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Will & Grace – Jack Unveils His Eyebrow Tragedy (Highlight)

– Jack, help me figure out
what to bring. Which one is sexier? – Oh, Grace, I have no opinion
on women’s undergarments. I don’t know what
pokes through where. And where are you going? – I’m going to meet Tom. You know what? I’m not even gonna think
about it. I am just gonna close my eyes and do what I want. Oh, hey, hello, I’m George Bush. [chuckles] How about that? – Wait a minute,
are you telling me you intend to know a married man
in the biblical sense? And in the vagina? You can’t do that. – Jack, we talked about this. You said it was–
it was fun and sexy. – Not for you. You are a woman of quality. – That is such–
that’s such a double standard. What, you get to do it
but I don’t? – It’s different
for me because… Because it… I just… All right, listen. I am gonna tell you something that does not leave
this room, okay? I’ve never cheated. – No! – [snickering] Yes. I too am a… [laughing] I too am a woman of quality. Sure, I talk a big game. But deep down, I know
it’s wrong, and so do you. Let’s face it, Grace, you and I, we’ve always been
the moral center of our group. – We have? – Oh, come on. You know how when Will and Karen get into their
ridiculous shenanigans, you and I always catch
each other’s eyes and shrug. – We shrug? – Yes. Because we’re moral. That is why we shrug. And, Grace, you were devastated
when Leo cheated on you. Do you really want to do that
to someone else? The more you know. And shooting star. – You know what, Jack? – [chuckling] – You’re right.
You’re right, you’re right. You’re right. [laughing] – Tell me how you feel
about this business then. – I–I thought that I could be
cavalier about love and sex, but that’s not who I am. And I’m glad it’s not. Thank you for being honest
with me, Jack. Really. – Well… [sighing] If I’m really gonna be honest… There’s something else
I need to say to you. I, uh, do not have a GRI, Glitter Related Injury. [exhaling] Something much more hideous. – [gasping] – [chuckling] – [laughing] What happened to your eyebrow? – Funny you should ask. During the fire,
I sing’d it off. – You mean singed. – No actually, I mean sing’d. As the set burned around me, I refused to stop singing
my patriotic finale, “You’re a Grand Old Fag.” And when I went to salute, I didn’t realize my sleeve
was on fire.

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