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Using Gilding Wax With Chalk Paint

Using Gilding Wax With Chalk Paint

hi everybody its Christina from pretty
distressed welcome back to my channel today’s video is gonna be all about
using gilding wax to add a little bit of detail and shine and bling to your
furniture so if you want to see how I got this look using gilding wax just
keep watching if you are new to my channel I am a furniture painter and
refinisher you will normally find me around here making over furniture that I
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description box today’s a video is gonna be really fun
it’s something outside of my box I’m usually pretty plain and neutral with my
furniture but my mom redid a piece and she wanted to add a little bit of bling
an embellishment to it so we worked together and added gilding wax to a
dresser that she had refinished for her bedroom so I’m gonna show you
step-by-step what we did to refinish the handle and then we work on the dresser a
little bit together and just talked about furniture painting and being a
newbie tackling pieces yourself so it’s gonna be a lot of fun a little different
I hope you enjoy getting to know my mom so let me zoom you in and we’ll get
started the painting portion of this piece is
already complete my mom actually painted it herself in French grey and then she
sealed it with the clear finishing wax from Jolie we’ll talk about that a
little bit later in the video but here is the star of the show
this is Jolie’s gilding wax and the color gold Jolie actually carries this
in three different colors gold silver and copper and it retails for $18.95 on
their website I want to say thank you to Jolie for providing me with this gilding
wax and the artist brushes i’m gonna be using today but to get started i’m
actually going to be using my finger which is really fun so for smaller areas
like this you can just get a little bit of the gilding wax on
finger and then blot it dab it out on a cloth just so you don’t have too much
and then you just go right into the area that you want to add the gold gilding
wax to and just start tapping it on these handles were absolutely perfect
for something like this gilding wax once my mom had her whole piece painted it
looked really beautiful but it just looked flat it was all one color and
these handles are so detailed and beautiful and just these carved would
kind of you know something that you don’t see every day anymore and I just
immediately thought of this gilding wax that I had seen in Jolie’s embellishment
guide this is definitely out of my comfort zone but my mom is a blingy type
of person and I knew she would love a little pop of gold on these handles I
found that the best technique is just to do a little bit on your finger and not
overdo it it’s a lot easier to build it up and just do small layers of gold and
kind of step back and look at it as opposed to just going in really heavy
because if you do that you will need some type of clear wax to take it off
it’s just easier to build it up as you go and as you can see there is not a lot
of technique to this you just put it on your finger blot it in the pieces that
you want to just really pop and bring out and it just totally comes to life
I think the finger technique works really well but you can also use Jolie’s
artist brushes to apply these gilding waxes and you can use these brushes for
a number of things so it would be a great thing to have in your arsenal if
you’re a painter I am going to use this really fine pointed one and get a little
bit of the gilding wax in there again blotting it out on that cloth to make
sure I don’t overdo it when I’m going into my piece and then I used this brush
to really get up against the back of the handle and the dresser I couldn’t get in
there with my finger it just wasn’t small enough and I didn’t want any of
that gilding wax to kind of muddy up the actual drawer front so I’m just using
this to get into those little details on the side so that I am doing the entire
handle this is a wax so after I was done with this brush I did clean it with a
really gentle lye soap so to get that brush really nice and
clean so that it will be in great shape the next time I go to use it if you
don’t want to use your finger you could definitely use one of these brushes to
get this look on whatever area you are trying to bullying up with this gilding
wax so like I said this is my mom’s piece we are new than one and I showed
her how to do it and she thought it was pretty easy so she wanted to jump in I’m
gonna let you start again let me start again okay yes so I’m gonna get a little
my finger like this yeah and then you just blot it on your thing like I did
but yeah so that you don’t have big flake chunks phone okay and then just
start going it’s fun alright so like I need more I’ll go up here you can do
that just like keep getting more well you know this is your thing not mine in
it they I’m a little bit intimidated yeah but you painted this whole piece by
