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Who was Kit Carson

Who was Kit Carson

GUEST: It was given by Kit Carson, whoever, I’m
sure everybody knows in his history, given to the foster father of my
grandmother. APPRAISER:This blanket came from his grandmother’s foster father, who had gotten it directly from Kit Carson. This was a total game changer, so immediately
what Don asked is if he had any photographs, any letters, any
documentation which he didn’t, but I can tell you there was absolutely no doubt
in either my mind or Don’s mind that this was real and he in fact had gotten
it from Kit Carson. This was extraordinary because Kit Carson was the
general that the US government sent to round up all of the Navajos and take
them to Bosque Redondo in 1867, so here you have a Navajo chief’s blanket with
the general that took the Navajos to Bosque Redondo, so that’s
extraordinary but we didn’t have any definitive proof, we didn’t have a
photograph, we didn’t have a letter so all we could say is without the letter,
without the documentation, the Navajo chief’s blanket is worth $350,000 to $500,000
with some documentation it would add another $100,000 on the

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