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Visiting North vs South Civil War Battlefield of Chancellorsville, VA

Visiting North vs South Civil War Battlefield of Chancellorsville, Virginia Earth works at Chancellorsville were simple often just piles the blogs and dirt hastily thrown together by men under fire They survive today as gentle mounds that laced the battlefield well, that’s the beginning of the third day on our trip Matt and I are in Chancellorsville Virginia and We’re at the Chancellorsville National Battlefield visitor center, and we are just several feet from where Jackson was mortally wounded by friendly fire While [he] was on a reconnaissance tour always on the lookout for Civil War relics This stone marks the site where Jackson was mortally wounded Take a stick All right, we are not going to be deterred. There’s a [spiderweb]. Just make a big circle move forward Just move forward Boldly move forward excellent Nothing is going to deter him. Maybe a Lot of spiders, so we’re hiking the historic Chancellor Bill Trail the hardest thing is keeping this young man up with me because Not that he can’t keep up with me. He’s looking for artifacts that right yeah I’m thinking he’s not the first person to check the stump however if someone’s going to find something it will be mateo This is beautiful hot Humid but beautiful Matt, and I just had a great hike I was sending out a few tweets and Facebook messages on the way out, but This young man has quite a pace that is not let up So I had to concentrate We’re ending the hike right now Time for some water and moving on to the next Battlefield area This area is absolutely beautiful So glad I’m doing this with Matt so listen if you want to stay in touch and up to date on things other than on YouTube don’t forget to check out my Facebook Twitter Instagram and Snapchat us n, Er, Doc you

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