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Vintage Lenses for Fuji X – Pentax Lenses

welcome my name is noe and today I’m
going to talk to you about my collection of vintage Pentax glass that I use on my
Fuji X system it may come as a surprise to many people
who watch my videos or follow me on Instagram to learn that I I love
shooting on vintage glass like I think it’s wonderful I have a pretty decent
collection of old lenses but I’m particularly fond of Pentax glass Pentax
glass is very consistent you know it’s from made in Japan construction is solid
the little focus wheel is actually really really sweet and it just it’s a
wonderful experience shooting with these lenses and they’re all really really
high quality you can usually find them for very cheap on eBay
anyways I shoot these on my Fuji x-pro 2 but realistically speaking you can
shoot it on any mirrorless camera or any DSLR camera you just need to buy the
adapter now I always get this question like which adapter am i using where can
i buy it blah blah blah and it doesn’t really matter you can buy any adapter
they’re all around eight bucks online I use the kms concept but the only reason
I use it is because I found this guy on Craigslist here in Seoul and he actually
lives in the city next next to mine just like one hour not just like when I want
away right so if I buy an adapter it takes like a
day to get here so I don’t have a brand Allegiance I just buy it cuz he lives
the next city over and they’re usually around ten bucks
anyways let’s talk about my Pentax lens collection and why I like them first off
we have the SMC Pentax 28 mm f2.8 now back in the day wide-angle lenses
were not the greatest but actually this one is pretty decent
you know I is one of the lenses I like using every now and then I didn’t buy
this lens my girlfriend at the time which is now my wife used to shoot
photography too and she actually bought this lens but she doesn’t shoot anymore
so now it pretty much belongs to me and I like using it every now and then I
have the Pentax ME or ME super and I usually keep it on that film
camera because I like to play around with different cameras you know so I
have two of those actually one of them was I also gave it to me by a friend and
I keep them a really good condition Japanese take really good care of their
Glass you know so even though it’s quite old it’s quite nice you can find it on
ebay from anywhere from 40 to 80 bucks and if you find one like at a garage
sale or something like I would suggest getting it
unless it’s in really terrible condition I don’t have a 35-millimeter for Pentax
for some people they either shoot 35 or 28mm and I just happened to be one of
those people have first 28mm over 35mm but I do know that Pentax has good thirty
five-millimeter class so if you’re that kind of thirty five-millimeter person
you should look into it now my first film camera was the Pentax
k1000 which is proud of the same for many people watching this video and it
came with the SMC Pentax 50mm f1.4 again I have two of those lenses but I really
like the blue coating on it and I really like the buttery smooth focus ring it’s
a really nice lenses have always been a pleasure to shoot with but after some
time I wanted to like research into what is a fantasy pen taxes best glass right
and one of them was a super tech Kumar 50 millimeter at one point for now I
think about this lens is there actually two variations there’s like an eight
element and a seven element but it’s not that much of a difference from all the
images I’ve seen and my version is a seven element Super Takumar 50mm f1.4 and actually our story um in the rear elements I know people think
it’s a coating it’s not it’s actually baked into the glass itself but uh it’s
a radioactive plans for for simplicity sake if you don’t know how all
radioactive lenses work I just made a video about it you can check it out it
uh it really changes the light it it bends the light differently it makes it
quite beautiful my only knick with it is that it’s a
little the bokeh is beautiful right but it’s really really hard to nail the
focus even with the focus peaking on my camera so we wanna do
it’s quite lovely anyways even though it goes down to f1.4 I usually shoot it on f2
and it looks just as good to me you know and it’s one of the lenses I’ve had for
longest and I love it very much but some time ago not that long actually I bought
the Super Takumar 55mm f1.8 also radioactive now this one only goes
down to f1.8 but the difference between those two the 50mm f1.4 and 55mm f1.8
besides the being stopped down SS is uh it’s actually much sharper wide open so
55 millimeter 1.8 currently is my favorite lens just for that reason
yeah and it’s actually quite nice I think over the prices but the both the
SMC Pentax 50 millimeter f1.4 and the Super Takumar 50mm f1.4 they go for about the
same price for its great evening you don’t mind a little radiation which is
actually quite negligible I would go for the Super Takumar 50mm 1.4 really it’s
no it’s no big deal nothing to worry about Brown make a
video about those two lenses later the 50 1.4 and the 55 1.8 now it’s funny
