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Where to find architectural salvage and antiques for your home

Where to find architectural salvage and antiques for your home

Hi, my name’s Lindsey. Welcome to Weathered
Wood Home. If you’re like me and you love architectural salvage and antiques, but you
aren’t sure exactly where you can find those pieces, then you need to watch this video
because I’m letting you in on all of my secrets and I’m telling you the top seven places that
you can find those vintage treasures. I didn’t always know where to find these vintage
pieces, but it helps that my mother-in-law’s a professional junker, which means she goes
and buys antiques, repurposes them and resells them and she’s given me the inside scoop over
the last few years. Now I can pass on these secrets to you. Since vintage treasures is
what we’re looking for, you can consider this a treasure hunt. You never know exactly what
you’re going to find when you go to these places, but you know it’s always going to
be good. Place number one is definitely the most convenient
place to find antiques and that is online because you can shop from the comfort of your
own couch and search for exactly what you’re looking for. There are lots of Etsy stores
and online shops that sell antiques, and of course Google is your best friend too. God
bless the internet. Place number two to find antiques is my personal
favorite, if you’re wanting to get out of the house and that is architectural salvage
yards. Place number three to find architectural salvage and antiques is flea markets. Place number four is auctions and this is
where the people that we sell antiques find the best deal. That’s where the pickers go.
Don’t be intimidated if you can’t understand the auctioneer, you’ll get the hang of it,
I promise, and you’ll also find that auctions can be very addicting. All of a sudden I’m
bidding on something that I didn’t really even want, but I just want to outbid the other
person. Place number five is estate sales and garage
sales. You can also find amazing deals at these places and they’re all over the place.
Place number six is antique booths and shops. Lastly, place number seven is thrift stores.
You never know what you’re going to find at a thrift store. It can be hit or miss, but
it’s definitely one of the places where you’d find the cheapest price. I hope that got you excited to shop for and
search for unique pieces for your home, but now that you know where to find them, you
need to think about what you’re going to shop for. If you love the idea of shopping for
architectural salvage and antiques, but need a little bit more inspiration on what exactly
to look for, then be sure to download my free checklist that’s in the show notes below,
my 50 favorite flea market finds. You can download it, print it off, and take it with
you next time you’re out shopping. Happy treasure hunting.

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