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Vintage Viking Cycle Restoration

Vintage Viking Cycle Restoration

What we are going to do right here is go back Way Back Hello and Welcome to another bike and another restoration this is a Viking I did not know that much about the company itself so I did a bit of digging on line and I know that the Company formed is 1908 by an Alfred Victor Davies and I know that because I stumbled across a lovely looking brochure a 50th anniversary brochure the company did a lot of racing in the 1930’s so a lot of racing pedigree there but I found really interesting was in the 1970’s the company Lambert and Viscount took the company over and they still traded under the Viking name but took it in to the 1980’s unfortunately in the 1980’s the company dissipated and feel apart and the company now has been taken over by a company called Avocet Sports Ltd so yes the bike is still being produced today and as I say a lot of History there regarding our bike I would put it late 1970’s and the reason for that is just basically the cable guides on the bike it self and the group set it has a Silstar crank and the Rear Mech well the Rear mech is completely jammed into the rear wheel so quiet a lot of work to be done on this bike its self the saddle is torn and loving the centre pull brakes quiet a lot of work probably going to change the wheels them selves as we do lets get the bike stripped down see exactly where we are at and we are going to take it from there OK Brilliant well there is the bike all stripped down it has been a bit of a mission regards to a couple of parts the handle bars and the forks was completely seized on and also the bottom bracket was seized also so I had to get them into the vice and physical turn that in there so I have managed to free them up everything else is fine the bearings themselves are completely shot I will have to buy some new bearings so It is not to costly in that respect just a lot of cleaning now so lets crack on and get a move on with that right OK so where are we up to with this frame we have completely rubbed the frame down itself I have used a product called Karust to that any areas of Rust there is quiet at bit on the frame itself it is all rubbed down now all the decals are all taped up so what we are going to do is use a spray and actually respray the frame itself over all this because the areas are quiet large yes it defiantly needs spraying so what we are going to do is sheet up hang the frame up so that we have full rotation of the frame its self so thats it so lets crack on and get this frame cleaned up OK so what is the plan of action with this one we have so basically I have done a coat of paint over the top there and I have just cleaned all the components up as much as I can it all looks clean and is going to look a lot better than when it came in so lets run through exactly what we have got bottom bract here we have got some black pedals that have been knocking around so I am going to use them because the pedals was really gone the rear mech was completely destroyed if you remember so I had one of these laying around so I am going to keep the cost down as much as possible I am aware this bike to sell it on does not cost that much so I have to keep the cost really low on this one but it should still be a nice clean bike I have got a nice black saddle here also that I had knocking around so yes cool should look really good so with out further a do so lets crack on and putting this back together OK Well it looks incredible comparing to how it came in just to keep this bike on the road is a real achievement very happy that I have done this what I did not mention was the the front forks I had to grind that out to accommodate a 700c wheel the front spindle was slightly to wide for that so I had to grind that out the rear was fine and it has taken the rear derailleur no problem at all so everything seems to be working its all about keeping this bike on the road so so with out further a do lets get out and try it out Well this might not of been the most expensive restoration that we have done but is been a good one its absolutely fantastic to ride with so much detail back from the 1970’s really really loving all the cable guides and the centre pull brakes loving the running gear with the Silstar Crank absolutely amazing so yes I am very happy that I have done it and I hope that it encourages some of you to get that old push iron out to restore it and get it back out on the road if you do enjoy watching the videos then please drop us a like other than that click on Subscribe and until next time Bye for now!

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  1. Great video again Andy. Can I ask how you go about matching the paint colour and also do you need to use a primer coat over the rusted areas? Best wishes, Ian

  2. Andy. Really enjoy your videos! When you touch up frames with spray paint, what type of paint do you use? Also, do you spray a clear coat over afterwards? Thank you! Bill

  3. Hey Andy, great work as always mate !do you think next time you could go into more detail with the reassembly, cleaning and painting instead of speeding through it. I'd like to see your techniques for certain aspects.
    Nice one pal

  4. Another great job 🙂 I had never considered masking up decals, I may do this as I have two bikes I want to restore, but I have never seen anyone do reproduction decals. I have a couple of questions for you.
    1. What brand of bar tape do you use? The one you have there looks a lot more retro than the stuff I buy in bike shops, also where do you get that rainbow tape for tidying up/anchoring the ends of the bar tape?
    2. How do you get those camera angles at wheel level of you riding? do you have someone following with a GoPro?
    Really enjoying your videos and taking notes on how to improve my own 🙂

