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VLOG 001 | Chania Crete old town | Where is the Wine?

VLOG 001 | Chania Crete old town | Where is the Wine?

This is Chania, in Crete! I’m only here for 48 hours. I have been called in for a meeting. I’ve organized a second meeting. But, I reckon I’m gonna find time to show you tasters around. Time is gonna be tight but I’m just gonna have to be organized let’s do this! No matter how tight time is there’s always time to bounce on your hotel bed! While I’m here, I want to find this Cretan wine called Dafnios, by the Douloufakis winery. A friend of mine a sommelier in Cyprus has recommended it. In fact what he said was if you’re in Crete you absolutely have to find and taste this label. That’s a pretty strong recommendation I can’t wait to track this down. I’ve been traveling for hours, I need a coffee! Everybody in Greece is crazy about frappe. It is cold coffee shaken with ice cubes. I can’t wait to have a frappe right now. Let’s go! I found some coffee guys. Unfortunately, one of my meetings has been postponed by a text message. I need to call this lady and I need to talk to her. I hate to be pushy but I’m only here for another 38 hours and she’s the one who’s called me to consult about her brand. Two things stand out in Chania. Lovely jewellery and amazing leather work! Look how intricate the jewellery is. The detail is amazing I love everything. Absolutely beautiful, and it’s kind of hippie but elegant as well. I love it. Check this out you guys! This is a city of leather and this market here… I’m calling it Leather Street because there’s a leather shop every two meters I’m in heaven! This is perfect. And all I have to do is stop paying rent, stop feeding myself, and I can afford it. True love. It might happen! I’m a 90s girl. I have a crush on Russell Crowe and I always will. Gladiator sandals! There’s a lot of woodwork as well. All of these are handmade. It makes me want to cook! Hey tasters! We learn something new every day. This is Ariadne, she was King Minos daughter who helps Theseus kill the Minotaur. This is where you get the expression of plots unravelling, or a good yarn. This is how she helped Theseus escape from the labyrinth and if you follow the yarn you get to a very clever depiction of the Minotaur as a labyrinth. What I didn’t know and I’ve just found out is that all of this is sponsored by coca-cola. Tasters, I have been to every single restaurant along this harbour behind me asking for Douloufakis Dafnios and it’s proving really elusive. I’m so frustrated and heartbroken because I had my heart set on tasting this wine after my friend’s recommendation. Now I’m gonna have to go back to Cyprus and admit that I’ve failed. Which is really frustrating! However, I have to be grown-up about this. My meeting has been rescheduled and I have to meet someone in one of these buildings behind us. I’m afraid I can’t take the camera to a meeting so I’m going to say goodbye for now. However, I’ll catch up with you after this meeting… I can see that bakery where I had my coffee before. I think it’s time for another frappe. Right guys, something incredible happened. I came into this shop for a coffee. This wonderful man here, he’s a baker with a degree in mineral engineering. He also dreams of opening his own winery. His family has been involved in winemaking for generations in the Peloponnese. He’s here in Chania. I walked into his shop. I asked for a coffee. I had a coffee. Some of the best conversations take place either with coffee or with wine. So, I mentioned my quest to find this bottle. This is Dafnios, it is Liatiko grape, by Douloufakis. And I told him I’ve been looking all over Chania to find this bottle, and he said one minute, and then he went next door, and came back, and here’s the bottle! So, I’m going to do wine tasting in a bakery which must be a YouTube first! We must first of all thank you, and we must drink it fast because I stole it! You didn’t!? No, no, no. Hahaha. Here, it is Chania. You just knock on a door, and you just ask. So yes! It is Douloufakis. Let’s try it. I have heard a lot of good comments about that. Well this is a brilliant wine, it’s an exceptional wine. Liatiko is known for having a very light colour as you can see. It’s crystal light. However, many compare it in taste to Barolo, which is a very powerful wine. And you can smell the fruit. Please, you are the specialist. I must learn from the best. Thank you very much! Cheers! So this is such a find. Now, he refuses to tell me however, I believe it’s quite affordable and Jefford from Decanter has given this a 92! This is an exceptional wine guys. Red fruit, light tannnins, perfectly balanced. This wine is brilliant! Hey Tasters! I’ve just had the best time. My second meeting has just wrapped up and it’s gone very very well. This town is magical. My new best friend Panayotis, my wine hero, who found Douloufakis Dafnios for me is absolutely right. This city, all you have to do is knock on a door and everybody’s willing and happy to help you. I’m in love with the old town of Chania. I can’t wait to be back here and when I do I’m going to bring you guys with me. But until then I’ll see you on the next video. Tasters, remember, if you haven’t subscribed already, subscribe now and don’t forget to leave a comment. We love talking about wine.

8 comments on “VLOG 001 | Chania Crete old town | Where is the Wine?

  1. This is probably one of the best videos I 've ever seen! Excellent work! Full of enthusiasm, colours, authenticity and ….. wine tasting! I simply want to taste that wine!

  2. What an adventure!!! Saved by…the baker! 🙂 Is there any chance we can find Dafnios in Cyprus by the way? Or should we just fly to Crete?!

  3. Now that's what I call a Cretan adventure! Not only did you find a bottle of Dafnios in a bakery-served by an engineer, but you also found a pair of Gladiator sandles! The things you discover Annabelle!

  4. You wanna find real Cretan wine? Get the bus from Hania (or any provincial town) southwards out to the mountain village of Meskla (or any non-touristy rural village). Get off the bus. Walk to the nearest house. Knock on the door. Ask for some aspro krassi (white) and some cochino krassi (red). Don't worry — it's not that ghastly retsina. Cretans hate retsina. It's an Athenian abomination, they say. They'll then go down into their cellar and decant some for you from out of a 44 gallon drum (their annual supply of each). It'll be right next to a drum of tsigouthia (their village schnaps) and several 44 gallon drums of virgin cold pressed olive oil from the latest local harvest. It'll be close to the same variety and style and taste to any pricey and renowned "Dafnios" bottle of indigenous grapes you buy in the shops but which has a bigger marketing department and a pretty label on the bottle!

    When aspiring to be (or pretending to be) a wine connoisseur (or a connoisseur of anything) one needs to be a bit careful you are not seeking out a "reputation" rather than an actually superior product. Cretans are not wine snobs. They grow and process and drink and share their biblical era wines for the sole purpose of hospitality and conviviality. The same grapes grow on the village veranda pergolas as in the commercial vineyards, except the soils are richer and organic. Hence you will find the same, if not a better, drinking experience from the home cellar as in the city shops!

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