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Videogame Hunting in Greece Ep.1 – Flea Market

How much is this? – How much? 3 euro This is from a video club Video Blue? (an old videoclub chain in Greece) Has a few scratches How much is this? How much? How? 2 euros? – Did you check here? – Yes there’s nothing… There’s something good Virtua Fighter 2 for pc Will you give the prices? – How much is this (memory card) – 10 (euros) – 10, 10, and which one is this? – Mario – 10 You chosen all the best Shouldn’t I? (laughter in greek) You are right! What should you have gotten? The bad ones? How much is this? This is 3 euros, take it for 2 Will you give me both for 5 euros? 26 It’s 26 books. How much for all of them? – Give me 20 and tak them. – No, it’s too much See here, it’s one euro each. Do you know how much they cost? Ok, thanks. Give me 15. Is 15 ok? How much you want to pay? Ok, think about it and let me know. Can I take them for 10 euros?

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