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We Spend $3300 on a Abandoned Storage Unit with Dave Hester 1st we cried then Laughed Storage Wars

We Spend $3300 on a Abandoned Storage Unit with Dave Hester 1st we cried then Laughed Storage Wars

25 no balls no food chips 20 miles 25 20
but you done yeah you’re down right yeah you want to bid 25 26 26 27 28 29 29
3,000 3,000 to 30 110% fire-spinning here’s a good lesson for you guys as you
can see here and he took out the paintings he put them in the truck
that’s number one when you’re buying something really expensive especially
auction just already loaded the pictures so the dough’s on a truck we have an
open we’re gonna get those later we’ll probably opens up into where else
Oh our house also we spent a total of nine thousand dollars at this auction we
got out like you see a whole truckload of furniture and I’m gonna get back to
more truck loads so all this furniture will make up the gambler this hopefully
it’s good I don’t know we’ll save it $3,300 but the good news Joe Hester
which is dave has his brother he knows his stuff – he wants me to back up
bitter and another guy was right at twenty-seven twenty-eight hundred so
this yeah that three of us I thought this was a good deal so cool I mean that
is a good gamble so a lot of it will come down to the oil paintings this lady
was 61 years old she was a doctor she lived in La Jolla so we’ll see you know just pot on the side they’ll come get it pretty asian chest that’s some of your
pick up water for that so that’s nice it’s unique you know it doesn’t sell
fast but what my bikes will pay two hundred yeah so only stuck what’s your blessing before where it was
tougher and they wrote dishes you know so this is what I was saying that the
other guys bought the other half of that we have on the table
yes yeah but somebody would buy that for like an outside little garden thing yeah
it’s pretty well you never know it’s durable that’s actually somebody will
pay 50 bucks a chair I say 25 50 bumper to site at 25 for
regular friends yeah but look it’s my stuff on the
bottom here myself see done that’s how this is all like there you go I muted it no bueno you can talk carvings right here and
here ya know it’s just like yards it’s not one of those things with a it’s hot
you like 20 bucks apiece and I was like track to see chairs just because my stuff hold stuff today hey guys here’s another painting box so
we have four truck better than a painting of her cat honest son yeah okay that’s a sign piece
87 happy birthday love mom what’s owed as long as she didn’t do it herself our own art unfortunately oh my god is it a bunny or an out okay 3,000 trees well it had a good name
it had you know the art boxes were right up front with just one thing sometimes
you have to be careful with company someone counteracts the other I’m here on my open up it looks like hey
guys so it’s like four days later you seen I spent thirty three hundred
dollars on the locker you see me cry I’m like easily two thousand dollar loss
which sucks but sometimes you do the research and you take chances now I was
working really hard in the store and guess what I found I never call it quits keep on going
through the boxes well yes obviously you want to go through the boxes but like
everything that we saw we had like three four big boxes left where you guys saw
it the unit itself we were hoping with dishes and glassware and stuff like this
and the research was that it was a rich older lady so we found some stuff that’s
really incredible and actually we should be able to make some money in the unit I
mean nothing crazy but we’ll probably end up making two three thousand so most
of this crystal stuff right here this was all marked actually we put this bowl
out we pulled it back in so we had fifty bucks on it nobody bought it in two days
because we found the rest of this stuff this is made by company called Hawks H
aw que es is American that crystal cut that crystal and so these other pieces
have notes on them that they’re the lorraine pattern which is an extremely
expensive pattern so we took pictures of a thing we do want to do more
verification but if this is no rain that’s a thousand bucks these are like
three four hundred three four hundred there’s one from eight nine hundred I
have to research this I think this is different
we also found these pieces right here which I mean
nice the crystal the color I took pictures I gotta figure out the pattern
but even without anything they’re like 30 bucks apiece and still we have 40s
that these right here these are go ahem and you know we’ll get like 10 bucks
apiece they sell so it’s not as palpable it used to be we have to research these
goblets right hopefully those are hawks also and looks like we have a set of 12
there so that probably to $300 yeah so that’s a few more you want to show the
pieces done as a few more pieces down there okay so let me show you another
piece that Casey found so this this was a really surprising find right here like
and I won’t be able to miss Brown probably mispronounces again so you guys
can make fun of me but it’s issued by oh that so this is called to pack a leaf
and it’s a reproduction and this is made by the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s okay
yeah very famous pattern this is all hand-painted 22 karat gold what it’s
called Marta Headey but Heidi so I’m sure we
mispronounces but here’s the crazy part now we have 12 sets of five inch and you
can go look on replacements williams-sonoma Sonoma you can order
these on your website one plate like this is a hundred and seventy five
