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‘You Called The Police On A 6-Year-Old?’ Dr. Phil Asks A Grandma

‘You Called The Police On A 6-Year-Old?’ Dr. Phil Asks A Grandma

100 comments on “‘You Called The Police On A 6-Year-Old?’ Dr. Phil Asks A Grandma

  1. Y'all are up here badgering the grandma? Yeah, she shouldn't have called the police but if y'all don't see something is wrong with the mother of the 6 yr old you are blind. She is just as wrong for letting her kids live in filth. Both are wrong. Period. BTW the 6 yr old sounds like a brat who needs structure.

  2. Um yeah I love my mom bur my child comes first. You're not going to call the police on my child and expect to be living with us. No.

  3. “ShE rEaD tHrOuGh My TeXt MeSsAgEs” man, six year olds can barely read in the first place, what are you TALKING ABOUT

    This whole deal is ridiculous

  4. A 6 year old also should be taught to give things back that don’t belong to them they a school age
    Who charges there mother rent tells them they have to baby sit
    And as I said before reading other people’s texts is like reading other people’s mail

    Texts mail emails are some one privacy , the police would have been called on the daughter who manipulated a situation so she could invade her mother privacy
    Come on dr Phil your smarter then that

  5. this video screams out "ok boomer" with this whole story about why she called the cops lol but on a real note hopefully the kid is fine despite these shegigans

  6. imagine telling your 6 year old granddaughter you’re gonna call the police on her and get her arrested just because she wouldn’t give you your phone back

  7. Grandmother was ridiculous doing that, but then again the child should be disciplined for taking the phone and hiding it. Child sounded like a brat!

  8. The daughter should not let her children and behave this way. You do not take somebody’s personal property, and play games and not give it back to them. Of course calling the police was ridiculous, but it sounds like there’s more issues than meets the eye here. It sounds like both mother and daughter have mental issues. And they are carrying it over to the children

  9. Parents have to discipline your kids and respect your grandparents it's not only the six year old it's the other grand kids also

  10. Did anyone else’s siblinggs be like “they’re out for you” every time you saw a police car or police officer😂

  11. The next time my 6 year old takes my phone I'm gonna call the cops, that turd has it too good. I encourage everyone to call the police on their young kids for any small thing for that matter, let's start a revolution!!!

  12. My downstairs neighbor called the cops on my two year old for just playing she wasn't even banging or yelling I never seen a cop laugh so hard on how stupid this women is downstairs

  13. I can really appreciate how, when Dr. Phil starts to turn on the parents of the six year old, especially pointing the finger at the mother, she starts telling him what's up. I also appreciate the way that her husband defended her so graciously. I usually don't form positive opinions from watching clips of this show, but these two parents really made me like them 😀

  14. You dont call the cops. You tell your daughter that either she takes her phone from her daughter or grandma will take it from her

  15. PLEASE… 🗣GIVE ME STRENGTH!!!!! Are there really people out there who are this petty & have that little going on in their lives they feel the need to entertain themselves with ridiculous stunts like this or is the joke actually on us & this is yet more “scripted reality”?

  16. *Granny calls cops on 6-year old for taking her phone

    Dr. Phil: So why is your house messy? Hmmm??


  17. Moms not a slave. 4 kids 3 grown adults and Dr phil put the house being dirty on just mom? No… My house gets messy i work and i refuse to be the only one to clean. Ill let the dishes sit in the sink 4 a WEEK if my family refuses to pull their own weight.

  18. I'm taking Emergency Telecommunications, and thankfully, haven't gotten a call like that. Would hanging up be so bad?🙄🤷🏻‍♀️

  19. I love being able to comment on Dr. Phils videos. Also calling the cops on a 6 yr old is really stupid. Like she's young and doesn't really know any better.

  20. I'm thinking like grandma and just like the rest of these old old people on this earth enough with the jealous. She has her own family now , you just gonna have to move on with your life as well (GET OVER IT GRANDMA)

  21. This elderly woman is pretty obsessed with her cell phone 😂😂😂 I’ll admit that it is usually within reach but oh my gosh this woman is so histrionic. Who would call the cops on a 6 year old? When I was 5 I threatened to call CPS on my precious nana for something SUPER stupid and totally invalid… but this woman is grown! Like full grown. What gives???

  22. So why no one that i have read so far thrown the lazy mom and the brat under the bus yet. Yes. Calling tthe cops is a little extreme but at the same time the phone did not belong to the kid and she did go to mom next who did nothing also. If you dont want the dramatocs then make the brat behave. Mine would have gotten a spanking for keeping somerhing that was not theirs.

  23. This woman trying so hard to play a victim she literally said before that her granddaughter love playing games on her phone and that she LETS her so I don't know why she's trying to act like she feels violated or something having a 6 year old have her phone and reading through text kids don't even care about that kind of stuff unless she had something on her phone she didn't want the kids to see

  24. The grandmother shouldn't have called 911 over that. But the daughter is a fat moron. When the grandmother wants her phone back, you do it, plain and simple. It's not a ball point pen, or a magazine, it's a costly electronic device. The whole family is stupid, lazy, and moronic.

  25. How about these two ‘parents’ raise their kids to bloody well do as they’re told ? Who is in charge here ? Stop making excuses for your horrible parenting. Wah wah wah crybabies, grow up and stop wasting other people’s time.

  26. Indian police would have been late to respond n commanded the 6 yr old to return d damn phone n take d mother in custody (joking)

  27. I think momma is bit off. But the couple looks like they are a disaster and have no control over their children. They emit a lot of bad energy which can make people that are around you start doing things they would never do.

  28. I just wanna know why the responding cop didn’t arrest her for miss used emergency services… like honestly he/she could of and should of

  29. But then wouldn't the kid tske more things? Grow up off that situation. It was quite right of the grand mother to take action. I'm not sure if there was another line they would call, but maybe 911 wasn't the best of choice.

  30. Idiotic woman trying to rephrase exactly what Dr. Phil said so it doesn’t sound like hard facts, then says she doesn’t want to argue bc she knows she’s in the wrong

    That’s gaslighting, y’all

  31. Thank you very much as a mother myself I'd most definitely called a nonemergrncy Police number for a officer to explain to my child what happens to liars, thieves, and misbehaving actions/not following the rules. If the police have a issue I'll explain to them it's a life lessons and that if they want to raise a undisciplined children they can but not me.

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