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Using ­čô┐Filigree to make ­čĺÄJewelry

hi everybody today I got a different
craft and I’m going to show you some of the things that I got now I made a box
to separate all of my goodies so I’m going to try to get this out of the way
now what these are I’m going to leave my camera up degrees and I made this
makeshift box it’s kind of you know wonky but I did that to store them in
here you have to improvise sometimes originally it came in a bag like this
and you get 120 pieces so I’m gonna put this bag down and I’m going to show you
some of the shapes and I already did one earring and they’re drawing so I’m going
to get to the pieces and I’ll show you in the meantime and then we’ll finish it
okay so you’re going to get a bunch of these now I got these in I got these in
brass but you can find these in silver pewter gold copper but I wanted to try
brass because it’s a little bit of whoops it’s too slippery now I’m not
sure I didn’t count out how many a beach but um I got these from pan to haul off
of Amazon and I will be putting the link below in the description box for anybody
that’s interested and I really like these now most people don’t pay
attention to the description when people are selling items and I’ve noticed that
in the comments that you’d be like this is too big and it’s like well why didn’t
you read the dimensions everybody puts dimensions there read them
and they’re complaining because they were too big but I actually unlike these
they’re a normal size they’re not like you mungus you see this is my hand this
is a good size and I’m going to show you the rest of them then they complained
that they were Teufel in Z well they’re bendable for a reason so that you can
work with them you can do a number of things with these filigree little
templates here and they are supposed to be bendable but trust me if you’re
wearing them they’re not gonna fall off and I like the round one because you
could do anything you can glue a bead you can glue a cabochon and then maybe
braid or twist some wire of the same color and go around that and kind of
glue it in as well as having that or whatever you want you can even use a
needle and some thread and sew some beads in but not sure if you’re getting
this and I need my tweezers they have a little glue there these little set holes
in case you want to use like these little appliques or a little tiny
Diamond e beads I have them in here somewhere and you want to place them so
now I will like I said be putting the link for these and keep in mind they’re
of a good substantial size so that’s the problem that I’ve seen in most places so
it’s really not the sellers fault it’s the customers fault for not being smart
enough and reading the dimensions okay that’s some swine brand so you get
one of those shapes with a bunch of them in there like I said I haven’t counted
them I only received them yesterday you get a bunch of these now some are a
little darker like you see and some come a little lighter but they’re basically a
brass and like I said they do come in silver gold and copper but you have to
look they’re on Amazon just you know what you type in filigree for jewelry
making and these things will pop up everywhere
and there’s so many different types of kits and styles and colors and shapes so
this is good for a necklace a connecting piece and there’s a number of them and
this is the back again see the size I don’t know the sizes offhand of each one
but like I said they are substantial the next one is this and what I like about
bees I’ve gotten them before oops I have they’re good for a necklace where you
can hook a chain up and then put beads on the chain and have this and have like
a centerpiece bead either sorry either a round one like so or a longer one like
that and you can kind of make a frame another great thing is and I’m trying to
find it you can buy fret backing right you can
buy barrette backing and glue them to the back of these which I’ve done and
there’s a video where I have ideas for resin just ideas and one of them is a
nice barrette and I glued or a long piece of resin to it and it’s a Verret
and C and you could buy these packages they’re so inexpensive on any craft
store either online or in the craft store probably even in dollar stores and
Walmart and they’re meant for gluing and they have different sizes they have big
medium little visa today and my little ones are floating around in my little
container over there and and it makes really a nice hairpiece necklace you can
use it for a bracelet and because they’re flexible and bendable you would
bend it for a bracelet and then use chain or what-have-you to connect it so
people complain but they’re there to bend evil well yeah that they’re meant
for that so you can make other items with that so
be aware of that shape is the one I’m using for earrings and see these are a
little darker brass where some have a little more goldish tint to it and I
really like these for earrings but they don’t have to just be for earrings
although they are more appropriate and again you have the little sections of
the little tiny I don’t ever get this sorry about my lighting the little holes
where you can add anything and glue it and you’d have to use a toothpick and
I’m gonna be showing you what I’ve been doing in a minute and you have these
these are good for earrings it’s also good if you’re making a necklace and you
can glue a little like a would round bead there it doesn’t have to be a big
one okay or a little applique you know like that
and then hang it off of a chain and you know they they might be a little bent
some of them but you can easily gently work them back into shape and just
handle with care’ don’t be you know don’t be rough with them and what I like
is you could also hang things off of here so you can hang for instance head
pins and you can hang beads from there anything because you could fit jump
rings and tomorrow see right now I had to use gold jump rings on there and I
don’t have the proper color I only have silver for the earring hooks but
tomorrow I’m gonna go to Hobby Lobby they are closed on Sunday so they’re
closed today and I’m going to get the brassy color jump brings in brassy
colored earring hooks but you don’t have to you can always mix and match that’s
like a boho look when you mix and match metals or you can use a gold which I had
to do but I will be changing the gold out
I had gold jump rings which kind of blended in so this is another shape that
comes in the kit and the last shape is this now this is great if you’re making
a nice necklace you can have a few of these with the space with like a bead
you know some chain a bead and then another one and then another one and
again you can glue one of these nice little acrylic appliques or kind of a
gemstone you could get different colors if you find a bead you like that’s a
little too big even you know you can erase bead you can glue it you can stick
wire through the bead and because it’s got holes wire it in the back but it’d
be best if you find a flatter one to glue so it looks more professional
unless unless you’re just making every self and you don’t care and that’s that
so you can do a number of things with this as well you could make earrings out
of it you can make a nice bracelet you can fold these up to make kind of like a
pendant bezel frame for ring for anything you would put like a big bead
in there or a cabochon and then just gently bend the pieces up so you can do
a lot with them and that’s this that’s the back so I’m going to show you what
I’m doing and I’m going to continue doing this so that was my idea with the
box again I showed you the Box in the beginning if you do not have a container
or the money to go out buy another plastic container or what have you just
get a little inventive I’m going to show you the box again get a box cut some
pieces it’s gonna work it’s going to work the same way it’s just not going to
be as nice but you can close the lid in it
still be stackable not as hard so I wouldn’t put heavy things on top of it
okay so I just wanted to show you those quick ideas with filigree templates to
add with jewelry making and please look for my next video showing you how to
make earrings these are the earrings that I will be making using glue
appliques beads and other things so please look for that video make sure you
hit the bell for feature notification so you know when I upload that one so
thanks for watching I’ll see you in my next video bye

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