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Vintage Cash Cow for Charities: Getting Started!

Hello everyone, I’m Garry Wilkinson.
I’m Head of Charity Partnerships for Vintage Cash Cow. And it’s great to speak to you today about the service
and what Vintage Cash Cow is all about and how it can help you to raise money
from your unsold and non-saleable donations. Remember don’t bin it, box it! Here at Vintage Cash Cow we have years of
experience turning old vintage items into cash. We’re now bringing that expertise
and knowledge to the third sector, with the launch of Vintage Cash Cow for Charities. With our fully managed service, you can send us your
unsold & non-saleable donations from your supporters, at no cost or risk to the charity. We cover all postage, handling, storage
and selling overheads as part of our service. With years of knowledge in the vintage market, our team
are experts in identifying and pricing items sent into us. Our dedicated customer service team
is on hand to provide any support or advice about the goods we accept and the service we provide. The huge volume of goods we receive, along with our expertise, ensures that you’ll receive
competitive prices for your donated goods, while reducing the risk
of valuables being missed or undervalued. Once we’ve purchased your goods,
we sort them into categories such as precious metals, coins, costume jewellery, medals and memorabilia, watches, cameras, old games and toys, and many more. Items are then photographed by our specialist team. Our goods are sold through a network
of worldwide traders and collectors. Vintage Cash Cow for Charities the hassle-free, haggle-free way to sell
your unsold, non-saleable vintage donations. So how does the service work? Well it’s really, really simple. All you do is fill a box. And there’s no limit on the size of the box, the only limit on the box is a weight limit. You can pack anything up to 30 kilograms. Now 30kgs is an awful lot of weight,
so if the box is getting too heavy for you to lift, just seal that box up and start another box. Because actually we can pick up multiple boxes. Just remember to let Customer Services know
when you call you’ve got more than one box to collect and they’ll take all of the details
and make sure they’re picked up by Parcelforce. You send it to us free of charge,
the cost of postage is covered by us. When it arrives here, our team of appraisers will appraise the box, attribute it with a value, our offers team will offer you that amount for the box and we make speedy payments straight to your charity. It’s as simple as that! The whole process shouldn’t take
more than 5 working days from sending your box in
to receiving payment. So we make sure that the money
goes straight into your tills, where it can do the most good. So, shortly you’ll be receiving your
“Toblerone Welcome Pack” through the post. That should arrive in the next few days. Toblerone Welcome Pack for obvious reasons! It’s shaped like a giant Toblerone. And this is because we know you get lots of things
that come in through the shops and we wanted to make this pack really memorable, so look out for that arriving. Now what will be included
in your Toblerone Welcome Pack, is your welcome letter, that will give you a quick summary of the service, but also it will include your unique
Vintage Cash Cow ID number on the bottom. And that’s really important, because when you send your box in to us you need to make sure you complete one of these, which are return labels. Now there is a couple of return labels in the pack, if you need any more you can give customer services a call,
they will send some more out to you. But to be honest you could use a blank sticker, you could use a piece of paper sellotaped to the box, it doesn’t matter, as long as the label includes 4 pieces of information: That is your unique Vintage Cash Cow ID number, your Charity Name, your name, and the postcode of your shop. If you put those 4 pieces of information
on the return label, then we will know the boxes come from you and it won’t end up in our quarantine. Also included in the pack, your brochure. This is a really, really good document. It includes all the details of
the different things that we buy and details in the back of some of
the things that we don’t accept as well. Really, really useful. Lots and lots of images. So a really, really good document for you to refer to. You will also get a set of flashcards. These you can in place in your sorting area on a hook and again if you’re not sure about
whether you want to put something in the box or not, whether it’s something we can buy, you can check the images and see if it is something we would actually buy. You’ll also get two posters. The posters are the same, but one is A2, that’s this size, the other one is A3. And again this is a sort of ready reckoner
at a glance of the kind of things that we accept and also the kinds of things that we don’t accept. And it also includes on the bottom
our freephone customer service line. If you’re in any kind of doubt as to what to send,
give customer services a call and they will help you. And also of course when your box is ready, give them a call to arrange your free pickup from your shop. We also run a regular monthly competition
which we call “Top Of The Shops”! And this is a chance for the charity shop
that sends in the most valuable box in that particular month to win £50 for their charity. And all we do is,
we see what the top box is and we send you £50. It’s as simple as that! You have an opportunity to win that
every month, if you’re our top shop. We will also send you a monthly newsletter, which we call the “MOOsletter”! (Thanks to our marketing department for that one…) That we send by email, so you will receive that each month, so keep an eye out on that, because contained in there will be any
other competitions that we might be running for that particular month, so keep an eye out for the MOOsletter and for the opportunity to make more for your charity. Also as a special thank you
for signing up for the service we’re going to add a 20% boost
to the value of each of your first boxes so that’s the first box from each of your shops. So make that first box a really, really good
one so you can maximize that extra 20%. Our dedicated customer service team are here to help, so if you’re not sure what to put in the box, or you have any queries about items
you’re thinking of sending to us, just give them a call, and when you have a box ready, give them a call
on the freephone number in your brochure, to arrange your free
Parcelforce collection from your shop. So the most important thing about the service, and the one thing I want you to take away today is that the service does not replace
anything that you’re doing at the moment. It’s not designed to replace