dollars if they’re stock one plate like this is like a hundred and fifty I said
like this is a hundred actually you know what I think it’s 150 at 104 DS so and
also Eve ad sold like so if you look this exact same plate somebody had him
on for 175 would free shipping he so 22 him the last year so I think a set like
this if we were to put them on eBay at 299 for the five piece set will be the
cheapest by far and the beauty of it is we have 12 sets in box so so if Casey
doesn’t keep them we actually make money in this locker if not we might use one
but you know people always say fake fake fake so let’s go over here
just to show you somewhere we need it should be it’s just what it sets any in
that Casey yeah okay so I’m gonna put these in the car in a second why don’t
you guys start packing that five set wrap it up really good I put in my car
we still have four picture boxes to unbox we’re gonna do right now I don’t
think I wasn’t here right there like a Italian guy wasn’t under here yeah okay
just put 999 on them I know him so we have that we have a few more courses
it’s not a big crystal ball we’ll have to research this there’s no
marking so I’m just gonna try to find the pattern displayed right here is
nothing here’s another nice vase but so you guys see we just went from you know
probably losing a couple thousand we got 36,000 all set so watch out eBay Links
you actually will seem on eBay and then if all these but turn out to be do I
think that’s more right Hawkes lists more then it’s printing out at two or
three thousand here so now the locker that went really bad it’s probably gonna
go to making two three maybe even four thousand dollars to paying this crystal
watch out eBay all this stuff will go on eBay and we have four more picture boxes
we’re gonna go check them right now and once we open so far weren’t good but
we’ll go check them right now to see what’s in there so that’s a nice relief
one lose my but on it and nice ending to the video but hey you know what it’s not
over yet we’re gonna go look at the boxes right now first meetup you gonna
have to clean this so guys I know several guys in the business that
haven’t followed that rule and it actually sold three two hundred thousand
dollar paintings to $300,000 paintings for literally two three hundred dollars
so as far as I know I’m not one of those guys ever come on open this one this one
right here feels nice just feels like a more serious
I know just watch those stupids I get extra duck this this frame right here
you see little colored actually is a little bit aging to canvas that’s really
City now the good name it’s signed by a different person actually looks nice
with the Rose one and it’s signed by paci you so I’m gonna research them at
least it doesn’t say Sharon so that’s a benefit
so we’ll see it has potential I mean a lot of these land that landscape like
flowers and stuff there’s usually what people doing a lot of art classes and
stuff but it’s said on the back art gallery
yeah they just format sex just like up a class framing custom framing so we’ll
look at that but actually looks really neat I mean I’ll get like 80 bucks and
stuff today it needs it doesn’t say share and I’ll
take it what does this say esta Keith oh that’s
probably Sharon yeah Sharon to keep you the shit flower Sharon and 10 bucks
apiece so this is Wahlstrom so we don’t want to see Sharon we don’t want to see
sucky I hate it when people do knees and frame
them I get why they do it but I can’t make any money that way so we have three
boxes left to go let’s do another one we’ll give one to Casey not about the
size an RD just don’t want it to say Sharon yards good unless your name is Sharon ah Sharon just one says another cool you
tapi Ubud oh this is actually interesting just actually Sharon
actually it’s a little bit older what Sharon will turn out to be like a really
good thank you cool that’s an ugly woman 1972 July 1970 oh that’s my bad Sharon
is getting better yeah so but I don’t really think that
value all right two more come on I’m going to take like a new
campaign right now I want to have one Matisse one Picasso I mean all night it’s ten bucks apiece
on this but it isn’t a picture of watermelon no what what is that it it’s
one of those slices of one of them well why is it like upside down we go that’s
we owe it’s a reflection reflection it look why does it cut off there okay
that’s actually that’s actually pretty good probably family member that you somebody
painting I mean the clock is nice yeah it’s fucking this is probably like a
couple that was painting actually some of the artists good why
don’t you guys take this opportunity leave a comment and that doesn’t know if
you like to order these don’t like the word so don’t forget to pin the
opportunity just tell us if you like the third you don’t copy hard copy hard to the painting that is just garbage well Barbara you know Bob rock canyons
go for like 100 down all the beats they’re hard to find because he never
really sold him and the company who filmed it will come to film it they have
most of them and every painting he did on television he did three he did one on
TV one before TV and another one afterwards to see how good he did it
onto the in paying attention more sheren-sama grant has more thieves than
usual all right guys we’re gonna price this stuff I’m gonna look up the name
right now if this video ends right now these weren’t worth anything so hey
thanks for watching subscribe because I’m pretty sure he’s video will end
anyway the unit recovered we did okay let’s move on to the next one thanks for

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