because the 55 millimeter 1.8 is actually kind of cheaper than the 50 1.4
even though I prefer the 55 1.8 quite honestly any time I’ve gone a Pentax
lens they’ve always really been like in super pristine condition like no
scratches or anything they’ve just been reviled and clean so these are wonderful
lenses like the Japanese really take care of them I get most of my lenses
from Japan because I live Korea so it’s like right next door it doesn’t take
more than a week for the lens to get here one thing you do have to consider
about the Super Takumar 50mm 1.4 and the SMC Takumar 55 f1.8 is they do tend to
yellow over time this is because of the radiation now there’s a whole scientific
reason why turns yellow but you can just leave them by the window for a few days
and the unit will clear right my next lens is actually the SMC Takumar 135 f3.5
it’s actually really really beautiful portrait lens if you can hold your hand
still these lenses can actually be found really really cheap on eBay like almost
all these lenses are really easy to find and they’re really cheap this one cost
like twenty or thirty dollars which is surprising given the quality because the
way these lenses are built and like the pictures you get out of them is just
just pure awesome you know honestly if you were like a poor photographer or
just want to get started in photography like I would invest in some good vintage
glass like the ones I’m telling you about right now and you can actually
communicate collection of all ranges you know which is not that much money
anyways you Super Takumar 135mm 3.5 great for portraits I’m not the greatest portrait
photographer but I do like to use it from time to time it’s also pretty
decent at macro even though I’m not a macro photography either I got the
Pentax 200 millimeter f4 from a friend and actually I find this one a little
bit hard to use you kind of need a really steady hand
unless you’re shooting in the daytime because you’re gonna be using like a
high shutter speed but it’s really beautiful lens and the construction is
really well made I want I don’t think my words do these lenses justice that’s why
I’m going to make like more in depth not review is the same way other youtubers
do them for like I just want to show you guys all kinds of pictures I get out of
these lenses because people are always shocked to hear that I take my
photography with old vintage lenses you know like I do have expensive autofocus
glass but I really only use those for like events or weddings or that kind of
thing but the rest of the time when I’m out shooting about with friends or just
enjoying myself I prefer to use vintage glass just because the way it feels and
the satisfaction of using it’s really hard to explain you have to shoot these
for yourself to understand finally my last lens is a too big to show here is
actually the Pentax 500mm f4.5 and a f 4.5 now this
is extremely difficult to use even mounted on a tripod but the reason I use
it is mainly to get that very condensed look at the city so like so is
surrounded by mountains and even though it’s 4.5 I don’t shoot it at 4.5 because
you can it’s really really hard first of all I usually shoot around f9
with this Lancet that’s not really a problem because for me it’s more of a
landscape lens which makes me think and give much more respect to like per
photographers back in the day for using this lens being able to focus with this
beast it is quite heavy and I’ve seen I go up to around $700 on ebay but one day
I saw it on ebay for $200 and I thought to myself that’s that’s really really
cheap for a 500 millimeter lens and if I find you middle your prime for the
matter and so I just nod there right up straight from Japan and one week later
it was here now I’m not going to tell you to go out there and get a 500
millimeter F 4.5 because I don’t think most of you would ever use it but for me
since I like shooting from the mountains and I like getting a lot of cityscapes
on a tripod it’s a great lens but yeah like I said I’m going to be doing more
in-depth reviews about these lenses for not reviewers the same way other
youtubers do just reviews my way and most of these lenses are pretty cheap
you can get the 200 millimeter from anywhere like 30 to 80 bucks so most of
this class you get on for less than $80 that’s the great thing about all vintage
lenses and if you’re just starting out if you’re just like a hobbyist and you
might want to look into getting old vintage glass you know because its first
of all it’s cheaper and these days everyone is using a mirrorless system so
they can easily focus without manual lenses you know it’s not really a
problem so I don’t I don’t see the need to spend thousands of dollars more just
for autofocus when I can just autofocus it myself and it only takes me like a
second or two so anyways if you have any questions please feel free to ask
meanwhile do enjoy these the this they’re wonderful they’re awesome
if you’re using Fuji X or any other mirrorless camera I highly recommend you
look into vintage lenses doesn’t have to be just mine where zero you

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