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Watch As 25-Year-Old Takes Out Anger On Entire Family

When we sent producers to interview Ryan at home, they actually witnessed Ryan taking his anger out on his entire family. Look you’re gonna get your weed, okay? When the (beep) is she gonna come right now? I swear to God, like this is pissing me the (beep) off. Oh my God. Oh, dads calling. (punching noise) I’m (beep) serious. When the (beep) shit.
Hey! When the (beep) is she gonna come? (beep) why the (beep) did you punch the door? So I don’t know.
Ryan, Ryan! Oh my God I’m about to(beep) right now. Okay listen your Dads coming, Amandas coming right now. Can you stop please? Oh my god. He’s (beep) mad right now because he has no money for weed and Amanda’s taking forever. I need that (beep) thirty-five. Okay Ryan. You owe me that (beep) thirty-five. Please can you (beep) transfer it to me? There’s people in here— Oh my god. You know what I’m not. Ryan, Ryan.
(beep) man what? You’re gonna, don’t yell at me like that. Don’t yell at Mom like that. (beep) No! What are you doing? I’m not (beep) playing anymore. Ryan! Please get the (beep) out of here! Get the (beep) out! Okay, okay. Ryan. (beep) Ryan. All you guys get the (beep) out of my room right now. Get the (beep) out! Okay. Sada go, go, go, go, go. Seriously? Dr. Phil its not her fault. It’s really not Ryan will get into a monster, seriously, and we don’t know what he’s capable of. This is not okay. Its not. This should not go on another day of your life. This is not okay.
Absolutely not. And you say I’m his mother, so I love him, so I’m going to continue to allow him to. Do you think this is in his best interest? No it’s not. You’re allowing this to go on. You’re doing this because you think it keeps peace for you. Right I know. I just don’t know how else to to deal with him.

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