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Vintage P.N. Corset found at the Rose Bowl Flea Market Pasadena

Vintage P.N. Corset found at the Rose Bowl Flea Market Pasadena

i, I’m Katie from What Katie Did and welcome
back. Today I’m going to tell you about my best
ever find from the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena, California. Now I know I told you about my best ever find
at the Rose Bowl late last year, but that was 2019 and now it’s 2020. So I’ve definitely started 2020 on a roll. Someone commented on my videos in January
that they were a little bit repetitive. So I was going to take you out on the road. I was going to tell you about my dream day
in Los Angeles where I generally take some days off. And I love to go to the Rose Bowl Flea Market. And I love to go to Yoga Blend, which is my
yoga studio I go to in Burbank. I also like to drop by Dollar King, which
is great for artwork and art accessories. And you never know exactly what you’re going
to find there. It’s great for picking up cheap things. And also I love to spend some time at Olympic
Spa on Olympic, over the other side of the hill in LA. So that’s what I do on my dream day, and that’s
what I was going to talk to you about today. But of course things don’t go to plan, so
I’m afraid you’re stuck with me here again, where I tell you about my best ever find at
the Rose Bowl Flea. At the Rose Bowl , you never know exactly
what you’ll find. So it’s always best to go with it there with
an open mind. And this time around I’d been wandering around
for quite a while, and I hadn’t found anything good at all. I’d found a few interesting things, but when
I’m traveling, I have to be aware of what I can actually fit back in my suitcase to
bring home, whether I need anything for the store. So it’s specific things I’m actually after,
although I don’t actually have a list in mind. It’s just when I see something, I’ll know
it. And this time I hadn’t bought anything at
all. And I was just wondering around, and I saw
this amazing princess coat. And it was a teeny, teeny, tiny size. And I walked past it and I thought, “Oh, I’ll
film that. Because it’s interesting, because I hadn’t
filmed very much.” So I took the time to film it. And then as I was walking past, I had a sneaky
look in the rest of the stands. And at first glance it didn’t seem very, very
interesting at all. Most of it was ’60s, 70s, but then as I looked
through to the back of the store, something really caught my eye. And it turns out it was this amazing vintage
corset. And not only was it an amazing vintage corset,
it was $75, which was within my budget. So I saw it, and the owner of the stand was
talking to a friend of hers and I was like, “Can I have a look at it?” And she was like, “Yes, of course.” And it’s so rare to see an actual vintage
corset as it were out in the wild. So I was being so precious with it, and it
was so amazing. And I couldn’t believe I’d found it. This is it. So this is my amazing find. It’s a corset by P.N. Corsets. And what makes it really special to me is
it’s made out of mesh. So it’s obviously designed to be worn in warmer
weather. And when we talk about mesh corsets today,
a lot of people wear mesh corsets during the summer. And the same thing happened back in the day,
when women wore corsets, is they would wear lighter corsets, especially in the tropics. They would when they went to India and places
like that. So this is an amazing find. It’s a size 20, which is small. We tend to think of people being smaller in
Victorian times than they are today. But when you look at what the size is that
corsets were made in and what they sold in, it was generally the same size as we sell
today. But if they offered peg ones, they generally
were 18 inch to 30 inch, the same as a lot of companies do today. Although in recent years, people have started
making larger corsets standard. So it’s pretty much a standard corset. I can only think that because it is a tiny
size, it never got sold. It might have been display. It’s definitely deadstock. It’s never been worn. So it was a really special find. In all my years of collecting vintage pieces,
I’ve never actually found a corset like this. So you can tell I was really, really excited. The lady whose stall it was is called Deanne. And she’s actually from San Diego. And I never realized this, but you have regular
spots at these shows. So her regular spot at the Rose Bowl is space
D2. Now don’t ask me where you’ll find space D2,
because it’s such a massive show. But I can tell you it’s the other side of
the bridge. And I’ve spoken about the bridge in another
video. But she told me a little bit about the story. She said it basically came from a clearance
sale, one of these containers that they clear out. And I’m sure you’ve seen the TV show where
they do the container clear outs and you never know exactly what you’re going to buy. So you’ve been on the container and this one
happens to be full of corsets, which is amazing. And she split the corsets with someone else. And then she had a buyer who took all the
corsets off her, but then she finds another one afterwards. And she phoned up this guy and said, “Oh,
I’ve got one more. Do you want it?” And they said yes, but lucky for me they didn’t
actually come and pick it up. So Deanne took it to the Rose Bowl where I
found it and skipped up straight away. I was so excited. We had a really nice talk. Because obviously when you’re on a stand,
it’s really nice to be able to have a chat with someone who appreciates what you do. And once I’d found this piece, I actually
found an amazing garter belt and an amazing slip from her. So it’s nice being able to talk to people,
and they might have something tucked away that you might be interested in. So from that one coat which I saw, I found
these amazing goodies including this corset. Inside this corset, it’s got a P.N. trademark
and it’s got a cork steel protector. And this information printed on is before
you had labels in corsets. So this would have the size and all the information
about the brands. So you know what brand it was. And lucky for me, it was on here, because
otherwise I wouldn’t be able to research the history. But the cork steel protector would have been
this bit here. So I can only imagine that there’s cork inside. And this is the busk protector, so it stops
the hard metal against your skin. Another thing that is really cute is on the
busk, it actually says P.N. So if I can open it, I’ll do a close-up of
it later, but it’s actually got P.N. stamped into the busk there. I did do a quick Google about P.N. Corsets, and it turns out it started in the
1870s and it was based in New Haven, Connecticut. And it was known as I. Newman and Co. So the I. Newman and Co. owned the P.N. corset
trademark brand. And there’s not a huge amount of information
out there. But what is interesting is this corset is
dated 1880. So although it’s very old to me, this was
made in the first seven years that the company existed. So they were still quite newbies when it comes
to making corsets with this one. They carried on throughout the first half
of the 20th Century, and then they started making girdles and founded Sarong Inc. And the girdles were under the label Sarong
Inc. And this went through to 1973. The P.N. Practical front corset was being made from
’48 to ’68, and then that’s the last we heard of it. So they were a company that was going for
nearly 100 years making corsets and foundation garments. And there’s not very much information about
them out there, but there would have been hundreds of corset companies. And it’s just amazing to have this piece of
history. Obviously there’s nothing very much we can
do with this corset other than look at it and admire it. I did pick up a couple of other pieces, which
I’m going to take a little bit of inspiration from. I got a garter belt, which has an amazing
stitch detail on, so I’ll be looking at incorporating that. But I picked up this piece simply because
it is just so unusual to find, and it’s such a beautiful piece. When I find anything good, I’ll be sure to
keep you updated. But if you do have any questions about corsets
or vintage lingerie in the meantime, please get in touch. And in the meantime, take care.

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  1. Wow it is beautiful!! Im glad you said the age of it. What amazing condition 🥰🥰🥰
    Will it be on display in your london shop?
    Im hoping to pop in sometime this month!

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