  5. Another successful restoration Andy, bike ride looks great 🙂 your projects are inspirational and you can do a heck of a job. Thanks for sharing them with us!
    Let me ask you, can you when you sprayed was that just a polish agent or paint? Guess what am wondering is if it's paint how did you get the exact color? I have actually stucked with my Peugeot project trying to decide if I paint it another color or have to pay a pro to paint and come up with the right original color (I checked the available to colors that come in cans and nothing comes close.
    Thank you

  6. Watching your videos while ironing. Can't look away. Keep them coming! Great idea for a channel. Perfect!

  7. This project proves that with a small amount of money and some elbow grease you can have a really lovely looking classic bike that is a pleasure to ride.

  8. When looking at this way of handling the frame. Doesn't it become a problem with different colour tones on the fresh paint and the par which you "miss" when masking over the decals?

  9. My first racer is a Dawes Giro 200 and I'm looking for a retro racer but I don't know where to look, where could I find one or are yours up for sale and if you have any what is the lowest price?

  10. However I'm looking for a Carlton continental for my dad , I was going to strip it for parts and put it on his old one. Have you got one in an okay condition?

  11. If you find a Carlton continental with not a lot of rust (okay condition too strip down) then how much would you be asking for it?

  12. I'm just looking for a Carlton continental 1976 bicycle that is in okay condition ready to be stripped down . For a low price

  13. Hi I'm restoring my granpa's old Bottecchia, from the late '70s i think. Do you tink that if i change the (broken) non aero brake levers with the aero one i'll ruin the bike or decrese the value?

  14. You're the best Andy. I will bring you beer if ever I visit from Canada. I'm restoring a 1987 Peugeot "Sport."

  15. I had a Viking, it was my second true Road bike, after a BSA Tour De France, it was a Viking Vision, in purple, full Shimano 600 Reynolds 531 frame, I loved that bike, well until I totalled it into the neighbours front wall.

  16. Andy, great job as always! They can't all be Ferrari's. One question, bike fenders were they original? I kinda loved them.

  17. This was the first new bike my folks ever bought me. Spot on with the age…. Shame it didn't have the "goldstar" decals on there…. Nice one

  18. Thank you for making a video about a Viking bike. I own a Lambert and a Viscount, but Viking bikes are not common in the U.S. I agree with your idea of keeping bikes on the road being the goal more than "preserving" bikes, unless the bike in question is truly special.

  19. By "Preserving," I mean leaving the bike in "as found" condition, even if the bike needs serious work and cannot be ridden. Some people even save the old, ruined and rotted tires if the tires will hold any air at all. That is not an aspect of the bike hobby which interests me.

  20. IT's got 6 extra inches of cabling for the rear mech. Non-index mechs dont need 12" of cabling between the cable stop and the derailleur stop, they need something like half that much …

  21. I love what you are doing, restoring theses old bikes.. the bicycle and the bicycle frame is beautiful engineering at its best.

  22. Great job. Please can you post the colour of the paint you used. My viking goldstar needs a touch up. I am finding it difficult to find a metalic orangy gold paint to match.

  23. Love your videos! Thank you for sharing! Also what is the brand name of the rust product that you used?

  24. Your bike builds are superb! Question: your cables seem longer than some other builds. Is this taste or do they function slightly better? Thanks for the great vids

  25. Viking Vision 531 was the bees knees when I was going to school, long long ago. I had to settle for the less expensive Viking Superstar. This was my bike: https://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/MzJYMzI=/z/Wh0AAOSwfkdZkF77/$_86.JPG

  26. You made it look so easy! I've got a late 1970s Sun solo ladies road bike, I've fallen in love with it and wish to restore it. I can change chains, wheels and do general upkeep however with this one I have no idea where to start. Any advice?

  27. How much motivating you are! I decided restoration of cro-mo Batavus road bike to myself using. I have been a few problems with it but thanks to your useful tips I believe than I will finish it before the summer season.

  28. i buy a gazelle trim trophy 531 in a bike shop in 2003 for 25 euros i didnt want to hire a 6 euro crap batarvas with 1 gear so bought one now i cant but a bike that cheap no more

  29. thanks for the inspirational videos. I'm trying to improve my old Peugot Monaco… your videos give me good ideas.

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