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Upscaling Basic Curtains | Home Made Simple | Oprah Winfrey Network

Upscaling Basic Curtains | Home Made Simple | Oprah Winfrey Network

[MUSIC PLAYING] OK, Sam. So today we’re making DIY
curtain grommets and palm trim. We will be upscaling
basic white curtains and adding some decorative
trim and grommets to them. I still want to keep the
room light and bright, except that we need to
inject a little bit more personality into the space. So we’ve got a pop of
palm, a pop of yellow, and hopefully this makes
the entire room come alive. Fantastic. OK, so our first step is
to lay out the drapery panel. We’ll be making our own
grommets with this template kit. What I actually like to do
is to start in the middle just so that we can
get a center point. And if I can get
your help folding that down right in the center. And then we will use our
fabric marker to trace out that little template. So Sam, how’s it been
since you’ve moved in? A little stressful, trying
to kind of get everything in order with the baby. New house, new baby. I mean, how has
your life changed? Oh, it’s changed for
the better, obviously. Mila’s an incredible
baby, so we’re very fortunate to have her. I really can tell that
you are such an amazing dad. Oh, thank you. We’ve got all of our
circles traced out. It’s time to cut
out our circles. Great. I’ll start with the
first one and then I’ll get your help doing the rest.
– Great. I mean, between
you and Karina, who’s the sewer in the family? Definitely not me. We’ve got you on
this project, Dad. By the time that nursery
is done you can say, I made these beautiful
decorative panels. – That’s right.
– OK, Sam. Now that we’ve got our
first two circles cut out, it’s time for our next step. So I’ll have to grab a
grommet, I’ll grab one as well. What we want to
do is lay one side down right underneath the
circle, so we line it up. OK. Then we’ll take the
second half of the circle and then just pop this right on. You’ll hear a little click
so that you know it’s secure. What did you share with Laurie
that she just volunteered to become a surrogate for you? I mean, I think it’s
such a beautiful thing– It is. And that’s not
something that’s common. We initially just talked
about starting a family. And I shared with her some
of the challenges that we had and some of the health
issues that Karina had. And Laurie would
always just mention, I would cure your kid for you. – That’s amazing.
– Yeah. – Just off the get go?
– Yeah. You know, it takes
a really special type of individual, someone who
is completely compassionate. Yeah. OK, Sam. Now that all of our
circles are cut out, we’ll continue clipping
all these grommets on. And you can just
start from the edges, and then we’ll work our way in. Sam, I love the name Mila. How did you guys come
up with that name? When we first
found out that Laurie was going to be our
surrogate and carrying Mila, we were so ecstatic that we
immediately thought that she was our little miracle. And so we named her Mila,
which was short for milagro, which means miracle in Spanish. And so it just– Oh, I love that. Immediately came to us. OK, Sam, now that we’ve got
these grommets in it’s time to move on to our next step. So we’ll be sewing
this palm trim right onto the edge on the reverse
side, so that on the front side all you see is this little
peek-a-boo palm coming through. You can find more cool projects
just like this on our website, HomemadeSimple.com
or you can type in Homemade Simple
on our Pinterest page from more DIY project. OK Sam, so you get the gist? I’m going to hand this
right over to you. – Sure.
– OK. You can start off slowly
just so you can feel the motor right underneath you. You’re doing great. My mom would be embarrassed. Your mom’s going
to be so proud. You a pro now?
– You can– Speed it up?
OK. – Speed it up a little but.
– Let’s go. Oh, I hope. Almost there. OK, we did it. So let’s give that a little cut. Check out your handiwork. Wow. Looks so good. Looks great, what do you
think Karina’s going to think? She’s going to love it. Well the great news is,
now that you’re a pro, we have three more panels to do.
– OK. I’ll leave you to it. Great. Thanks, Sam. Thank you.

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