what you’re selling in the shops. It’s not designed to replace what you’re selling online. It’s not designed to replace
what you’re selling with local contacts that you’ve made over the years
as the manager of the shop. It’s actually complementing all of those things. So the service is not about the things you sell, it’s actually about the things that you don’t sell. What the service does is it offers you an outlet
for your unsold and non-saleable donations. So these might be items that you’ve tried to sell
in the shop already and they haven’t sold or they might be out items that
you wouldn’t sell in the first place, because they might be broken, or damaged, or tarnished, or dented, or they might actually be things that,
as a charity, you don’t want to sell. So, for example, a lot of cancer charities and
hospices don’t like to sell anything smoking-related. So they wouldn’t sell old pipes, cigarette cases, cigarette lighters, and other smoking paraphernalia. You can send all of those to us in the box
and still earn money from them. There’s still value in those items
even though you wouldn’t sell them in the shop. And it is an offer that you really can refuse. So actually if you send us a box of items
and you’re not happy with the offer that we provide, we’ll parcel everything back up
and we will send it back to you free of charge. The stock remains yours until you’ve accepted an offer. What we would say is 99% of the offers
that we make to charities are accepted, because what you’re sending us are the things
you’ve already tried to sell in the shops. So why would you want them back? What’s the outlet for them? Well usually those things end up in the bin, or the end up in recycling, and they earn you pennies. And obviously we can pay more than that. So what I want you to do is
think of us almost like the rag man, but for non-clothing. So if you think about
when you get a donation of clothing, you open the bag there are some things
that are unsaleable, they’ll go straight to rag. The saleable stuff you’ll steam it, you’ll price it, you’ll tag it, you’ll hang it. Hopefully it sells to the first customer within 20 minutes but of course that doesn’t always happen
and we know that. So what happens if it doesn’t sell in your two weeks
that you’ll have them on display? Well you’ll take them off,
you might send them to another shop. That shop might try them for a couple of weeks as well. If they still don’t sell we might mark them down and then if they still don’t sell they go to rag. So there’s a value at every level for that clothing. For the things we deal in you don’t have that rag man. Well not until now. So what happens is you try to sell them at full price, you send them around to the shops, you mark them down, and if they still don’t sell what happens to them? Well ultimately they either end up in the bin or they
end up in recycling and they earn you next to nothing. We provide you with an alternative for that stock. It really is an offer that you can refuse, so the goods remain yours
until you’ve accepted an offer from us. So once you have a box filled, we organize a free pickup from your shop, we bring them into our centre here in Leeds, and a team of our appraisers will appraise the box
and attribute it with a value. You then get a telephone from a member
of our offers team with the value for the box, and if you’re happy, we make that payment straight to you. It’s as simple as that. Now if for any reason you’re not happy with the offer, we will put everything back in the box
and we will send it back to you free of charge. And it is a completely free service, remember it costs you absolutely nothing. There are no signup fees, there are no ongoing costs, there are no commissions, and there’s nothing deducted from the offer. If we make you an offer of £100 for a box, you receive £100. It’s as simple as that! And there are no postage costs either,
the pickup is free of charge, and if for any reason you’re not happy with the offer,
we will also return your items free of charge. So I mentioned before that it’s not about perfection and it really isn’t. Things that are battered, broken, dented, tarnished, we’ll still buy them from you. So we get a lot of things from charities
for example broken watches. What will we do with a broken watch? Well we put all those pieces together and we’ll sell them on
to a watch repairer or a watch restorer. Same for cameras as well. A huge amount of what we get from charities, in fact probably the biggest single items
that we get from charities, it’s costume jewellery. We know that you’re inundated with costume jewellery. So what do you do? Well you sell the best stuff in your shops, but then by the time you’ve sold that, you’ve had another supply of the best stuff to sell again. So the costume jewellery that’s not quite as good, not counting of course
all the broken and damaged items, never ever gets to the shop floor. So what do you do with them? Well often they get thrown away, they end up in the bin, and they earn you nothing. You can put all of that costume jewellery
into a box for us. It doesn’t have to be old, it doesn’t have to be antique, it can be anything. Put it in a box to us. If there’s anything nice hiding in there,
some odd bits of gold or silver, that might have been missed. Some really nice beads that you might have missed, that might be really saleable. We’ll take all of those out, sort through everything, and pay your proper prices for them. And that’s another great thing about what we do. You don’t have to sort everything
before you put it in the box. Just put everything straight in the box,
we’ll do all the sorting for you. Spend as little time as you can
on putting the boxes together. We want it to be all profit for you. The third thing we get lots of… metal. We get an awful lot of non precious metals. Brass, pewter, copper, and silver plate. And that’s why we launched our metal price promise. And that guarantees that you will earn a minimum
of £1 a kilo on brass, pewter, copper and silver plate. Now of course if the market is better,
and if prices are higher, we will pay you more. For example at the moment silver is over £2 a kilo,
but we guarantee it will never fall below £1. And often these were the items
that charities were putting into recycling buckets, that were earning 5p or 10p a kilo. So if all you do is fill your boxes with
non-precious metals you can earn far more with us. So I hope that’s given you
a bit of an insight as to what we do here, and how we can help you to raise more money
from your unsold and non-saleable donations. So good luck with your boxes and remember, there really is no catch. However don’t just take my word for it. We’re working with over 260 different charities. Here’s what some of them say:

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