yourself right I did and this is like the biggest project you’ve ever worked
on there it is would be your advice to people who haven’t tackled something
this big before don’t be afraid
absolutely I feel like I didn’t do the top right yeah but what did you do what
did you do when you weren’t happy with the top got mineral spirits and took it
off you you don’t always
have to listen to me guys cuz I told her not to do that I said you
know you’re being a perfectionist don’t worry about it but she’s a lot more
happy with it tops are tricky they can be like the hardest part I think for
a beginner so it’s good to know that you can just strip it back if you want
um and start over on the top is what you did or I think when I started telling
people in my last video was that rolling the top can help if you’re newbie well I
was much much happier with it after I redid it okay what do you think this
might look like yours yeah do you want to try to do the brush yeah sure so I
still wanted it just I don’t get big chunks I did it’s easier to build it up
I think do take it too far you can use clear wax to kind of lift some of it off
should I get a little bit more up here it’s up to you it’s your piece you know
me I like I like I like a little bit of bling uh-huh I’m a blingy kind of girl I
feel like I think that’s a masterpiece wrong it looks so point right yeah you
learn something new you’re a great teacher
I am so did you buy this like an ’82 ’83 or you were born in ’80
so probably ’82 okay 1982 when you were two years old like we talked about what
kind of wood it is and what you had to do to prep it it was cherry
yeah and what did I tell you about cherry yeah it would bleed uh-huh
so what did you do I shall act it yeah and I wanted you to like replace these
handles what is wrong with me no you do I don’t remember you tell me I was like
oh so I was trying to make your room bottom farmhouse which you’re not oh no
you know no I was trying to make it over for me okay let me tell you what’s
happening to me cuz I don’t know if this happen to you yet I’ve used this finger
so much that it’s not like coming off my finger now yes I miss you no problem
like we either need to clean our finger off or switch to a new finger after you
do like one or two need to do once we get it on all of them is step back cuz I
always yell everybody yes if you’re on top of your piece that is not how people
look at it you always have to during the project kind of stand back in the corner
and even like enter the room for more the people would enter your room to see
it because no one’s ever gonna come into your room and be like oh look at where
the perspective you’re looking at it so pretty yes those are our real reactions
we were really excited about how this guilding wax just made this piece come
to life once we were done applying all that gilding wax you just take a soft
lint-free cloth and wiped down area that you applied it to and then
you’re done so just to remind you this is what the piece looked like painted
before we started and here it is now with the gilding wax embellished I just
love it I cannot believe what a difference it made just adding this
quick little embellishment to a piece and I am NOT a super blingy type of
person but I absolutely loved this and it’s making me want to try it out in
more places in my house this is just a good reminder to me that I need to keep
working with other people and doing pieces for other people because I try
new things that are definitely out of my comfort zone and then I fall in love
with them so my mom is so happy with how this piece turned out and she’s really
proud of it and it’s in her bedroom and she’s already been showing it off to her
friends and now she has a fun little video so we can remember this time
together thank you guys for watching this all the way to the end I hope you
enjoyed getting to know my mom and I hope she encouraged you if you are new
to furniture painting just to step outside of your comfort zone take on big
projects and really make your furniture something beautiful that you can enjoy
and be proud of I will be back soon with another furniture makeover so again make
sure you’re subscribed leave me a thumbs up if you liked this video and any
questions or comments you have for me or my mom you can leave below in the
comment section thanks again for being here and I’ll see you guys next time

10 comments on “Using Gilding Wax With Chalk Paint

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  4. I love how this came out! So pretty!!! I have a bookcase I'm working on I might have to try this on!! Your mom did a great job painting that!

  5. I love your mom and I loved watching you together. I think your Mom did a fantastic job and absolutely had a great teacher/mentor. Great job. It is a beautiful piece.

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  8. I really like the subtle gold effect on this beautiful shade of grey. Was this piece stripped before the chalk paint was applied? it looks perfect! TFS your talents

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