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Weekend Vlog: Vintage Shopping & DIY

Hey again everybody, and good morning! Well, if it’s morning where you are as well, it’s morning here in Amsterdam when I’m
filming this, and I had a really lazy Saturday. Just woke up later than usual, had my coffee browsed my favorite websites for a while, and now I am preparing to go
out for a bit, and I will take you guys with me, because I’m going to a vintage
market in Javaplein, and I’m planning to go see what interesting things I can find
there. I’m not exactly sure what people are going to be bringing, because it
could be clothing, it could be house stuff, it could be antiques, or it could be
super new stuff that people try to pass off as vintag -I’ve seen that a lot of times
add vintage fairs. So I’m curious to see what’s going on. I found out about
this market on Facebook, so that was good- I guess that’s one use of Facebook! And I’m
planning to go in about 10 minutes- 15 minutes to go check it out. And the
weather is not great, I have to say, it’s been on and off raining and some patches
of sunshine, but mostly windy and chilly and grey- so that’s not amazing, but yeah,
let’s see what we can do! And one thing that I feel I have to say and that you
probably will pick up on as well is that this video doesn’t have the same
quality as the previous ones, and that is because I have managed to break my
camera… And after this moment of recollection I’m just going to say it was completely my fault, I dropped it and unfortunately it broke immediately-
apparently it’s pretty sensitive- but luckily it had full warranty so I
sent it back to get repaired or replaced. But in the meantime while I’m waiting
for my good camera to come back, I will start filming with my old one that I
still have at home. So that’s that, but now it’s time to do the best that we can,
so I’ll take you guys with me and with my old camera and go visit the vintage
market! And before I leave I wanted to show you my outfit as well: as you can
see, it’s pretty basic and simple- just a regular sweater with black jeans. Because when you go vintage shopping or to flea markets
or anything like that, I do recommend that you dress as comfortably as
possible, because you’re just going there to be going through piles of stuff, of
household objects, of clothing, of… I don’t know it can be curtains, pillows, anything
like that, but you don’t want to be wearing like uncomfortable clothing,
super high heels or miniskirts or whatever else. It’s not a place to do a
little fashion show it’s just somewhere to go and see what you can find, what you
can buy. So, I’m back from the vintage market, and as you guys could maybe have guessed, I did pick up a few things. I have to say when I got
there I was a little bit disappointed, because the market was really, really
small- and I mean, if you are from Amsterdam and you know Javaplein, that’s where the market was being held, so it was basically just a few stalls
going around the main building in the market, and it’s a tiny square so there
weren’t very many stalls, and the ones that I saw at first just had items that
in my opinion could not be classified as vintage, because it was basically household items- let’s say some old items, but like they were not reconditioned or refurbished
in any way, they were just pretty much like the old items you might pull from your
grandma’s attic, and that people were bringing that there to sell. So at first
I thought it was going to be a complete bust, and then of course it started
raining as well, so it was really bad weather and I felt like the whole
effort was done for nothing. But then I was lucky enough to find a
stall with dresses from Laura Dolls and if you know this store in Amsterdam, it’s
one of the best vintage shops here. And they specialize in dresses from the 50s
and afterwards, and they have amazing stuff all the time. So I have to show you
guys with it picked up from their stall! Right, so first off is this little number,
which i think is super cheerful and happy and bright, and I absolutely loved
it the moment that I saw it! And as you guys might remember I told you I used to
hate yellow, but now I seem to have a new found love for it, especially for these
very warm solar shades of yellow, so not the super bright, punchy ones but the
ones that are a little bit more mellow. And I love this top, and I
have to say the part that I love the most about it is the fact that it has a
little bit poufy shoulders, let’s say- not too much, but just just right. And I only noticed this when I arrived home with the blouse, and I actually tried it on and I
absolutely loved the shoulders, they are amazing! And one thing that I really
loved about this top- well, top/ shirt/ jacket, whatever, I think you can also wear it
just as outerwear, as a really light jacket on a summer evening- but what I
really loved about it is the embroidery. It’s really beautiful, and it seems to be
handmade. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong, unfortunately the saleswoman there
couldn’t tell me how old it was- well, she knew it was very old, but I don’t know
how old that means exactly, but it does appear to be handmade because it has
