwear store intimissimi in the US. But for those living in Europe, they sell silk slips in various sizes and also microfiber slips for a budget option!

  41. I know this video is older but your viewers might like this story: I have a relative that grew up as a kid in the 1940s during the war and she has memories of helping to paint on colour (I have no idea with what) on her older sisters legs for "stockings" and her job was also to draw the back seam with eye pencil! So at least we don't have to do that anymore! Also I found this great blog post for making your own seamed stockings for all those who sew : https://verityvintagestudio.typepad.com/my-blog/2015/08/august-tutorial-make-your-own-1940s-seamed-nylons.html

  42. Very attractive .Well spoken. American Lady First viewing of your program. Better than Katie. She has a strange voice. Bleached Fringe. NO CLASS. From an English Elderly Lady.

  43. Problem i had with Spanx is that skirts and pants rode up due to both my tummy and how slippery the Spanx fabric was. It was sad.

  44. I'm 60 yo and when I was young we always wore stockings lol. My friend had to wear white gloves ( per her mother's request), when she out in her stockings…might help you!

  45. Apart from the brands you mention, I often wear Triumph's 'Doreen' bra and longline bra range – the shape hasn't changed radically in over 40 years, they give a modified bullet bra look and they are super comfortable and supportive for a DD cup and above.

  46. My grandmother wore stockings with the line in the back. She kept all her stockings in a pair of old stocking to keep them safe from snagging on things. I remember seeing her sitting on the end of her bed with a nail file checking her hands before she put on her stockings. She was a phone operator for Bell South. Dressed to perfection every single day.

  47. One thing you sometimes find in estate sales or sales outlets like Mardens here in Maine is what is called New Old Stock. That is, boxes of things never sold! If there isn’t a place open in general, you might find an auction outfit that regularly buys. And share your wishlist and so forth with friends! Many of my friends and I are actually the same small size in shoe, but have very different tastes! So, if one is out and finds a pair of small size but the colors are too loud to be thought humanly possible they go to me. My friend Whirlwind prefers black heels, etc. we have also done this for linens and slips or whatever Mardens offers. Dressing double ds or more, as you know, demands a larger size and longer torso than others of my height, but my best friend being artist Sharon Chamberland, so even now that I am sick beautiful things come into my life regularly via the Saturday flea. So don’t dispare of those old fashioned bits, discuss with even casual acquaintances and plan. Peace.

  48. I swear modern bras are designed for men, the straps can't possibly be designed with a woman's narrower shoulders in mind, or they wouldn't keep slipping off.

  49. I looked into buying the Rago longline bra but it seems to be rather complicated to figure out what size to take, some people have different opinions on how the sizing runs.

  50. No modern stockings (pantyhose?) fit me, I’m tall , and I squat so I got quads! It’s so annoying when they’re slipping down your legs all day long. I tried thigh highs + belt and never looking back. I also wear a waspie and it’s easy to just clip them on.

  51. I’ve watched this video quite a few times! I just love your hair and dress here! And I love listening to your opinion. I also love What Katie Did!

  52. For anyone based in the UK, you can purchase back seamed tights in Primark. They’re in the “fashion tights” section and they’re about £3 a pair. Hope this helps somebody out ❤️

  53. Women used to wear gloves while putting on their stockings to prevent runs, and making holes in the stocking. Often women worked pretty hard in times past , sometimes that led to their hands being rough. Rough hands are hard on stockings and stockings were expensive and hard to come by. I am going to try out some of your suggestions like the Bali bra. Thanks for the video.

  54. I’m planning to sew a vintage style cocktail dress for an event next year. Have you made any sewing videos that have bodice boning? I have more if a straight body shape, so I’m hoping to build in some architecture.

  55. I am fortunate to have grown up in the 60s in the south, and a lady never goes out in a dress without a slip. 8 ). Seriously it makes everything look smooth and nice. Soma, if you have in your area has great bras, in a wide variety of styles. I am fortunate also that I have collected a nice selection of vintage slips, I just always liked them. I haven’t seen one in a charity shop in a long time. H&M had pretty slips last year, they had a vintage look.

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