absolutely no labels and there are no labels that seem to have been cut from it-
because you generally have a little edge where you can see if there was a label. But
this one seems to be handmade, which to be honest makes it even more valuable
for me. And another thing that makes me think this was probably not store bought,
but someone’s own manual creation, let’s say, is the stitching: the fact that it
doesn’t have that, you know, perfectly aligned perfectly straight stitching
that yo,u generally see in items that have been mass-produced. So I am inclined to believe that somebody probably made this at their own sewing machine, which would be awesome! And although the saleslady was unable unfortunately to tell me how old this
top is, I would say by the style, and by the stitching, and by the buttons and everything, that it’s probably late 60s to early 70s. I don’t know, I might be wrong, but this is just from my knowledge of vintage, and from what
I’ve been able to read online and educate myself from. But either way, I
absolutely love it, I would have bought it even if it were brand-new but this just makes it even more special because it seems to be somebody’s hand work. And the other item of clothing that I got from Laura Dolls is… surprise, surprise a dress! And
yes, I know that I have tons of them already, but I felt like I kinda
needed/ wanted another dress. And I picked this one because of its beautiful print-
it has an amazing floral pattern, and I love the color as well, the base color,
and I also let the little ruffles that it has on it. And I love this cut as well- this is called a godet cut because of the little pieces
of fabric that are inserted into the bottom of the skirt- and these are called
godets- and they make this skirt a lot flouncier, and more fluid, and more
ample and feminine, and you know- all of the adjectives that I want my dresses to be described by. And this is the kind of dress that I would definitely
wear in the spring, or in the summer- I can imagine this with a nice straw hat and
with sandals. But I think this can also be worn in a grungier manner of course, with tights
and with combat boots and with a leather jacket on top, you know just to bring a
bit of edge to this otherwise very feminine dress. And the other thing that
I like about this dress is that the little buttons it has in the front are all
covered in fabric, in the same fabric that the dress is made of. And I don’t
know, this to me just makes it look a lot more, you know, like people put a lot
more attention into producing this dress. I don’t know, maybe that’s just me, but
yeah, it just looks like a lot more time and attention was invested into it. And
this is just because of a small detail like this. And unfortunately this dress
also doesn’t have a tag, so I wouldn’t be able to say how old it is. I did check
out the zipper, which is plastic so then it’s definitely a more recent production.
I would say it could be, by the style of it, by the print, by how it’s cut here, in the
bust area, it could be a 70s dress. I would say it could be a 90 dress as well,
because that’s when they had that really grungy style, you know when they would
be pairing dressing like I said before, with leather
jackets and wearing like really fluid dresses with more tough, edgy accessories. So I would say it could fall into either of these decades- anyway I picked it
because I absolutely loved it, and to me it just screams feminine and delicate
and beautiful. and finally the P is the And finally, the piece de resistance of this whole shopping trip is
this gorgeous structured bag. I absolutely love it, and I fell in love
with it the moment that I saw it. And I’ve been looking for such a structured bag with a beautiful caramel/ beige color like this one for a really long time, so
when I saw this one I knew I had to have it. And this bag I actually noticed when I
was just about to leave the vintage market, so I could have just as easily walked by and never seen it. But fortunately I did, and I bought it straight away. And
the sales lady told me it’s a 60’s bag, which judging by the style, by the
structured look, by the handles and also by the hardware, I would say is pretty
accurate. And this bag only cost me 20 euros, which is such a steal I think! And
inside it’s pretty classic: two compartments- of course there is quite
some wear and tear inside, but you know, that’s the risk you take when you buy
vintage items. And I think that’s nothing that a good at dry-cleaning can’t solve. But yeah, this is absolutely my pride and joy, because I know it can be coupled with so
many items, with so many outfits and it just makes every single look a bit
classier. So these were the vintage items that I managed to buy from the market. I
think I did pretty well considering the offer, and of course after washing and
ironing the clothes and after giving the bag a good dry scrub inside, I think they
are ready to be taken out there about. So now I’m going to go eat something ,maybe do my nails because they’re absolutely horrendous
and I don’t want to keep appearing like this in front of you guys, and then
afterwards in the afternoon we can start they DIY project together. Right, so I’m back for the second half of the video, as promised, with the fabulous DIY!
And I’m super excited for this little project, because like I said I’ve been
wanting to add something to my filming area wall- you know like I’ve done for
above my desk- to make the filming area more interesting, and to make the
background of my videos a bit more fun to look at. And I was envisioning a
floral background, you know like a 3D floral applique wall decoration, so I
went online looking for silk petals. And I found these ones at Ali Express- they
were incredibly cheap and actually look as good as they do in the pictures. So I
figured I’d be using these petals to build my “masterpiece”. But of course since we live in a rented apartment at the moment, I couldn’t
actually hang anything so I couldn’t create an actual painting that would need a
nail in the wall, which is why I started looking for solutions to hang pictures
without nails: enter the Legamaster Magic Charts! They’re basically pretty thin sheets of shiny paper that is electrostatically charged. And this means you can just put them on the wall, you can smooth them over a wall, and then you
don’t need any glue, or any nails, or anything like that for them to stick. And
I know they were initially marketed as charts for meetings, because you can
write on them with a special marker, you can erase it you can re-write on them,so they’re actually super practical, but of course I thought I would use them
to make some pretty stuff for my walls- why not? Anyway, so I got this pack from Xenos, for those of you living in the Netherlands- well as you can see the
package looks like it was ripped through by a rabid wolverine- but hey, what can I
say? I was excited when I got it! And it was something like 20 euros for 20
sheets which seems fair enough to me, considering that they can be used for
all sorts of purposes, and I can use them now to embellish my walls. So basically
what I’m going to do is I’ll be making flowers out of these silk petals, and
then I’ll be gluing them to the Legamster sheet. And for this I used
clear glue, because you know, you don’t want any white residue to show up on the
sheet or on the flowers. And I chose the universal adhesive from Bison, because I
know that once you put this on, it basically stays put forever.
And this is suitable for any sort of surfaces. And of course you can make the flowers
as big as you want, or as small as you want and I actually went with different
sized flowers, different colors, mixing the three colors together just to make
it a bit more interesting- you know, I didn’t want to have a board full of
identical flowers. So you can make buds out of them, or you can go with big,
full-blown, plump flowers, it’s really up to you. And as you can see, I went with
three colorways: I got a really demure white with a light pink border, and then
I went with a super bright, hot pink fuchsia shade, and also I chose these red
petals that have a black-ish bottom. And when I saw them I actually thought of
poppies I thought these would be absolutely amazing to create a field of
poppies in my house! Which I kind of have. And then just keep at it, keep at it, keep
adding more flowers, keep adding more petals- it’s really as easy to create the
big flowers as to make the small ones, it just takes you a bit longer time, and
then you need to keep adding petals on the edges, but the process itself is
really the same. And I have to say this took quite a few hours, so be prepared to
spend basically a whole afternoon and a morning, or a whole day to making these
flowers. Well, of course, it depends on the surface that you need to cover, but it
actually turned out that these sheets were quite big, so I needed more
flowers than I initially planned for to cover it. And you know I went and did my
nails right before I started filming the second part of the video, because I
didn’t really want you guys to be staring at my unmanicured fingers
for the whole duration of it? Yeah, that wasn’t a very smart idea, because it
actually turns out that glue and nail polish don’t really mix, and also the
glue starts drying on your fingers at one point then you will constantly need
to use a glue remover, which guess what, also removes your nail polish! So I would
recommend that you wear gloves, maybe that would help, you know like surgical
gloves, or if you have a gel manicure they’ll probably be fine. I don’t think
the glue or the glue remover would really act on that- I have no idea
because it don’t really get them. Or, you know, maybe just don’t put nail polish on
your nails right before you start the project… And I’m super happy with this
project I think the end result is going to be amazing. And I think it’s such a
great way to add a little bit of excitement and a bit of sparkle to an
otherwise bland, boring white wall. And it’s also super cheap to make, if you
think about it. The petals were about three dollars in total and it was
another three or four dollars to have them shipped from China to Amsterdam, and then one Legamaster sheet is basically one euro, so if you think about
it you get your own “work of art” which is personalized to your taste for about,
what? Seven-eight euros, which I think is amazing. Ta-daa! The end result! I’m super happy
with how it turned out, I think it’s absolutely beautiful,
and I can see all the hard work and all the time that they’ve put into this
project paying off. I think it makes the room look a lot better, a lot more
interesting and exciting and it’s such an eye-catching piece. So guys, let me
know if you liked this DIY, let me know if you try it, of course, I would really
like to hear what your results with it were, and thank you very much for
watching! I hope to see here for my next video, and if you haven’t subscribed by
now, please do so, so then you get notified every time I upload a new video
on my channel. Thank you very much for being with me so far,
and I’ll see you here next time. Bye, everybody!

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